“Stepping into Our Journey”

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“Stepping into Our Journey”

This is our story of how God began to lead us by His voice, through the many ways He desires to speak to each one of us, into a “Divine Appointment” with our destiny. He moved in such “Awesome and Personal” ways that we wanted to capture “everything” He was doing, while being “continually surprised” by His personal involvement in our “ordinary lives”. It is our prayer as you read our journey, that you will be blessed, encouraged and enlightened by what God has done in our lives and inspired to “believe” that He will do the same in yours!



The Beginning

“For I know the Thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of Peace and not of evil to give you Hope and a Future.” Jeremiah 29:11


It all began in 2006. One day Nelson’s dad called him concerning the Children’s Orphanage he started in Belize 5 years previously for abused girls. Although he talked with him before about coming to Belize to help him,  this time he seemed to press him more, feeling that it was now time. After weekly talks with his dad, Nelson said to me “I think God is saying for us to go to Belize.”

I was so unclear if this was God for us, hesitant, as I thought “All of my family is here, our church is here, this is such big move for us. Not just from NY but from America! I need to know in my heart without a shadow of a doubt that this is God for us and not “only” his father’s desire for us to come.” So I really began to seek God for answers. One day I shared this situation with a sister in church. I said “God told my husband that He wanted us to go to Belize, and I am struggling with this. I’ve been wondering if God will only speak to my husband concerning this, or will He speak to me also?” Was I asking too much? She insistently said to me “No, God “will” speak to you also! He cares about your heart too.” I was so happy and relieved to hear that! I believed that God would speak to me also if this was what He wanted us to do! In the meantime, I believe that Nelson and his dad were also praying that God would speak to me.


“While considering this, I continued to seek God about it.”


Each morning on his way to work, Nelson dropped me off at the Hilton Hotel next to my job. The doors to my job did not open early,  so I waited in the lobby of the hotel with my tea and read my Bible. While reading I wrote down scriptures that seemed to stand out to me. Not having a journal or a special notebook, I just scribbled scriptures into the back of a small calendar notepad that I carried.  I had no idea of the significance of these scriptures at that time. It wasn’t until months later when I realized something significant was happening in our lives, that I decided to go back to the beginning of my searching, looking for these scribbled scriptures that stood out to me. It was only then that I realized how clearly God was speaking to me from the beginning.


God began to “highlight” certain scriptures to me as I read His word. The words we read in the scripture, (“logos”), are received “in our minds”,…. yet certain words…. “seemed to stand out to me.” I believe these words that “stand out”,  are words that are “received in our spirit” (“Rhema”). These are “specific words” that God was giving me for our situation.”

 One morning, the Lord gave me this scripture:


“For the Lord your God proveth you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all you soul. Ye shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him and keep His commandments and obey His voice and ye shall serve Him and cleave unto Him.” Deuteronomy 13:3,4


When I saw this scripture, I prayed from my heart:

“Lord, be a lamp to my feet and light to my path. Show me the way.” Psalm 119:105, Psalm 143:8


 I continued to ask and search for  answers from the Lord, and He continued to highlight more to me from the word.  As I thought about making that uncertain step to Belize, these scriptures spoke the cries of my heart:

“I will praise thee with my whole heart. Thou I walk in the midst of trouble, the Lord will perfect that which concerneth me. Whither shall I go from thy spirit? If I make my bed in hell, behold thou are there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea ever there shall thy hand lead me and thy right hand shall hold me.” Psalm 138/139


“Cause me to hear thy loving kindness in the morning. Cause me to know the way I should walk. Deliver me, hide me, teach me to do thy will, quicken me.” Psalm 143:8-11



While waiting for clear direction for Belize, the Lord gave Nelson a dream about a quilt with Mickey Mouse in it, and that the dream was also about me. So he was thinking  we should first go to Florida, hense the Mickey Mouse part of the dream. He suggested we move to Kissimmee, Florida, where his sister lives, which would bring us closer to Belize, and maybe he could help his father out better from there. Then we would wait to  see what God said about going to Belize. Since our apartment lease was coming to an end and we were planning to move anyway,  this idea sounded  better to me than going to Belize. So I said OK!  God was also giving me dreams about us “going somewhere” and about “leaving,” as well as thoughts about “minimizing” our things. So I accepted this new idea.



My Conviction

Shortly after this, I became very busy. I found I was spending less personal time with God. This was very important especially at this time because I really needed His peace in my heart concerning our decision for Belize and a clear direction from Him. Because I didn’t have that, it caused me to struggle again about leaving NY and leaving my family. I became especially concerned about leaving our daughter and her children. I always wanted to be there for them.  In addition to that, I was working on a home business, and some unexpected money was now coming into our hands that I needed for a long time to move the business forward. I was contemplating whether to use that money on  “the business” or to keep it aside for our needs as we moved toward “whatever this was that was happening in our life” at this moment. In other words, “Belize.”

Then one day as I picked up the Bible, really wanting God to speak to me, it fell open to this page and these words practically jumped out at me:


“If any man will come after me , let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.” Luke 9:23,24


My eyes then fell on another passage and He said,


“Follow me…, Lord, let me first go and bury my father…,
Let the dead bury their dead, but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.” Luke 10:59,60

And then:


“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength and with all thy mind… “Luke 10:27



God spoke to me “deeply” and I was so convicted, that I didn’t even share this experience with my husband til weeks later. My life had to be realigned. I was getting very caught up with “my business”. I had to make a choice. God had to be put first in my life, ahead of anything “and anyone” (even my family ). And I knew all of this but,


“…sometimes if you’re not careful, you can get so emotionally caught up in things, including the lives of your loved ones that God begins to take a “back seat.” I had to place “everything” in God’s hands.”


Then I realized that the money that was being provided for us, was coming into our hands at this time, so that we could take care of the things that God was speaking to us about, and not for “my business.”   I like to say it was to be used for the things pertaining to  “My Father’s Business.”


God Speaks through Dreams

One night God gave me a dream about leaving “something big” to go to “something small”, believing that out of that “small thing” can come “Something Big”. In the dream I was asked “What do you see? Do you see this developing into something? Do you see it?” I said “Yes I see it.” The person said “She’s getting a witness” and I began to speak in tongues as the Spirit of God came upon me. This happened twice. When I awoke, I sensed the Spirit of God in my heart like a warm lingering Presence of God, that stayed with me even as I woke.


“I knew from that dream that it was God letting me know that “He was involved in this move we were making”, and what I saw as “something small” would become “Something Big.”


Then God gave me another dream. At my job Tower Fasteners I had a friend, Carolyn. In the dream her and I were on a plane. When we landed, everyone got off and went into the airport. We were suppose to get back on the plane at some point. I wandered around the airport and I was by myself, looking at pastries. Then I discovered that the plane and everyone had taken off again without me. Carolyn was gone and my pocketbook was still on the plane.


I believe that in the dream Carolyn represented my job at Tower Fasteners. We were together on the plane. The plane “and her” leaving without me, “with my pocketbook”, I believe represented my job and my income. I believe this meant that I was no longer going to have that money, that income, because I would no longer be working at there. I had this dream before I left Tower Fasteners. So from that,


“I knew I would be leaving my job.”


God Said to Leave His Job

Looking back the Lord spoke to Nelson about leaving his job in 2006. Nelson planned to do so in December of that year. But as we approached December, I told him our bills were not looking very good, so he decided to wait. In the meantime things began to get worse for him on the job. Circumstances beyond his control, began to occur that he could get into trouble for.


“He felt that God was “pressing” on him that it was time to leave.”


Even though Nelson had an exemplary record and he was loved on his job,  strange things began to happen: the company van was broken into, he got a ticket, and a few other things. But still, we waited.


One day we were preparing to go to NY to see a play which someone had blessed us with tickets for. Nelson had parked his company van at our apartment complex the night before. Our complex is very safe with good security, so they don’t normally have problems. As we were pulling out of the complex in our car, he looked over at the company van and noticed the window on the driver’s side had been broken into. He had left his “GPS rack” connected in the van, and someone broke in and stole it. They were probably looking for the GPS but we had taken that out before. Now Nelson “KNEW” that it was time to leave the job. He said things would start to get even worse if he didn’t.


Here are some other strange things that happened before this ,  all in this space of time: He had a battery that went dead, the medical coverage stopped in January, the overtime and pay set up had changed… so this meant he would be getting less money, the drivers could no longer use the company charge card meaning any problems with the van had to be paid out of his pocket first, and now because of the break-in, he probably would no longer be able to bring the van home.


“God was closing the door. He HAD to leave. They loved him at that job, but he had to “Obey God”. And now ”I” was also beginning to realize this.”


We decided to wait until we got back from the play to file a report that the van had been broken into, otherwise we would run late. We had to go into NYC. So we went to see the play and talked all day. I sang “Just forget about yourself, concentrate on Him and worship Him.”(that was kind of fitting, because it seems like “that’s what we were doing”, although I didn’t think of this then, the song just came to my mind). I continued “Forget about yourself, lift up holy hands and worship Him.”
Then I prayed that God would guide us. After the prayer,  another song came in my heart (from Psalty Songbook). “Beautiful, Beautiful, Jesus is beautiful and Jesus makes beautiful things of my life.” As I sang the first verse, Nelson said “I don’t remember the words, how does it go?”


As I began to sing the second verse, that I was remembering as I sang it, I realized God was giving me something!  I was prophesying!  “so to speak”. I sang “Carefully, touching me, causing my eyes to see, Jesus makes beautiful things of my life.” Nelson then said, “That’s significant!” And I realized “Yes, Jesus was beginning to “cause my eyes to see!” It was strange, I was realizing this as I sang it! Tears came to my eyes, because that day we had talked about “significant things” that God was doing to show us “We need to move.” And that as we move toward Him, in His light, he will show us more and more. Not everything is laid out. We have to trust Him.


I guess I have to realize that Nelson “IS hearing from God” and not just influenced by his dad… Jesus “WAS” causing my eyes to see!


“He that has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. He will perfect that which concerns me. Thy light shines from day to day. He who walks in the light shall not dwell in darkness. Now we see darkly, but it shall be revealed.” He is the light.




God began to Speak to me about “Sarasota”


swirlA Sister at Church

God then began to bring up the name Sarasota to me, repeatedly, in various situations.
One day I sent my business website to sis Roz from church. Then she sent me her website. I was surprised because I had no idea she even had a business. I looked at it and for some reason I wanted to see what town they were based out of.

“They were in “Sarasota” Fl.”

I didn’t know where that was, but I guess the Lord wanted me to see that.



swirlPastor Todd

Then Nelson and I went to prayer at the church one night. A sister walked over to me and said, “Pastor Todd said to say hello.” I said “Oh, where is he? Is he here?” (I knew He had moved to Florida.) She said “ No, he’s in Florida.” She went over to my husband and said the same thing. The next Sunday I went to her to get his address because I wanted to talk to him, knowing that we would be going to Florida soon. She wrote his address.

“He was in “Sarasota.”

Ok, I thought nothing strange about this at the time. Nelson and I went on the computer and looked for Sarasota to see where he was. There is a way you can see exactly where a person’s house is. We googled it! This is amazing! We found his apartments. He was right near the ocean. Wow! It was beautiful.

Sarsota pics 458

Picture of Gulf


Thinking back, I use to go to Pastor Willis and Laura Todd’s ministry years ago in my early Christian walk and I was so blessed. I began to think a lot about him and Sister Todd who passed away a couple of years ago. They moved in the prophetic gifts and spoke many things into and about my life. I later learned that God had also called him to Sarasota.

So back to my story, when I called Pastor Todd he said he was right across from Mexico. (Belize is below Mexico.) He told us this, even before he knew the things that were going on in our life about Belize. I now started to wonder about Sarasota. Was this a beginning of some form of confirmation? As I talked to him I suddenly felt a need in my spirit to connect with him.
Something Pastor Todd kept saying to me over the years was that he saw me working with children and I never knew why. Could this be why he seemed connected to this also? And does it have anything to do with the “Children’s Home” in Belize? We began to think about this.


swirlAt Business Meeting

One evening I was at a business meeting, talking with sis Dotty. She just came back from Florida and was thinking about moving there. When I told her I was thinking about Sarasota, she excitedly told me “You will be near my hometown!” In the same meeting bro Willie told me “You will be just 40 mi from where me and my wife are planning to move. Sis Dotty also shared with me that a Singing ministry that visited our church “Sherri and Tim Dyson” were also from Sarasota. We loved this group!

“Dotty, Willie, and Sherri all about “Sarasota”

So this was the third time Sarasota” came up in a significant way.


swirlDriving Car

The next day we were going to see my grandson Joey sworn into the Army. As I was looking into the drawer under my car seat for something, I had to move some CD’s out of the way. Well, there was“Sherri Dyson’s CD,“ …..which I had not played or even looked at in a couple of years! Sis Dotty just spoke about them being from Sarasota. So I played it and we enjoyed listening to it on the way! Once again my thoughts were back on “Sarasota”.

“Found Sherri Dyson’s CD- “Sarasota”


swirlCalendar….God has a Sense of Humor

Now all this was so unbelievable, the name “Sarasota” coming up so much, that my husband, laughing,  said to me “Now, if you find a Wellness Home in Sarasota, that’s it!!”

Ok, so a “Wellness Home” has wellness products in it that work with your body to keep you healthy. Like a water filter that keeps the water alkaline….mattresses or comforters that help your body stay relaxed and restored… products that help your health.  This was my business that I was trying to build, showcasing wellness homes, and the products at events.

So, just for fun, I went onto the company website just to see what kind of events they had in Florida. Normally the website has a calendar that shows the events that my company has, in each state. There might be 2 or 3 events that month.

It would show the town, state, date/day, and what particular event.


NY for instance, might say for the month of January; “Amityville NY/Mon/Training event”…. In Florida, it might say “Tampa/ Fri/ Dr’s meeting.” Hopefully you get the idea. Well as I said,


“…..just for fun, we did it just to see what would happen. To see if Sarasota would come up.”


So, I chose Florida, and we were in the month of March. What do you think we saw in the month of March?

Can you believe…

“…..the “only thing” on the whole Calender was “March 2nd/ Fri/ Doctor’s meeting”, and the town?… you guessed it! “Sarasota” Florida!! 




What?! Wait! Out of how many towns in Florida?!  “Only one town” was on the whole Calendar! Nelson and I looked at each other astonished and said, “Oh my God, I can’t believe this!!” We were playing with it and found out that God has a sense of humor! At this point all I could say was “What is going on with Sarasota??!” So you think the Lord is saying we should move to Sarasota??


Wow! We had no idea where Sarasota was and had never heard of it before all of this started happening! But when we looked on the internet, we found out it was right across from the Gulf of Mexico. Well that certainly was convenient! Belize is right below Mexico and Nelson was moving to Florida to be close enough to go back and forth.


swirlA Woman from Our Apartment

The name “Sarasota” was confirmed to us over and over, and over. The last time was, when we were moving out of our apartment, and a woman had just moved in downstairs. She noticed we were selling a lot of our things, so she asked us, “Where are you moving to?” We said Sarasota.

“Surprisingly she said “Oh! I just moved from “Sarasota!”

“I lived there all of my life and my mom is still there.” Wow. Wow! So what are the odds of this happening?




Nelson Finally Leaves His Job

So, finally, my husband left his job, believing that the Lord wanted him to do so, so he could spend more time with Him in the Word and in Prayer. You might be surprised that after everything I’ve told you, that I was struggling again with him leaving the job because our bills began to get behind, even though the Lord seemed to have provided some extra funds to keep us stabilized. So at one point he contemplated going back to work somewhere to help. But, he still felt that he wasn’t suppose to do that, and the Lord began to give him a word about “Peter going back to his fishing.” He said “Lord , how can I tell Darnella that I can’t go back to work? You have to tell her somehow so she understands.” Yes, it’s true, sometimes I was “still” uncomfortable with this moving, not knowing anything for sure, my husband leaving his job??… was this really God?

Well, TD Jakes came to our church one night and he was great! He spoke “Everything” we needed to hear. He said that God was doing a new thing and that everything we have been going through up to this point was to bring us to this place in our lives. He said “You know, I don’t feel much like a preacher, I feel like a mailman, a messenger. I feel like I’m suppose to deliver mail, and those who it’s for will get it….”


“Yes, sometimes going by faith can get you into trouble. Yes, things can seem to go down and backwards, but just hold on, they will change! We are going by faith and some things are hard to understand and so much so that we find ourselves trying to do things that we are comfortable with, that we can understand… like “Peter going back to fishing?” God is closing some doors and we can’t go back. He is getting ready to do Something Big!”

He spoke on the same scriptures that My husband got from God and in the same way! The same message! My husband showed me his message when I got home and this confirmed to me that he was not to go back to work. We had found ourselves doing things that we are comfortable with, that we understand, like going back to work, but God was closing the door!   TD Jakes spoke about “the words that God spoke over our lives”, coming to pass now, because we can now handle it. And he said that our nets won’t break!
This was just in a portion of TD Jakes’ message. The rest of it was about something “Very Big” that God was about to do! If you remember, this was the same thing that God told me in my dream!




Moving to “Sarasota”

I now believed that this was “definitely God” and that was all I needed to know. I knew that if He wanted us to go, He would take care of us. I shared the news about our plan to move with a sister in church, and she said to me “Just believe that the provision is already there. Then she added “I want you to remember this, because it is not me saying it.”
So, I had a peace in my heart and we made the move. We sold most of our things,

Sarsota pics 394Sarsota pics 397Sarsota pics 398Sarsota pics 342

put some personal things in storage and drove down to Sarasota in May with about $1000.

“We had no idea where we were going or what was in store for us, we just believed that when we got there God would let us know what to do.”

Nelson’s father was a little puzzled about why we were going there, and wondered why not just make the move to Belize; but “God said Sarasota.” Perhaps it was Sarasota “en route” to Belize. We would see.

As I said earlier, I felt in my spirit to connect with Pastor Todd. So when we arrived in Florida, that was what I wanted to do first. We arrived late so we stayed at a hotel. The next day we looked him up and we were so blessed. It was Mother’s day and he was also blessed to see us. We had prayer.


Later that day. Nelson also spoke with his dad on the internet (Skype). He had exciting news to tell us! It seems that a “pilot” from a church in “SARASOTA”, of all places, had just emailed him about his mission and wanted to help support him, “by flying missionaries over from Sarasota to Belize.” Well! This was out of the blue!


“NOW he was convinced that there was a reason we were in Sarasota! And so were we!!!”


So that week a few people from the “360 Church” in Sarasota, where the pilot attended, had gone over to Belize to visit the orphanage.


Pilots Don and Jim visiting Nelson Tyler Sr at Children’s Home Belize

(This was all happening during our first days in Sarasota. We had not met the pilot or the church yet.) The following Sunday, we visited the 360 Church and…


…when we walked in, they were showing pictures of Nelson’s dad, step mom, and the orphanage in Belize on the projector screen.


When they found out who we were, they were so “overjoyed” and received us enthusiastically, feeling that our being there, and the circumstances surrounding how we  came to their church showed them that God was pleased with what they were doing and had chosen them to be a part of this! We were extremely amazed and blessed to be a part of this also! They then told us to let them know if they could help us in any way.



These are some from 360 that God supernaturally connected us with!! (Above pics L-R) 360 Church- Pastor Steve and Carrie McCoy, Rita and John, Nelson and Darnella, Don and Suzy, 360 Music Ministry, Nelson and Darnella, John and Rita, Cathy and Bruce, Don and Suzy, and Apostle Joyce Street (Minister to Belize).



Encountering the Supernatural

We continued to connect with Pastor Todd and had prayer often.


He shared with us that “there is a time when God begins to stir in our lives as if it were a big pot of soup, and as He stirs, whatever has settled to the bottom begins to come to the top. So all the “giftings” and all the words that were spoken over our lives over the years begin to come to the top so they can be accessed at the proper time.”


We began to remember some of those words. I was told that God had given me the spirit of a prophetess, the spirit of evangelism, a teacher, and the gift of healing in my hands. Nelson was told that his words would be heard around the world. Pastor Todd shared with us that God also Supernaturally brought him to Sarasota. He prays and ministers to people prophetically around the town of Sarasota. He has blessed and is continuing to be a blessing to us and to so many others.

Miracle Manor

One day Pastor Todd took us to a Christian retreat hotel called “Miracle Manor.”


Even though we had a discounted price, but we still began to run low in money. We tried to find jobs and a place to live, but we were unsure of what God was doing and of how long we would be here. The next Sunday when we went to the 360 church, one sister told me “if you need a place to stay, I have a room upstairs in my home.” I never shared with her that we were running low in funds. We decided to just think on this a while. We were trying to be “self sufficient.”  I think it is just a normal feeling we all have to try to take care of ourselves and not have to rely on others.

One night while sitting in the lobby of the Miracle Manor, thinking on how our money was running real low, a brother walked in behind us, almost startling us and introduced himself to us. We told him we had just moved to Sarasota from NY and that we may be going to Belize. He immediately started prophesying to us! He said,

“You are here by divine appointment, and don’t lean upon your own understanding because if it is your own understanding, it is not faith, and if there is any concern about money, you don’t have to worry, God has it all under control.”

Then he blessed us with $20. The following night he encouraged us again with some of the same words, and told us about a meeting they were having the next night. He said it was a prayer meeting, “just meeting with God.”


Although we were now really “very low” in funds, we were still trusting God to meet us. You see, before some of these supernatural things began to happen, we had in our minds that we should only wait til we got down to about $300. If we got that low, we felt that maybe we should turn around and go back to NY, because we didn’t want to be stuck with no money in Florida, and it was also a long way back with no money. But after these things began to happen to us, we started to have a greater confidence that God would meet us. So at this point we no longer had enough money to put down on an apartment… and barely enough for another night in a hotel.
That day we contacted the woman from church who offered us the place. She said she wanted to set up a meeting with her husband and us about the room and would get back to us. We had not met her husband yet. Still feeling funny about having to rely on others that we did not know, we remembered that Nelson’s dad said he would wire us some money if we really needed it.

“As we sat in the car, Nelson began to email his dad for the money. Just as he was about to hit the send button


to send the email, the phone rang! It was the woman who had offered the room calling to say we could meet with them that day. It seems that God “stepped in” just before we could ask his dad for money!”

We went to meet with them and it was wonderful! We sat and shared and got along so well, for about 3 hours. Then her husband stood up, took his key off of the key ring, and gave it to Nelson. He even said that they were going away that weekend. Now that’s what I call trust! Who does that?!! It had to be God! They lived in a beautiful Condo in Sarasota just minutes from the Siesta Key Beaches.


They showed us a large bedroom upstairs with it’s own bathroom and walk in closet. .Sarsota pics 688Sarsota pics 212

They offered the room to us free of charge for as long as we needed to stay.  Praise God! They said anything we needed to use, we could, food included. They have been so gracious to us!

Well, that night was the prayer service at the retreat, so we went. It was Gary, the brother from the retreat that had prophesied to us, and his wife Lily that ministered in song. After the service, they asked if we wanted prayer. Nelson said yes and as they prayed for us, they began to prophesy. Lily said,

“Darnella, I see candle sticks on a maple table, don’t worry about those things, God says because you have left all to come here, He is going to give you so much more. When you do this the Holy Ghost gets excited. He doesn’t take this lightly. He says, I can use them.”

She continued to prophesy along with another brother, saying that we would encounter the occult, and they (people) would begin to say “don’t mess with them.” They added that God would begin to show us things and that we would begin to speak into people’s hearts. We were told we would be going to different continents. They told us that God was going to begin to make quick relationships because there is not a lot of time. That “these relationships” would be the “provision”…there would be no spirit of rejection…and that “we were here for preparation.”
There was so much more and we were basically blown away! We never expected this! It was like a dream.

It’s as if we walked through a door of Supernatural blessing when we left NY to come here!

The candlesticks on the maple table?

Sarsota pics 397b
Yard Sale 2 sets of candlesticks

They were real! Before we came down here I had a few sets of candlesticks and was struggling with whether to part with them or not along with many other things! In fact I had placed them in a box to discard and as my sister and I thought about it, I took them back out. And we also had a maple table which we gave to our daughter.


Serendipity…Accidentally on Purpose?

By this time we were totally amazed with what was happening. We began to think back when various ministers had come to our church and spoke some key things. They said that God was about to do something big, one of them being Mark Chironna. Our hearts became open and enlightened by the words he spoke then even more, now that our journey had begun to unfold. At this time we felt led to reread two of his books and the words leaped in our hearts as we read them. The two books are “Stepping into Greatness”, and “Tripping Over Your Treasure”. In them he wrote about “Serendipity”, making unsought-for discoveries by accident. Kind of like coming into our destiny “accidentally on purpose,” because

…”it is God who is ordering our steps towards the desires of our hearts.”


And guess what? As soon as we arrived in Sarasota, driving down the road that night, we noticed a building with a large sign in front that said “SERENDIPITY.”


“God ordering our steps?” Arriving in Sarasota, expecting God to tell us what to do about Belize, we never expected to meet with Prophets of God who would tell us our destiny. Looking for one thing, we found even better. “Accidentally on purpose?” There is a story in the Bible where Saul begins to look for his dad’s prize donkeys that had gotten out of the corral. He couldn’t find them, and is about to give up, when he goes to a “seer”, Samuel the prophet, to see if he can give him a word of knowledge about the whereabouts of these donkeys. God had already told Samuel of Saul’s arrival. “It was a “divine set up.”

The donkey chase lead Saul to Samuel “accidentally on purpose”, so that Samuel could tell him that God had chosen him as King of Israel. Saul went out looking for one thing, and came back with something far more valuable.


Now you can see why these words leaped in our hearts!”


Answers From Holy Spirit

One day in “wonder” of all was happening in our lives, we stopped by a Christian Book Store. I was in search of more answers. Within a few minutes, the Lord led me to a book called “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby. This book caught my eye and I had to get it! On the cover was a picture of Moses turning aside to see the burning bush. This book was so amazing and brought clarity to a lot of things that we were already experiencing! Although we’d known God for years, we weren’t aware of moving with God in the type of experience we were having with Him. We’d experienced many things, yet not quite in this way and we certainly were not aware that He often works this way with those who say “yes” to follow Him “completely.” We really believe it was God, the Holy Spirit, who led us to this book!



They Had Back to Back Places for us to Stay!

The next Sunday when we went to the 360 church, many were asking us if we had a place to stay and told us that if we needed anything, to let them know. They told us they had “back to back” places for us to stay! One couple was going away for 2 weeks and asked if we would like to house sit for them. We told them we would. On the day we were to go, our car started acting funny and Nelson expressed some concern about something happening to it the following day. I said “If God is doing all of this, He is going to take care of the car!” When we went to the couple’s home, we found that they had even left us the keys to their second car, a mini van, in case we needed it. They didn’t even know our concerns about our car. I believe that


God just wanted to show us that we could trust Him to provide for us,”


because after that our car was fine. We didn’t even have to use their car!

We were being invited weekly to dinner and to their homes. God was definitely making quick relationships! It’s like we’ve known these sisters and brothers for more than a couple of weeks. It’s a fairly new church. Many of them are very excited about coming over to Belize for short stays to help us with the children’s home. (orphanage for abused girls) They are all getting their passports, and continuing to share the ideas they have for blessing the girls with their gifts and talents. Isn’t God amazing? It won’t be just my husband and I going over there. Obviously, by this time, we “know” we will be going to Belize, and God is causing me to become more comfortable with it.


“It’s Not About Doing…..”

While at the retreat we met a sister who put us in touch with a Minister that has a home business in Sarasota, cleaning vacation homes and condos.

Piczoe 504
Sister from Retreat
Piczoe 510
Minister Mays

We began to work with her for a short while to bring in some temporary provision, because jobs were not opening. Their business was suddenly growing by leaps and bounds, and she is excited, so she asked me to also help her in her new office. Even she began to “speak into our lives” along with another minister friend of hers.

One day we went to help her with the vacation homes and I was feeling like we should be doing more. We seemed to have a lot of leisure time. I didn’t say this to her, but she sensed my heart and said


“You know, it’s not about doing, it’s about being.”


We kept this in our hearts and God “over time” has helped us to understand it. It is not about “what we do for God” as much as it is that we are “yielding to His process” so we can become what He is calling us to be. God is Supernaturally placing people in our path, and around us, who understand where we are in our journey, “Even better than we do.” People that know about “stepping out in faith”, and they are standing ready to help us in any way they can.



 “How did God Speak to you?”

One day while sharing our testimony at a gathering with our new friends, we began to talk about how the Lord “spoke to us” about going to Sarasota.  I continued on excitedly about the things that began to happen. I noticed one young lady studying me with a puzzled look, and then she asked me, “How did God speak to you?”

This is probably a question that so many have, and it never occurred to me how I must sound when I simply say “God spoke to me” until she asked me. People wonder if God spoke to me audibly. God did not speak audibly to me, but I am learning to recognize through experience when He seems to be saying something to me.

Sometimes He speaks when I am reading the bible,  something will stand out to me,as if it is being highlighted to me,  perhaps something that I have been thinking about. This is Rhema as I mentioned above, “the Word of God spoken to us in and for a specific occasion and received in our spirit.” At other times I may get an “impression” or feeling to do or say something and “a sense” that it’s God who is “lightly pressing or nudging” me about it.  He speaks through dreams and other ways also.

In the case of us going to Sarasota, we had been talking about going to Florida which was closer to Belize and God began to repeatedly bring up the name Sarasota to us in ways that it would seem extremely coincidental to anyone else. But we recognized it as being God and stepped out on it. He kept confirming it over and over to us…and when we arrived, He really met us and confirmed to us even more that we had heard Him well! This was how He spoke to us! It was so exciting and was one of those experiences that we will not only remember for the next time, but for the rest of our lives!  


Money from the Sky

One day we were driving and coming to a red light. We were 3 cars back and coming to a stop when we noticed something blowing across the road, in front of the first car. It went past the corner into a grassy area. It looked like dollar bills! We looked at each other and said, “That can’t be money!!” We were hoping no one else saw it, and it seemed like they didn’t. When the light changed we turned the corner and pulled over right away to see if it was money and where it went. We got out and looked over in the grass. Sure enough it was two $100 dollar bills!! They had blown across the street! We looked around to see where they could have come from. No one was around. Praise God, we were Blessed that day with “Money from the Sky!”money from sky



A Job for Nelson

God was not opening jobs right away so we have learned to be on the receiving end and wait on him to provide for our needs daily. It has been an amazingly awesome journey! Now God has finally opened a door. A company saw Nelson’s resume on the internet and they offered him a position. It’s a company that designs, manufactures and services Human Patient Simulators.

dee 032CIMG0573

He will be teaching doctors, installing and repairing them at universities and hospitals.

human patient simulators

Nelson said it is a job he never would have applied for because he would not think he was qualified for it. Is it any surprise that they said he was a perfect fit for the job?
They are playing out God’s plan and it’s amazing to watch! Everything he did in the past, has prepared him for this job. We have been told more than once that God brought us here to Sarasota for “preparation.” Now that the job opened up, I believe we will be here for “at least a little while” before going to live in Belize. It’s on God’s timetable.

I remember Pastor D’ Onofrio, (from our home church in NY), saying to us after they prayed for us, 


“God has a way of doing Twisties”,  “Expect the Unexpected!”


Well, so much of the unexpected has happened! And out of curiosity, I looked up the definition of “Twisties”:… An unexpected change in a process or a departure from a pattern, : a twist of fate; a story with a quirky twist. Wow! God’s certainly been doing some “twisties” and departures from the norm, and there may be more to come!



A Beautiful Apartment

The newest thing he has done is provide us with an apartment! The minister with the cleaning business, also “just happened to be” a property manager and has many real estate affiliates….(God is so Amazing right?) One of her affiliates gave her the keys to some of his places that were for rent, and she showed them to us. We preferred a furnished apartment so we would not have to look for or buy furniture since we didn’t know how long we would be here before going to Belize. We didn’t know the timetable of God. She first showed us 2 unfurnished ones, and we didn’t really like them; then she showed us the 3rd one….it was furnished and it was beautiful! It was like the beautiful vacation homes we’d cleaned, we never expected God to open a door for us to move into one. She told us they had previously talked about the price because the owner wanted $1200. She told them we could not afford that so the agent talked the owner down. ( It was his friend) We weren’t even involved in that part. He was now asking $900. Wow! God is good!
My favorite colors are mauve, or rose, plum, cranberry and hunter green. The carpet was rose and there was a white couch and love seat set with pink roses on them.

Dee sar apt083

The dining room table is cast iron, antique white with a glass top , and matching chairs.

Sarsota pics 204Piczoe 345

The master bedroom has a king size bed, green spread, pink flowers again, and bath. There is also a guest BR, two twin beds with cranberry decor, another favorite of mine.

Piczoe 618Piczoe 405

In my NY kitchen I had hunter green. That is what this kitchen is decorated with. It has 2 full baths and a screened in lanai,

Sarsota pics 195

which has a pink couch and chairs, with matching wicker and glass tables. It’s like a separate entertaining room. We were amazed and knew this was God! There was a picture that I had in NY that I had a hard time parting with. Well in the bedroom is a picture like that. You may have seen them. A picture of a sunset on the water, boardwalk and flowers. God knew we liked that type of thing and here in Sarasota we see a lot of that. People bring their chairs out in the evening to the marina or beach to watch the sunset. We’ve spent a lot of time at the water. We did that in NY too, but here it is gorgeous!

So, back to our story about the cost of the apartment, the next day, our minister friend told us that the owner wanted $900 security. This meant he wanted $900 rent plus $900 security before we could move in. We didn’t have that. Nelson was at work so we talked by phone.

We began to pray …, “God we love this place and we know you don’t play games. You know what we have and if you would like us to have this place you can change the heart of this man. Nothing is impossible for you. This man will have to submit to you. But even though we love this place, if it is not your will for us to have it, then we want your will.”

Well, in less than and hour later, our friend called me back and said the owner said we could move in now for just the $900 rent and pay the $900 security later! Praise God! He answered our prayer! So we are now in our new place and it is awesome!!



I Began to Work from Home

Our minister friend said she wanted me to work with her now, from our home. She would set up a call center on my computer. I am also doing some supervisory and inspection work for her in the vacation homes. Praise God! Another temporary position also opened up for me to do from my home. (2 weeks long) I was prayed about it. In order to do it I needed Microsoft word and didn’t have it. Then I found out I could get the program free for 3 months! So that’s what I did and finished the project in the spare time that I had while working for the minister. God is faithful!!


“Learning By Illustration”

We are continuing to wait on God daily and He continues to teach us “by illustration” that we can trust Him for everything! Sometimes it’s been hard, sometimes it’s been scary, but He’s always been there for us. We are learning. We frequently fellowship with Pastor Todd and continue to go to the 360 church. As you can see God is doing something “Supernaturally” here.



We Met Joyce From Belize

Recently we met a Minister who has a ministry in Belize. She’s American,  originally from Florida, she is an Apostle over a couple of churches in Belize, one of which the 360 church is supporting. She came to Florida and her funds to return to Belize were delayed. So she was asked to come to Sarasota by one of our Elders to meet with some of us from the Church. She stayed with Nelson and I one night. Piczoe 625

We were “so blessed” to be able to talk with her. We believe now that she was delayed in returning to Belize because she was suppose to meet with us. She shared her testimony with us about how God called her to Belize.


“It really touched my heart hearing how God called her and about her struggles and concerns as she was deciding to obey the call.”


It was so interesting hearing how God was faithful to her and what it was like to leave all and begin to fully trust God for provision. This is how she lives day by day. She was also blessed by hearing our testimony and is excited to meet with us when we get to Belize. She has a Pentecostal church and we look forward to visiting her and the church there. Nelson also put her in contact with his father, so now there are 3 ministries in Belize that can help each other and are also in communication with us and the church over here.

Nelson’s step mom(who is from America but is Belizean) has many connections with the “higher ups” in Belize and can get things done, so she can be of much help to them also. Churches over there don’t work together, there is a lot of corruption and they don’t trust one another, so this will be a great testimony! We really connected with Joyce and look forward to seeing her again. So now we will not only have those that will join us from the 360 church, but we will also have a sister church there that we have become closely connected with. When she returned to Lakeland Florida, after her meeting with us, she was told that the funds she was waiting for, had miraculously come! Yes, God detained her so she could meet with us, by “divine appointment!”

We began to envision a beautiful tapestry being woven by together by God. All of our lives are becoming divinely connected. And… it’s still coming together.”




God is Blessing Our Daughter and Her Family!

Another thing that is happening is, because we made this “amazing step”, God is also beginning to bless our daughter and her family. He is beginning to move in their lives. We’ve been told by a few that we have met here that this would happen! Now God has moved them down here to Sarasota and “words” have also been spoken over their lives since they’ve been here. They didn’t have a car and within one week they have been blessed with a car to use while they are here!


We are excited to see the wonderful things that God is going to unfold in their journey!




Exceedingly Abundantly Above all that you can Ask or Think

One thing I began to remember is something God had spoken to me when we attended Tuesday night prayer at Upper Room in NY months before we even began to think about moving. He said to me “Exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think.” It kept resounding to me. “Exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think.” I told Nelson and at that time we kept this in our hearts, wondering what He was saying to us. Now we see that He “is” beginning to do “Exceedingly abundantly above all that “we” can ask or think!” It is so awesome!

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us….” Ephes. 3:20

I know there is a time for each of us to answer the call of God. We don’t really know when that will be, but in the meantime, we need to pursue God, become hungry for more of God. We want to be ready to obey when He calls us. Even if it seems like it’s been a long time, and we think perhaps it is too late for us, He surprises us like this. It’s never too late. We may be busy, busy, busy, doing “church business”,  thinking “this must be what I am called to do.” Then the call will come, and if we will drop everything to answer His call, a whole new adventure will open up to us and we will then begin to realize “He is calling us into our dream, into what we are really called to do and be, what we have been created for.” From “something small” that “we” could do, into “Something Big” that only “He” could do through us!

The “Favor of God” will come upon our lives and He will do…….”Exceedingly Abundantly Above all that we can Ask or Think!”

It’s been so exciting and I know there is more to come!

These are key things that stand out in this testimony. They are all threaded together.

swirl Exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think.”


swirl “For the Lord your God proveth you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all you soul. Ye shall walk after the lord your God and fear Him and keep His commandments and obey His voice and ye shall serve Him and cleave unto Him.”


swirl ” TD Jakes spoke about the words that God spoke over our lives coming to pass now because we can now handle it. Our nets won’t break!”

swirl “Pastor Todd told us that there is a time when God begins to stir in our lives as if it were a big pot of soup, and as he stirs whatever has settled to the bottom begins to come to the top. So all the giftings and all the words that were spoken over our lives over the years begin to come to the top so they can be accessed at the proper time.”


swirl “…..they began to prophesy. Lily said , “Darnella, I see candle sticks and a maple table, don’t worry about those things, God says because you have left all to come here, He is going to give you so much more. When you do this the Holy Ghost gets excited. He doesn’t take this lightly. He says, I can use them.”


swirl “They began to say that we would be going to different continents. That God would begin to show us things and that we would begin to speak into people’s hearts. They told us that God was going to begin to make quick relationships because there is not a lot of time. He said these relationships would be the provision. There would be no spirit of rejection. They told us we were here for preparation.”


swirl  “She sensed my heart and said  “You know it’s not about doing, it’s about being.”


swirl  “It’s as if we walked through a door of supernatural blessing when we left NY to come here!


“For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. 2Chron. 16:9 NAS


God has moved so supernaturally that I had to write it down. We know this is only the beginning. Soon we will be going to Belize and a whole new adventure will begin to unfold.

Our desire is that this testimony will Glorify God and be a blessing, encouragement, and inspiration to all those who read it. Most of all we pray that through reading this testimony, others will be made aware that God is still moving today in individual and seemingly insignificant lives in a very unique way. That it will encourage them to keep their hearts close to God and no matter what, being always ready to answer yes, in obedience to His call, that will lead them into their destiny.

In God’s Abundant Blessings,

Darnella and Nelson Tyler

Sarsota-ME N NELS

“Sarsota”   ME N NELS

Thoughts about Our Journey and How God Spoke to Us

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

It is so fitting that the beginning of our journey begins with this scripture. The reason I say this is because this is exactly what the Lord began to do with us. He was thinking “His thoughts” toward us….”our thoughts” became the thoughts that He was “thinking toward us”. And those thoughts were to lead us toward the things he was doing in our lives. Toward our destiny, our journey. This is how He began to guide us and direct us.

Something I remember Nelson’s dad said to him, “well son, I think it’s time.” And then his step brother in law also said this to him, “Don’t you think it’s time?” Although these are not thoughts, but words, and we didn’t fully know what to make of them at the time,  we took note of this, and later realized that God was saying it was time for us to take the step toward our destiny.

We also didn’t know at the time, that this is the point or the crossroad where many have to make the choice between security (or convenience), and trust. They have to “want to know” if this is God for their lives, or choose to continue in the way they are comfortable with. They can seek for more confirmation because as you can see, God was very generous and gracious in giving us that. But at some point you have to take the leap.


It amazes us that this Testimony of Our Journey is “Rich” in the many different ways that God chooses to speak to us…


God spoke to us through “Rhema”

“The Word of God spoken to us in and for a specific occasion and received in our spirit.” In this instance specific words become highlighted to you, or stand out.

“For the Lord your God proveth you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all you soul. Ye shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him and keep His commandments and obey His voice and ye shall serve Him and cleave unto Him.” Deuteronomy 13:3,4


He spoke through our “Dreams”

Sometimes God gives you the meaning of the dream right away. Other times you may have to pray more about it, use information on dream interpretation or find someone to interpret it for you.

The dream about my friend and leaving my purse on the plane, in other words leaving my income or job.

The dream about the Mickey Mouse quilt…..meaning going to Florida.


He spoke through “Thoughts and Impressions”

There are times when you sense a “pressing” about something. “He felt that God was “pressing” on him that it was time to leave.” (an impression)

And He also gave me thoughts about “minimizing” our things. (This could be a thought or an impression.  “For I know the “thoughts” that I think toward you, saith the Lord…..”)



He spoke through our “Circumstances”

He felt that God was “pressing” on him that it was time to leave. Even though Nelson had an exemplary record and he was loved on his job, strange things began to happen: the company van was broken into, he got a complaint, and he got a ticket.

He spoke through “Coincidences”

I sang “Carefully, touching me, causing my eyes to see, Jesus makes beautiful things of my life.” I realized “Yes, Jesus was beginning to “cause my eyes to see!” It was strange, I was realizing this as I sang it!

God then began to bring up the name Sarasota to me, repeatedly, in various situations.

Surprisingly she said “Oh! I just moved from “Sarasota!” I lived there all of my life and my mom is still there.

It seems that a “pilot” from a church in “SARASOTA”, of all places, had just emailed him about his mission and wanted to help support him, “by flying missionaries over from Sarasota to Belize.”

All my favorite colors were in the apartment He had for us!

He spoke through “Confirmations”

TDJ spoke on the same scriptures that My husband got from God and in the same way! (Peter going back to fishing)

We are going by faith and some things are hard to understand and so much so that we find ourselves trying to do things that we are comfortable with, that we can understand… like “Peter going back to fishing?” God is closing some doors and we can’t go back. He is getting ready to do Something Big!”

It seems that a “pilot” from a church in “SARASOTA”, of all places, had just emailed him about his mission and wanted to help support him, “by flying missionaries over from Sarasota to Belize.”


He spoke through “Prophets and His People”

“You are here by divine appointment, and don’t lean upon your own understanding because if it is your own understanding, it is not faith, and if there is any concern about money, you don’t have to worry, God has it all under control.”

She sensed my heart and said “You know, it’s not about doing, it’s about being.”


So, we are learning to recognize “through experience” when and what God is speaking to us.



Scriptures on Hearing from God

Jeremiah 29:12-13

“Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” 

Proverbs 16:3 Amplified Bible

“Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed”

John 10:27
“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (NASB)

Isaiah 30:21
“And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.” (ESV)

John 16:13
“The Spirit shows what is true and will come and guide you into the full truth. The Spirit doesn’t speak on his own. He will tell you only what He has heard from me, and He will let you know what is going to happen.” (CEV)

Jeremiah 33:3
“Ask me, and I will tell you things that you don’t know and can’t find out.” (CEV)

2 Timothy 3:16-17
“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (NIV)

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  1. Wow, what a blessed testimony! I’m excited to learn the whole story, albeit not the end. God is surely not finished with you yet. Your story provokes thought, and answers questions for those of us that are on similar journeys. May God continue to bless and keep you both.

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