VIII The 3rd Church

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The 3rd Church

So, let’s update on what’s been going on these past 2 years. We have continued the services with the first church, youth or Friday nights, movie nights, etc.
In 2012 my husband’s dad wanted us to come home for about a week so they could do a memorial for his mom who had passed in 1992. At that time we were wondering if God was saying we were done with the first church and should give them the projector so that they can carry on things.

But, before we left, we were passing out flyers for a concert to a pastor from the third church that we had our hearts on. This was the pastor that had visited one of our services one night at the second church and liked what he saw. He told us that ‘now he was ready’ and wanted us to bring to his church what we had done in the first church. He wanted his people to move away from the hymns, into a more contemporary Christian music, so his people could be introduced to the freedom in Praise and Worship.


“So it seemed like God wanted us to continue here in Belize.”



In the meantime,  we had hinted to the director of the Children’s Home that we might be looking for another place live, so he had extended our place to another couple who would come in and pay $300US a month. Now we told him we were thinking of not moving. So we all began to pray. Shortly after that he went back to the states on a trip, and without us knowing anything he met with our supporter on some personal business they have together. He also shared with him what’s been happening at the home and that he was thinking of renting the place we live in. Our supporter offered to pay him the $300 a month that the other couple offered, if we could stay. He said ok. As it worked out, the other couple could not raise the money to come to stay.


So this also gave us another indication that God wanted us to continue to work here in Belize.”



The 3rd Church

So now we began attending Sunday services at the third church. In Nov 2012, we started having Wed night Worship/Prayer services there. We taught on worship



“Nelson Teaching Clips” (click to view)

and brought worship, using the projector, which led to giving them opportunity to connect with God in deeper prayer. The Pastor wanted us to begin the teaching on Sunday mornings also so everyone could receive it.




“Dee Teaching Clips”


 “ On Wed nights the worship was awesome and the presence of God was there!!”

vlcsnap-2016-10-24-23h14m10s836 (2)

It was amazing! Those that came out were blessed. But it was hard for the congregation to get used to coming out. So the response of the people moved along slowly.

Many were not accustomed to the songs and still wanted the hymns .


We made provision for them to sing some of their hymns on Sundays during testimony time. We then began to teach on Encountering God, because we were not sure where they were at, in their relationships with God.



“Some enjoyed the praise and worship, but others were just not happy.”


Still we continued. They did not have many youth, their children were much younger. So we did not take part in ministry with the youth, although I did have some interaction with their oldest daughter. She fellow-shipped with our youth from the first church. I shared a lot of music with her.

In March or so we began to feel like we needed more power, we grew tired of moving routinely, business as usual. We know we need the power of God here.



At this time we were also still continuing to do the services at the first church.”


Our services were:

Sunday mornings at (church 3)
Sunday night worship/prayer ( church 1)
Tues night bible study (church 1)
Wed night prayer/worship (church 3)
Friday Praise/Worship/youth night -(church 3)
And once a month movie night at each church.


We had been preparing for a while to pass the baton onto the 1st church, so they could do their worship services on their own. We were also able to purchase a new projector, so we left them the first one.

The Pastor’s second son, Demetrius, who has watched us from the beginning and is very sensitive to the presence of God,


has taken over this ministry. They began to bring in the worship on their own, following our example, and continued to enjoy the Holy Spirit’s presence in their services!
After a few months the 3rd church was still showing resistance. But we continued on.



book owlBooks for Belize


While this was happening, I also had been trying to get some books for the church. I was able to send for a  few.  A missionary couple saw what we were doing and blessed us with some books also. They sent over books for one of the classes we were teaching and also some other ones that we told them we would like. They were so gracious! And they also blessed us personally!

I had on my heart that this area needed a library. One day while speaking to the Pastor’s wife from the third church, she told me their church was planning to have a library. This was great! I felt that I could bless them with many of the books. Since we had already taught the first church on the Holy Spirit,  we  felt that they were ready, so we gave a lot of those books to them. But we gave the second church some of the same and also gave them some Bibles that we were blessed with.  Even later we sent more books to them. ‘Our heart is that they will really develop a hunger to read these books.’

We purchased many books for them on the Holy Spirit, for the youth and also on other things they needed help understanding. I have listed a few below:

Holy Spirit Baptism

The Holy Spirit and You

Revival Fire

Azusa Street Revival

Teen to Teen

Live God Loud

When Heaven Invades Earth for Teens

Quit Playing with Fire

Nine O’Clock in the Morning

They Spoke with other Tongues

Why Not Women

I Suffer not a Woman

Reach 4 Life

This  ‘Reach 4 Life’ was a great little bible that Jeff and Shira, a missionary couple we mentioned before in our first post, had told us about. They used it in their ministry, doing Bible Studies with the youth. They gave us one or two and then we were able to get a few sent to us from the states. These are amazing little new testaments that youth and adults like. We gave some out…also using them to give new converts. Also we had them use them for Sunday school and Bible study.

Reach 4 lifevlcsnap-2016-10-28-19h47m59s863

Jeff and Shira later had to leave Belize to return to the states so they left us the reach 4 life books they had. These were really a blessing!





Sensing a Shift

After about 6 months, we began to sense a shifting in our situation. It was now 2013.
When we began at the third church, we had already begun to grow weary. At that time also we had 2 dogs that we loved, and both of them were poisoned in the same night. We were devastated. Anyway, we had begun to cry out to God for more power in these churches…. more power in us to reach them. We knew the people needed more than what they were getting. Up to now, we rarely missed any services and they rarely canceled.

But after our crying out, and as if in answer to our weariness, things began to happen where the services began to be canceled here and there at both churches. Or something happened where we could not make it for some reason. In the third church it was mainly because of the lack of attendance to the Wed night worship service and the cost of gas for the large bus they had to pick up the people. Other reasons caused them to cancel Sunday mornings. Strangely, this was fine for us because we were weary. If this did not happen, we would have pushed ourselves anyway. This happened this way for the rest of the year. We did continue with the youth, and it was on our hearts to connect them with other Christian youth in the city. So, we prayed about that.


“Then God began to give me 7’s in the way He gave me “Sarasota”.  “7”  is God’s number of completion and He rested on the 7th day.”


“We began to believe that God was bringing us into a “rest”,  saying that we were completed.”


That we had completed this assignment, and were done with what he wanted us to do. That it was time for the “next phase” and we believed that phase was the “Power of God” moving in and through our lives.

We also had a desire to go back to the states for a visit, I needed to see my mom. I had been away very long from her and she was asking about me.
Throughout all of this, I was listening a lot to worship music from ‘Bethel Church’ and to ‘Bill Johnson’ the Pastor there, as well as reading some of their books. Nelson and I both had begun to listen to His messages. It’s also interesting that I had been studying on “Gilgal,” in the bible and the next step spiritually is called “Bethel.” Just a note to show you how God works in these coincidences….that our next place that we are being led to is “Bethel Church.”  I felt drawn to Bethel and have desired to go to their School of the Supernatural, but we did not think that was possible at this time, because we were already on the mission field and had to continue to follow God. But we said if we did get to go home we would love to visit there. We felt that we needed more from God and began to sense that we could get an “impartation” from there if we went to the church. We were wondering if this was God. How we would go? We were not sure.


“But we also knew we still wanted to work with the youth.”



One of the “7’s” — Accidentally On Purpose!


Our finances were also tight, but God always made a way.
Then a blessing happened! …. One of the 7’s was our supporter Andy. One month, he made a mistake….although we did not know it at the time. He accidentally doubled our support money one month….. and then said it was ok, meaning it would not be deducted or adjusted, and we could keep it.


“He then told us he was going to double our money in the month of July, the 7th month…… This was awesome! What a blessing!”


Then he wrote again saying that because the Lord has blessed his business so much, he wanted to share it with us. He said the doubled support was going to continue as the normal amount we would receive. Praise God! So now we would not be so tight and would be able to get the things we needed and also things for the ministries that we needed.

As I mentioned we had a heart to take the youth into the city to visit with other Christian youth on fire for God so that we could give them exposure and expand their borders. There are a few churches in the city that are passionate about empowering their youth through praise and worship! But our youth are from the “bush” and most don’t get exposure to this. So we began to take them. We were able to take them to a couple of youth concerts using their church van. A couple of our youth even took part, including the pastor’s daughter from the 3rd church!

vlcsnap-2016-11-01-21h15m47s760vlcsnap-2016-11-01-21h17m46s805vlcsnap-2016-11-01-17h13m40s379 a vlcsnap-2016-11-01-21h25m08s016vlcsnap-2016-11-01-21h23m26s574vlcsnap-2016-11-01-20h51m33s649 a

They even saw some of the skits that they had done! They were so blessed! We also had a ‘youth group’ come out to our church and expect to continue this type of thing and relationships with them. Also one night the youth put together their own youth gathering. The pastor’s daughter from the 3rd church was very involved with our youth in these also. Praise God!

vlcsnap-2016-11-01-20h41m55s036 avlcsnap-2016-11-01-17h19m39s949 a

It is now November 25th and we are planning another trip into the city for a concert with a group of youth that we have been to see before.


“We really wanted to continue this! Praise God! So, was this another “accidentally on purpose blessing?”


TRANSITIONA Transitioning

So now it is November, and we have been feeling a ‘transitioning’. It has been a year that we have been at the “third church” and we are really not seeing much forward movement. But we believe God is working on their hearts. They also have a lot of internal issues they have to work out. I showed the Pastor’s daughter how to put the songs together for a song list, to do the praise and worship when we are not there. I did the same at the “first church”, and the Pastor’s son has been doing the praise and worship when we are not able to make it. So they are able to run their services independently of us.

Now is the time for this “third church” to do the same. You may be wondering why I am not saying anything about the “second church”. We use to fellowship there on alternate Friday nights. But we had some issues there so we decided it was best not to continue. But…


“…now “that second church” has also begun to do the same as us.”


They got a projector and we have shared our songs with them. They now put together playlists and do the praise and worship the same as us on Sunday mornings.


“Praise God! It’s catching on!! So yes, we are now sharing this process with the “third church.”


In this third church the Pastor’s daughter is very sensitive to the presence of God so we will be “passing the baton” to her and her parents.  She will know how to operate the projector also. So it will now be up to them to continue the ministry in their church!






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