About “Expressions of His Love”

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About “Expressions of His Love”

“Expressions of His Love” was given to me years ago when I was first saved. The Lord began to give me poetry and writings that expressed His love in my heart. Expressions of His love became the title of the compilation of all he gave me.

I also wrote poetry before I was saved and when I got saved, I used the gift He had given to me, inspired by Him, to write about His Love.

Today, it also has become an expression of all He is doing in and through Nelson and I in this ongoing Journey, along with all those gifts he has placed in us. His call on our lives, His provision, the miraculous things He does and is doing in our lives. Living by faith is an ongoing journey of expectations, adventure, surprises and unspeakable Joy as we are forever amazed by the wonderful ways that He works in our lives!

Walking with God is the greatest thing in our lives, it is our reason, it is our purpose. He gives ‘life” to our life.

So we desire to express His love through everything He is walking us through and all that we are. The Bible says “we are living epistles.” Our lives are to express His love to others. There are others who “read our lives.” It is our desire for our lives to be an ongoing “Expression of His Love.”

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