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About Us

Nelson n Dee

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  • on January 26, 2011
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Nelson joined the army at the age of 17 and one day while visiting a church in Germany, the Lord spoke to his heart through a minister, and he was  saved.  He later received the Holy Spirit and became very passionate as he served the Lord.  One day he received a prophecy. The prophet said to him “You will hear what God speaks  and speak what God says…. and your words will be heard around the world.” He also told him that the Lord had a wife for him. He kept this in his heart wondering how the Lord was going to use him.

Years later while taking a friend to get a job as a technician, he was offered an application as well,  and even though he did not pass the test, he still got the job. (Funny thing about these tests is they are based on questions you get when you first finish school, and he had years of experience in this field already). The key thing here is that he was still hired.

The job was at night and since he was looking for a wife, he questioned the Lord about how this would affect his finding a wife.  About a week later, he met Darnella. As they began to talk about the Lord,  he felt that the Lord was saying that she was to be his wife.

After many amazing confirmations, it became very clear that the Lord had brought them together and after only 5 months, they were married.


Darnella was quiet and lived a type of life in which her family had a lot of parties. So, early  in her teens she became  involved with that kind of lifestyle also. She began to drink and hang out with cousins or friends about every weekend, even if it was just at an aunt’s house or at home. She later got married and had a daughter. Unfortunately the marriage became abusive and ended in divorce after only a few years. After many years of disillusionment, she began to search for answers to life. One day while working at her job,  she  met a woman who told her about Jesus Christ. She began to seek the Lord and was “powerfully” saved. From then on she would talk to “everyone” about Jesus, sometimes even packing her tiny car to take others to church. Her desire to drink just “left her.”  A few months later she received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.

Although God was everything to her, more than she could ever imagine,  she  prayed  to God for a husband who  was sensitive, with a sense of humor, and who had this same passion for Christ, to share this new life with. One day she went to a job interview as a technician and even though she did not pass the test, she still got the job. They wanted her to work nights and she was hesitant, but, she wanted the job so she decided to take it. About a week later she met Nelson, because this was the same job he was working at. They began to talk about the Lord and it seemed that the Lord was showing her his heart, impressing on her that it was just the type of person she was praying about.  She felt very drawn to him and they talked for hours between work and hours after work. One day Nelson shared with her that he felt the Lord was saying that she was “his wife.” Amazed but cautious, she sought the Lord for confirmation.

After many amazing confirmations, it became very clear to her that the Lord had brought them together and after only 5 months, they were married.

Nelson and Darnella

We lived normal lives, working everyday, making a living for ourselves and our daughter.  God  miraculously worked in our lives over many years. We talked about our lives somehow being a testimony to others, of how God brings couples together. We enjoyed worshiping and serving the Lord at a Spirit Filled Church,  Upper Room Ministries in NY, for several years.  I sang in the choir, while Nelson spent some time working in the sound ministry, and as a Care Leader. But there was one thing we kept in out hearts…..

“Our hearts desire was to live more than a “mediocre” Christian life. We desired to see lives changed.”

We had no idea what this would look like or how this would come about, but it was our passion!



Then one day God began to use us to impact the lives of drug addicts. (Full story)


Testimony of “Our Journey” (“Stepping into Our Journey” )


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