Anointing from Apostle Joyce Street

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 Anointing from Apostle Joyce Street

One night after all the services with the teams, we all agreed to give the church a break and wait a week before we concluded our class on the Holy Spirit. So we would resume our Class the next Sunday night. In the meantime Apostle Joyce had expressed that she wanted us to come again that next Sunday. We agreed and went there instead of our church. I really did not want to miss Sunday at our church because I could see the Lord was doing something big now…. but we also felt that accepting Joyce’s invitation was key in our journey. I had a dream about Apostle Joyce months back. The Lord showed me in front of her…as though she was going to anoint us. In the dream the Lord said Joyce is bottom line…before I woke up. I never told her, I just wanted to see what the Lord was going to do.

She was suppose to be in the states this Sunday and needed us to cover for her. But now she found out she was going to be back here in Belize, but still wanted us to come. So she was there. And we used our projector for the worship and Nelson spoke. Before she ended the service, she called us up so she could pray for us. And


she anointed us with the Shofar horn of oil, which she said is significant of a lasting anointing.”


God is amazing! This is what she spoke to us: (Our Anointing and Word):

…. That God will use them they’ve been here what 3 years, 4, they’ve been through some serious battles at first, but God has brought them through and sent them into a spiritual arena…

The orphanage is great, but  the greater fight is what you are doing now. And they fought to get through this. So just stretch your hands to them, we want the Lord to renew them and to strengthen them. And to give them everything physically, spiritually, emotionally that they need to do their work in this country. And they too, they understand the struggle and the sacrifice of giving up everything. They’ve had hostilities, people who showed them a lot of hatred to try to the devil using them to break them but they stood, they stood, they stood in Jesus name. Amen, amen, amen, I could feel their pain at one time and the thing is they are not bitter, they are not angry, amen I could still see that joy, peace, and the love of God still there, amen, praise the Lord I just want to anoint you in the name of Jesus, Glory to God

Anoint you in the name of Jesus, actually I want to, I’m gonna do it like I feel God telling me to, I need that Shofar’’’
When King David was anointed, and King Saul was anointed, Samuel went to the house of Jesse with his horn and the horn is the symbol of power, though this is a shofar, it’s still a horn. It’s a symbol of an everlasting anointing that takes the curves and it keeps on flowing. When Saul was anointed, he took just his vial, just a glass, little vase, because it was fragile, it was gonna break.

“But with David, he was anointed with a horn, amen, the symbol of power and it was an anointing that would last. To get the job done. Many times people have come in and we have felt led to do it this way.”



“God is pleased with your work in this nation, I thank God for your friendship, your love, and I thank God for your perseverance in the things of God.”

May the Lord continue to use you in this nation for His Glory, in Jesus Name,  my God that they continue to take the power of the Holy Ghost to this nation God, wherever you send them, and let revival break out, let revival break out, use them mightily…in Jesus name bring in the finances, bring in the help, everything that they need Father God, in Jesus name.

Keep this marriage strong together that no man come against it.

“Let them be as Aquila and Pricilla, or Pricilla and Aquilla, or Aquilla and Pricilla that shook the world God, in the name of Jesus in the early church…

…..bless them, use them and let your fire continue to flow through their lives.”


Let signs and wonders come through this ministry, healings come through this ministry. Give them a greater boldness like never before, greater revelations and wisdom like never before,

“…..let them keep that compassion God, let no weapon formed against them prosper.”


Keep their spirits soft and humble Lord not hardened by their tight situation, in the name of Jesus….God said you gonna go far, God said I’ll send you far in me, far into the depths of the places where few will allow me saith the Lord to reach through them…I will begin  saith the Lord even the more to reveal the secret things saith the Lord to you, that you will know what will break the yoke, I’ll give you strategies saith the Lord, more strategies and you will begin to see me break out suddenly saith the Lord, He said look for it, expect it, look for it, now is the time that it will break, it will break, it will break, and suddenly the Holy Ghost will be poured out right before your eyes saith the Lord. In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

What an awesome word!! We are overwhelmed with God and what he is doing with us!”



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