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Belize Lighthouse Newsletter

When we first began to work in the church in Belize, Nelson wrote this newsletter to let everyone know what was happening in Belize. When we transitioned from the Children’s Home, God began to use us to minister in the local churches. God had given him the name Belize Lighthouse. This is his story of this part of our journey, this is how it all began!


“Hey, What ever happened to that couple?”

n n dee

“It seems like they just fell off the face of the earth.” Barbara said.

“I don’t know.” John replied. “Do you remember their names?”

“Yea… um, Darnella and Nelson (Poppy) Tyler.”

“Last time I remember…” John continues, “they were helping their parents run an orphanage in another country.”

“I already knew that.” Barbara said. “But, what are they doing NOW?


The Spark that Grew into a Flame

There are several teenagers and young adults attending Doublehead Christian Assembly Church.

For the most part… they were bored almost to tears. It’s really not their fault. It was pretty much the same program from week to week. There was really no excitement… no joy. Just, you know, protocol. You go to church because that’s the thing you do on Sunday… just like brushing teeth after a meal… just something you’re supposed to do.


After so many years… so many messages.. so many songs in the old red hymn book.

None of us realized that God had a ‘bullseye’ painted on the roof of the little 50 seat church. None of us expected what was about to happen.

A young team from Kentucky came to spend some time with the youth of the church. Many from the U.S. team were teens themselves… but they seemed to be glowing with a life that was foreign (forgive the pun) to the local youth.

There was an instant bond between the groups… but this team from Ky. had something that these local youth desired…. JOY.

And over the next few days, both groups worked together going to nearby villages and gathering up children for a week long Vacation Bible School. Then in the evenings, the local youth would ‘camp out’ overnight with the group from Ky.

“But then it happened!”

One young man name Noel, 22 who was spending the night at the campgrounds with the team from Ky. couldn’t sleep. He just had an indescribable urge to pray.

He whispered to one of the youth from Ky. “Are you asleep?”

No… I can’t sleep” said the young man from Ky.

Neither can I. For some reason I just feel like…. praying.”

Yeah… I got that same feeling! Let’s pray.”

Before you knew it, the whole dormitory was awake, praying, singing, crying and worshiping.

One hour turned into two. Two turned into a night. That night turned into several nights of exactly same thing!

Everyone at the campgrounds were DRENCHED in the Joy of The Lord!


The parents were absolutely AMAZED with the complete transformation! Some couldn’t help but scratch their heads in bewilderment as if to say, “I know my picknie (child)…. this is NOT my picknie!”

Then D and I knew why God placed us here… at such a time as this. Trace the timeline and see for yourself!

We’ve seen this before. This happened several years ago with our home church in N.Y.

The youth suddenly ‘caught on fire’ for the Lord. The parents were both amazed and afraid. The pastor of this church recognized the moving of the Holy Spirit and re-arranged the worship and praise service to include those who have been touched by God.

The whole church began to ‘fan the flames’ by encouraging the youth in their expressive praise and worship.

No show, no hype, no ‘self’… just pure, honest Joy. And as the young people were free to express themselves, the parents and all those involved discovered…. THE JOY IS CONTAGIOUS!


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Cathy Loeppke says:

January 31, 2012 at 6:47 pm




Encouraging local Pastors and their churches by helping them to experience the presence of God in their services through sound biblical teaching, high levels of praise and worship and multimedia presentations.

Back in the 80’s the popular bumper sticker was; “God is my Co-Pilot”. But, when misunderstandings, doubts and confusion dramatically give way to understanding, faith and confidence, you realize that somehow, the pilot and the co-pilot have switched seats.

I suppose our journey started off like any other… anxious, nervous… perhaps a little unsure. The only thing we knew for sure is that God actually wanted us here helping my father and step mother run a children’s home here in Belize.

Our driving desire was to help them run the home so they could take a much needed vacation. Things turned out… well, not how we expected. But that’s another story.

Darnella has been keeping an ongoing journal of our…. ‘adventures’. If you would like to see how God actually called us from a Spirit filled Church, a comfortable home and a well paying job… to the jungles of Belize, Click here.

We were already working with a few churches, giving out clothing, and connecting them with missionary teams, before knowing anything about the Church that God intended for us to attend.

When we got to the little church, we felt… ‘out of place’. You see, we were used to ‘expressive’ praise and worship. We never really knew about the little red Hymn books. This was very new to us.

The sermons were nice. The people were friendly. But we knew… something was missing.

The worship leader was struggling to get the people to participate. She was becoming more and more frustrated at the lack of response of many in the congregation.

VID01931 sis m

After a few months of singing from the red book, and watching the worship leader and her guitar laboring to get a response from the congregation, Darnella became extremely agitated.

Oh, God… we REALLY need some new songs!” she said to herself.

When we got home, she immediately began to work on some modern songs. She printed out several copies and placed them in binders so they could be passed out instead of the little red books.

New Praise and Worship Book
New Praise and Worship Book

The youth loved it! The worship leader loved it! It had all the songs they heard on the radio. But after a few weeks of ‘back and forth’ with the new booklets and the little red hymn book… the red book prevailed.

“I don’t mind singing the timeless classics such as ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ or ‘Count your blessings’. But the young people were NOT inspired.”

Then one day… out of the blue, the assistant Pastor asked me if I had a message to give to the church that Sunday.

I was completely caught off guard; ‘NO!’ I said almost panicking. (See, nobody has ever asked me that before.)

But after service, I went back to the assistant pastor and said; “I’m sorry. You really caught me off guard. If you ever ask me again, I’ll be ready”.

How about in two weeks?” was his quick reply.

Um… Ok.” I responded.

I went home and began to study on things like ‘Destiny’ and ‘Purpose’. All the stuff Churches love speaking about today. I figured it would be a nice, safe… ‘feel good’ message.

“But then that familiar voice began to speak to my heart. “Talk about Worship”.

Well, worship was more suited for Darnella to speak on as she seems to flow in worship so easily. And while she’s floating around in the heavens… I’m sitting in my seat watching her. Worship wasn’t something I felt comfortable speaking about. But… as I began to study on worship, I understood more than I ever imagined. I felt that The Holy Spirit had opened my eyes on many things.

I was a bundle of nerves when the next Sunday finally came. The songs seemed unusually long and drawn out that morning. I just wanted to get it over with… as my knees were beginning to shake.

Then I was introduced. I went to the podium and froze for what seemed like minutes. I took a deep breath… and opened my mouth.

At the end of the service, I was greeted by a few and told that the message was good. I was pleased that it was over.


Some were highly offended in the message of worship… and I didn’t realize it. I didn’t know what to do! I felt terrible.

I quickly wrote this apology letter: (I wasn’t able to attend that next Sunday, So Darnella read it to the congregation for me.)


colonGood Morning,

I’m sorry I’m not able to read this letter to you personally, but I would like to offer an explanation and an apology.

Two thousand years ago there was a man that the Jews hated. They considered him a ‘sell out’ to the Romans. But the Romans loved him and considered him a ‘model citizen’. His name was Matthew. Jesus chose him to become one of His disciples.
There was another man that the Jews Loved. They considered him a patriot. He hated everything about the Roman oppression. The Romans considered him a terrorist. His name was Simon who they called the zealot.

Jesus chose him to become one of His disciples.

Under different circumstances, Simon would have probably taken Matthew’s head off. But they laid down their differences when Jesus was the common objective.

And those men… with the others turned the world upside down.

So, why did I tell you this?

In this room today, we have several different backgrounds represented.
We have people that were raised Mennonite
Some are Anglican
Some are Church of God, and others.

The one thing that we all have in common is that we are willing to lay down some of those doctrines taught by these denominations for a common objective… to reach for a higher level in God with no distractions.

Some of you have been praying for a change. You said that this year, you want to experience more in God.
And we have all the pieces of the puzzle right here.

Almost every modern day revival has several things in common.

The people came from different backgrounds
The crime rate was on the increase
Somebody was willing to take a risk.
And right before revival hit… they were in one accord.

I said that someone had to take a risk because I felt that I took a risk last week. I believe that Worship is one of those necessary ingredients that puts us all in one accord. God is looking for worshipers.

The risk that I took was that I asked you to join me in worshiping… but worship means different things to different people. And to you, it may mean something that you do quietly and privately. So for all of you that may have been offended by my suggestion… please forgive me.

I wanted to give this explanation and apology before the message today.

The Bible states that we should go back and study the scriptures to see if these things are so after the message. And please feel free to correct me if you felt that I’ve said something in error. You won’t be hurting me… you would be helping me.

And if I, my wife or any other stranger comes in and teaches you a doctrine that you think is strange, your Default setting is to ALWAYS listen to your leaders as they watch for your souls.

But let me also say this.

Love is a demonstration.

Love isn’t something that you say to someone. It’s an act that’s demonstrated by the person… and the person receiving the love will say, This person really loves me. Or the person witnessing the act will say, “That person really loves you.”
Jesus said; “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one toward another”
Love is a demonstration.

My wife and I have left our jobs, our family and friends and literally sold everything that we’ve had to come over and be a part of you… to be a part of your culture. The last thing we want to do is offend you… or try to change your ways.

People have said to me that I have a hard face. And sometimes when I look at a person, they think I’m mad at them. I promise you, this is not the case.
If anyone felt intimidated or put on the spot when I asked you to join me in worship, please forgive me. This really was not my intention. I was not looking out at you in anger… but to find the young sister to ask her to stand next to her mother while we sang.

In my culture, it is a sign of sincerity and truthfulness when you look someone in the eyes while speaking with them… in other cultures… it’s a sign of aggression or used to intimidate or even disrespect towards the person.

You have a very unique and beautiful culture. You are a loving, caring and sensitive people. I was born and raised in the hard streets of N.Y where your type of person is very rarely found. My ways are much different than your ways. And I have much to learn from you.

The mistake I made is that I should have gone to bro Moody and asked his advice on my format before speaking to you. And Pastor Moody, I will come and speak to you personally this week to apologize.

Darnella and I are eager to be a part of what you are doing… sometimes too eager. So, if we make suggestions, say or do anything that you’re uncomfortable with… please, don’t be ashamed to tell us. We really don’t want to offend you.

So, after saying this… I want to thank Pastor Moody, again for allowing me the opportunity to share my heart with; you last Sunday… but I think for now… I need to just sit down, be quiet… and continue to learn of your ways.quot pink


I anxiously awaited Darnella’s return. And when she got back I bolted to the house to ask her the only question that was on my mind the whole week. “What was their response to the letter?”

Darnella just shrugged her shoulders and walked into the kitchen. Of course, that wasn’t nearly enough for me to stop asking; “Come on!! Tell me what happened!”

I don’t know,” she began. “Some said that they weren’t offended. Most said nothing at all.”

This did NOT ease my pain.

Relief finally came exactly 8 days later when the lead Pastor pulled me aside after service and said;

Don’t worry that some were offended in your message. This is what we need.”

I realized that the letter I wrote has somehow caused a dividing line between those who want more worship and those opposed to it.

Then he said something I never would have expected;

I want you and Darnella to teach a class at night on Worship.”

So, for the next few weeks we spoke on worship using many scriptures concerning expressive worship and praise. It started off with just a few people. Then more started coming to the Thursday night class. Eventually the night was changed to Sunday night because others wanted to attend but were not able during the week nights.

Darnella and I noticed that the fear of embarrassment began to die from some of the people as they began to lift their hands during the Sunday morning worship service.

Then Darnella urged me to ask the pastor if we could continue now that the worship class ended. The pastor agreed and we began to speak on The Holy Spirit…. as in the Book of Acts.

“Many have expressed the fear of ‘losing control’ or acting strangely.”

But, over time… with the aid of the Holy Spirit, these fears began to melt away. They began to express that they wanted everything that God has for them.

The week before the class ended, a team from Kentucky flew in.

They worked with the youth of the church and helped fix, build, clean… but most of all… DEMONSTRATE.

The young people from Ky. worshiped with abandon! The Joy was demonstrated constantly until the local youth desired to have what this strange team possessed.




It was undeniable. The youth have touched God! The parents were shocked. They have never seen anything like this before.

“Our prayers have been answered. Now our new agenda is to fan the flames that God has started!”

The news quickly spread to other churches. A new night had to be added to services… Friday night.

The format is very basic:

  1. Opening prayer and encouragement
  2. Several songs of High praise
  3. Youth team performs a skit/testimony
  4. We show a special on screen of either an artist’s testimony designed to impact the youth
  5. We show a five minute concert on screen of a popular Gospel singer
  6. Youth team performs a second skit
  7. We close out with about a half hour to 45 minutes of pure worship.

Once a month, we will change gears on Friday night for a ‘Movie Night’. We bring popcorn and drinks for all wanting to attend. We invite the other Churches to participate as well.

This ‘strategy’ was created to bring more dialog between the local churches. Hopefully this will cause the relationships to grow stronger.

After the events of the past few months, it seems our role is very clear. To the best of our abilities, we are to provide:

  • Prayer for the Churches here in the Belize River Valley area (Among the poorest communities in Belize)
  • Sound Biblical teachings
  • Donated clothing
  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Financial assistance for emergencies
  • Coordinating with short term mission teams to work on church projects
  • Christian book lending library
  • A higher level of praise and worship through on-screen projection
  • Combining local churches with various bonding activities (such as movies or skits)
  • Christian movie presentations
  • more…

Darnella and I are overjoyed with the challenge!

“The people (especially the young people) have become accustomed to the gentle moving of the Spirit in worship.”

For example: I was running a little late closing one Sunday night service. So I thought it might be a good idea to end with only two short worship songs instead of three. When I closed… all the congregation DEMANDED that I play the third song!

It’s now our desire to expand this ‘Heavenly influence’ to greater levels.

It is our prayer that, everyone reading this, would pray… and somehow, share in the vision that God has given us.


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dave collins says:

January 30, 2012 at 10:09 pm

LOL!!!Way to go dude!!! My man!!!LOL!!! I told you the job was for YOU to do!!!



The ‘Awakening’ Timeline



  • Written by Poppy
  • on September 29, 2011
  • Filed under D.H.C.A. Events


Here is an attempt to capture the chain of events that took place in the month of August 2011. The end result being an ‘awakening’ by the youth (10-22yrs) causing the parents and the rest of the adults in the Church to be amazed, confused.. and fearful concerning the new ‘expressive’ joy.

The pastor has given D and myself the privilege of teaching on true worship and afterward… the baptism of The Holy Ghost. Then a team from Kentucky flew in. This was right as the teaching was ending. This was to be the last Sunday night.

church pic

After the team left, the Pastor asked me to give the message that following day (Sunday Morning). I had immediate apprehension because I would have to stand up after a week long ‘upbeat’ preaching from this team where the team leader told very compelling Bible stories, played songs, and generally excited the people. The pastor said ‘I never heard preaching like this before!’ I was apprehensive because I was asked to ‘perform’ after such a dynamic speaker and team… let alone that I was asked at 10:00 Aug 13th Saturday night.

I prayed asking the Lord to give me the words that He wanted me to speak.
About an hour later Darnella came home and uploaded the video she took of the last night ‘camp meeting’ with the team. I was unable to attend the meeting so Darnella recorded the event for me.

11:45pm Aug.13th Saturday:
I decided to glance at the video that Darnella provided. I was amazed at the joy the young people had in singing. They were praising, jumping, spinning, clapping their hands like never before. That’s when I knew what the message should be about. I felt that God Himself gave me the answer to my anxious plea.

1:45am Aug 14th Sunday:
I decided I should go to bed and perhaps get up at 5:00am and put together and outline of how the message should be presented.

6:45am Aug 14th Sunday:
I woke and began to quickly put together an outline that would include a sample of the uploaded video of the exuberant expression of praise taken the night before.

10:15am Aug 14th Sunday:
The short message included playing this sample clip and telling the congregation that we as a church need to get behind the youth who have experienced a real touch from God. I gave several Bible examples which included Aaron and Hur who stood by Moses side to hold up his arms until the enemy was defeated.
I said that this church has stepped up a notch and I would like to carry this further and not let it die simply because the team left.
The message was exactly 35 minutes in length.
I spoke to the pastor and requested the cancellation of Sunday night class due to the hectic schedule of all who took part in serving the team. Pastor agreed.

7:15pm Aug 21st Sunday:
The evening class was scheduled to begin when the pastor walked up to me with a huge smile. He took my hand and shook it wildly. He said ‘You missed it! You should have seen the youth this morning!’
I was not able to attend the morning service because of a previous obligation at another church in Belize City.
He was extremely excited about how the young people have changed.
I felt that this night was not going to be class as usual. The joy was very obvious and I didn’t want to dampen it by my monotone voice and a dry lesson. I asked the young people to come up one by one, take the microphone and tell us what happened to them. They did. As each person gave testimony, the joy level intensified. Finally, one of the young men asked me if he could do a skit that they learned when the team was here. I gave them the floor.

10:35pm Aug 21st Sunday:
The excitement level has increased dramatically. The youth were singing and shouting after the skit and Darnella leaned over to me and said that perhaps the youth could pray for the adults. I agreed and took the microphone and asked the congregation to join in the joy with the youth. Allow them to pray for you. Many replied. Class was due to end but the prayers and tears continued over an hour after.

09:35am Aug 28st Sunday:
I was scheduled to give the ‘devotion’ for the day. This was just a ten minute ‘mini’ sermon that is supposed to encourage the people before service.
I spoke about making sacrifices for the sake of others. Again I mentioned getting behind the youth as they draw closer to Jesus. I said that any good parent, when finding that his or her child has discovered that they have a strong interest in drawing, or building, or something constructive, they would immediately use their resources to encourage the child to continue. The youth have discovered a new joy in Jesus and we as a church should encourage this by making sacrifices to keep them excited and growing.
I encouraged all to come out that evening saying that I wanted to show them something that would possibly help them understand what happened to the young people.

10:15am Aug 28th Sunday:
The opposition presented itself in several ways. It was very evident that some didn’t like what was happening to the church and attempts were made to settle the people down. Words such as ‘Emotionalism and counterfeit were sprinkled about… along with several obvious looks of ‘disapproval’ from several in the congregation. D and I were somewhat saddened thinking that perhaps we’re making much more out of this than we should. Many were used to Mennonite teachings or Anglican doctrines. This ‘new’ form of worship is very foreign to them.

1:05pm Aug 28th Sunday:
Darnella and I prayed for God’s direction. We didn’t want this excitement to simply fizzle out from the youth. We knew that if we didn’t do anything… eventually the joy would be swallowed up by life’s issues… and legalistic doctrines.

There was only a couple of days of service for the week and we knew that more was needed for the youth and some of the adults to maintain their joy. We prayed that God would give us a strategy.
He did.

7:35pm Aug 28th Sunday:
This was the night D and I were allocated for group Bible study. But this night, I allowed the young people to do a song and a skit. Afterward I talked to the congregation outlining a strategy for their approval that would allow the youth expression. We started the meeting with two video praise songs. Then I stood and told them this is one of the things I would like to bring to the table for the young people.
This is the video that Darnella found and I showed next:

Most of the people and all of the youth stood and sang along while praising God.
Then I stood and said that these are the songs that the youth find expression in. I told them that these and other videos like these will be used to keep the young excited but also that there should be teaching so as not to allow the spectrum to swing so far over into emotionalism and fanaticism. The next video was just a small example of someone who the young people know and respect as a Christian artist. Click here.


Then I wanted to address the adults that still may have been confused about this whole affair. I played a somewhat lengthy video concerning the Asbury awakening. Though all aspects may not fit this particular move… I felt it came close enough for all to understand. Click here

Afterward, I wanted to tell them that it wasn’t a formula.. it’s just that these people were hungry enough for God that they took action. Then I told them that Darnella and I have seen this in our own home church. The youth were wonderfully touched by God, the pastor of the church recognized this and began to ‘rearrange’ the service to include the youth. They led in worship. They did skits… they were given a night. Friday night.
That’s when I said it:

“We need to open the doors on Friday nights for praise, prayer, youth expression, skits, movies and allow the Holy Spirit to move us into a closer walk.”

The youth immediately clapped and shouted for joy!


A few of the adults looked at one another. Then I said, “Before you say no. Consider it if money were not an issue.”
Then I said to them. “I want to show you what happened when my church in N.Y got behind their young people after their awakening.” I then showed them that final video.

9:45pm Aug 28th Sunday:
I attempted to close the night by asking the congregation to simply pray about Friday night as an addition to what we’re already doing.
Then one by one, (to Darnella and my surprise) several people stood up to give glory to God concerning their children. They also thanked us for showing the videos and having the classes saying that they feel the church is finally moving forward.


“Our prayers for this Church are being answered!”

(VIDEO Links….Freedom, Lecrae talks about sin, Asbury)



July 20 2011 225

Welcome the new weapon in the B.L.P. arsenal.

It’s an EPSON PowerLite S10 3LCD Home Projector… but locals simply call it ‘THE BOX’.

The BOX.. with the help of a laptop computer and websites such as, and similar websites has ‘ratcheted up’ worship and praise to an all new level.

The ‘box’ is being used constantly for Sunday morning Worship and praise. It is being used HEAVILY for Friday night services geared to the youth.

D and I originally thought it was a good idea because sometimes the music minister would be held up and services would revert to using the little hymn books… or sometimes they would call on Darnella to lead the worship service.

Darnella felt completely inadequate to stand in front of all those people and sing. We came up with the idea to look into a projector… like so many churches use in America.

I asked my friend and sole supporter if he would be willing to purchase this device for us. He gladly agreed!

“We had NO IDEA the absolute IMPACT it would have on the church and the community!”

We received the projector just days before a youth explosion rocked this little church. (It almost seemed that God planed this from the start!)

Many of the older adults and ALL of the younger adults and youth are completely ADDICTED to the high praise and deep worship Darnella has picked out to play.

The new youth explosion along with this new technology had such an impact that we felt compelled to ask for an additional service on Friday nights.

The pastor cautiously granted us this request.

The first Friday night was a huge success!


Youth on Fire youth pic

Here’s the order of events:

  • We start off with a word of prayer and thanksgiving.
  • Next, several high praise songs are projected
  • The youth will either perform a skit or a dance routine to the beat of a Christian song
  • We will show a presentation of usually a dynamic testimony from a popular Christian artist or someone overcoming an impossible situation by God’s Grace
  • We would play a short video of a filmed concert.
  • The youth would do another skit or dance routine
  • We would end in 30 minutes of pure worship.

It’s a very simple format designed simply to allow the people to express their love for God in praise, worship and art.

There was no doubt that Friday night services would continue.


We had no idea that the FOLLOWING Friday would have even a GREATER impact!

People are freely standing and lifting their hands in worship and adoration when just weeks before would only sit and watch.

HOWEVER… the most amazing thing is this:

“At the end of the worship… you could hear a pin drop. Even the children are completely still. When we dismiss the service, NOBODY WANTS TO MOVE!”

This is a wonderful indication to both D and myself that God has visited and touched the lives of these hungry souls.

Now everyone is looking FORWARD to Friday night services. The little church is filled to capacity and some are even looking through the windows to catch a glimpse of this new expressive worship and praise.

People are also starting to come from other churches in the village and even from other villages to be a part of what God is beginning to do here.

 Our next step is to become ‘mobile’.

Taking ‘The Box’ and the congregation out of the Double Head Christian Assembly and putting them into Bemudian Landing Baptist Church on one Friday night. Then the Double head Church of God the next Friday night. Then rotating it back to Double head Christian Assembly the Third Friday night.

The strategy is to allow the Double Head Christian Assembly members to express the same joy in worship in these other churches… hopefully causing this joy and freedom of praise and worship to ‘rub off’ on the other members.

THE BOX” is also being used more and more on Sunday nights when D and I share in Bible study.


It’s used as an aid for demonstration purposes with slides and skits to drive home the lessons taught.

Again, more and more are coming to these services. One pastor expressed to us, “To get anyone to come out on a Sunday night is a miracle in itself.”

We are grateful to God for all that He’s doing!


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  1. Nelson Tyler (Sr) says:

January 31, 2012 at 12:18 am

I’m so impressed in what the Lord is doing in the project. Please keep us up-dated. Folks are asking me whats going on with you two, now I can share this with them. Thanks for getting this out to me.I do believe the Lighthouse is an ‘over-do project’. It will be in my prayers.
God Bless.

  1. Cathy Loeppke says:

January 31, 2012 at 6:18 pm

Nelson and Darnella,
How thrilling it is to read this and to have witnessed the “beginning” of your journey to Belize. (The description of the development of your worship services reminds me of our experience in one of our churches in IL when people were packing into the balcony, coming down front to the “altar” before the message even began…and worshippers became aware of “The Presence” with such an overwhelming sense, that they could not even leave the building after the service ended.) I’m so happy to hear of your work and how the Lord has led you both. Our love is always with you over the miles and through time…please contact us if/when you get back to Sarasota!


Nadine says:

January 31, 2012 at 3:48 pm

I enjoyed reading “how it all happened.” Well done!


Shannon D. Bullock says:

February 1, 2012 at 2:00 am

I can’t be said any better than this Poppy! Awesome. What an amazingly accurate depiction of Belize (in words and picture). God will bless this ministry!


Sharon Tarverna

  • Love the newsletter! Especially the line “hey whatever happened to that couple?” All the best to you guys! xoxo


Darci Banister

Hi Poppy and D!

Thanks for including us on your update.  I now have even better understanding of all you are doing in Belize! I intend to continue to share it with those i know at 360 and in my small group.  Praying for you to be the most encouraging and inspiring people you can be at your church and everday lives.  What you are doing was inspiring to us as well.  Thank you for your friendliness to us while we were there.

Talk to you soon.  Keep me updated how to pray.

Darci Banister

(from 360-came to home husband painted entrance gate)


 Donna Sanford
Monday, January 30, 2012 10:35 PM
Re: Belize Lighthouse Newsletter

Thank you! GOD is truly AWESOME!

love you,



Tuesday, January 31, 2012 12:13 AM
Re: Belize Lighthouse Newsletter

Ok got it.

You should ask Karen to print it for mom. 


Trina Bynum says:

February 2, 2012 at 6:32pm

WOW!!! pretty much describes my feeling while reading this…. i have been on this ride with you guys step by step via telephone conversations. This is truly incredible and witnessing this brings me to tears everytime i read or hear about this. I am seeing Gods promises to you come to fruition in front of my eyes!!! God is honoring the sacrifice you are making … PRAISE GOD for such obedient soldiers. I am so very proud of my Mom and Dad i love u both very much and i will continue to pray and support your endeavors in any way i can.


Monday, January 30, 2012 6:20 PM

Hello from long island cousins what a beautiful thing you two are doing in the name of Jesus,this is totally awesome keep up the good works we love you here.We’re all doing fine. Barbara and I are expecting another grandson in April this one is Lloyd’s. As always good

hearing from two.Let God continue to bless and keep his love around you.

RE: Belize Lighthouse Newsletter

Moore, Bertha

TO:’Darnella Tyler’

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 12:36 PM

I would like to help in some way. Please send me a list of ways that I may be able to help personally. I am glad we have reconnected it is not by accident. Your newsletter is very nicely written. As I read it I felt the power of God moving.


From:  La’Tonya Clark
Thursday, February 9, 2012 10:16 AM
Re: Belize Lighthouse Newsletter

I was so happy to receive an email from you, but unfortunately I couldn’t see any of the pictures. Hope all is well. Can’t wait until you come back and talk hours about what’s been going on. Let me know when you return, I would love to chat.   La’Tonya Clark


From: 1Stclass
Monday, February 6, 2012 10:38 AM
Re: Belize Lighthouse Newsletter

Hello Darnella,

Just wanted to say hi to you and your husband and to wish you a happy New Year.


Sandra Mathis

TO:Darnella Tyler

Thursday, Februuary 9, 2012 3:54 PM

Hello Darnella,

Wow. how are things going for you all. Life just keeps cruising by and time passes quickly in between blinks.

I did receive the newsletter.

You can catch me up on what has been happening.

Hope you are both doing well.



Bertha Moore says:

February 8, 2012 at 6:28 pm

Just reading your testimonies has brought tears to my eyes. I know the two of you gave up a lot but God is multiplying the harvest. The people you impact for Christ will impact others. Be encouraged God has not forgotten you


“Other Parts of Newsletter”:

About Us

Helping Us

What’s Up With That Picture?

Statement of Faith


About Us

n n d2


  • Written by netdjay
  • on January 26, 2011
  • Filed under About Nelson and Darnella


Nelson joined the army at the age of 17 and one day while visiting a church in Germany, the Lord spoke to his heart through a minister, and he was  saved.  He later received the Holy Spirit and became very passionate as he served the Lord.  One day he received a prophecy. The prophet said to him “You will hear what God speaks  and speak what God says…. and your words will be heard around the world.” He kept this in his heart wondering how the Lord was going to use him.

Years later while taking a friend to get a job as a technician, he was offered an application as well,  and even though he did not pass the test, he still got the job. The job was at night and since he was looking for a wife, he questioned the Lord about how this would affect his finding a wife.  About a week later, he met Darnella. As they began to talk about the Lord,  he felt that the Lord was saying that she was to be his wife.

After many amazing confirmations, it became very clear that the Lord had brought them together and after only 5 months, they were married.


Darnella was quiet and lived a life where her family had a lot of parties. So, early  in her teens she became  involved with that kind of life also. She began to drink and hang out with cousins or friends about every weekend, even if it was just at an aunt’s house or at home. She later got married and had a child. Unfortunately the marriage became abusive and ended in divorce after only a few years. After many years of disillusionment, she began to search for answers to life. One day while working at her job,  she  met a woman who told her about Jesus Christ. She began to seek the Lord and was “powerfully” saved. From then on she would talk to “everyone” about Jesus, sometimes even packing her tiny car to take others to church. Her desire to drink just “left her.”  A few months later she received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.

Although God was everything to her, more than she could ever imagine,  she  prayed  to God for a husband who  was sensitive, with a sense of humor, who had this same passion for Christ, to share this new life with. One day she went to a job interview as a technician and even though she did not pass the test, she still got the job. They wanted her to work nights and she was hesitant, but, she wanted the job so she decided to take it. About a week later she met Nelson, because this was the same job he was working at. They began to talk about the Lord and it seemed that the Lord was showing her his heart, that it was just the type of person she was praying about.  She felt very drawn to him and they talked for hours between work and hours after work.

After many amazing confirmations, it became very  clear that the Lord had brought them together and after only 5 months, they were married.

Nelson and Darnella

We lived normal lives, working everyday, making a living for ourselves and our daughter.  God  miraculously worked in our lives over many years. We worshiped at a Spirit Filled Church,  Upper Room Ministries in NY, for several years. We loved worshiping and serving the Lord. I sang in the choir for several years.  Nelson spent some time working in the sound ministry, and for a short time as a Care Leader. One day, through a friend who we later learned had a drug

problem,  the Lord began to involve Nelson and I in ministering to drug addicts, some from the streets, and some who had  been placed in  halfway houses.

We would pick them up and take them to our church a few days a week. They really enjoyed our praise and worship services. There they also found fellowship with believers as well as food and clothing when needed. While riding in our van we played music or worship videos that ministered to them. We enjoyed the many times we would take them for lunch and talk with them about God. They began to open up, and come alive. It was so awesome!

Through this many of them were saved and a couple of them became ministers,  imitating what we did for them. They would go  back to the streets for those that were in bondage to drugs, just as they had been.  One young lady that we ministered to had aids and the courts  prevented her from being with her daughter because of her lifestyle. When the Lord saved her, her life was so radically changed that the courts allowed her and her daughter to be reunited. Praise God!

There are so many out there that just need someone to show they care. I remember a question they asked us….”why are you doing this for us? You have so much, you don’t have to do this for us.” They were so appreciative and surprised that someone showed that they cared. But it was the love of God that was in us, and we are so thankful that we obeyed the Lord. Because of that, many lives were changed, and are still being changed today!! We praise God for delivering them from drugs and for delivering the ones who they now minister to.

This was so wonderful and truly our heart’s desire, to minister in this way!  Our hearts desire was to live more than a “mediocre” Christian life. We desired to see lives changed.  (Full Ministry to Drug Addicts Story)

A few years later the Lord began to call us to Belize. We had no idea what an amazing Journey the Lord had in store for us. (See testimony “Stepping into Our Journey” for continuing story)



Helping Us

hand pic


  • Written by Poppy
  • on January 6, 2011
  • Filed under Helping Us

Well, it’s been 3 years since we came to Belize. God has now set a new direction for us. In the past 3 years, as we served in the Belizean Christian Efforts Children’s Home, the Lord provided food and shelter for us. The 360 Church recently took over BCE and the home is now going through many changes. New directors are in place and visions are coming to pass.

In 2009, God supernaturally, and just at the right time, had someone whom we had just only come to know as a good friend, step forward with a desire to help us by providing monthly funds for our personal needs and other important things, like fees for immigration so that we could continue to stay in this country. This was amazing because we never told him we had that need.

Now that we have stepped into another phase of Ministry, we are no longer an active part of BCE as we have been in the past.  So their part of our provision is ending. But we know God is faithful.  At present, we are still living at the home and God has provided us with our own vehicle.

As you can see, the Church we are ministering in is moving forward. This past year has been a preparation of their hearts to be open to all that God has for them. And now they are reaching for “more” of God. Being a small church, in a poor community,  they don’t have adequate funds for gas to transport  them to church for multiple services. Because we see God moving in such an awesome way, we are pressing forward with much passion,  using whatever funds He makes available to us, to make this happen. We believe that God is going to bring revival to this community and beyond! The area is called the Belize Rural Valley, but we have penned it “Belize Revival Valley”, calling those things that be not as though they were!

When we first began, they attended church on these days and in this manner:

Sunday mornings (worship leader or hymn books)

Tuesday night prayer(short prayer- for prayer requests)/alternate Tues- Bible study (hymns)

Youth fellowship on some Saturdays (sometimes once a month)

Now we are pressing in and seeking more of God, so this is our new schedule of services: 

Sunday morning (usually there is a worship leader) if not, we do praise and worship ( songs via projector)

Sunday night (2011 was Bible Study- now 2012-changed to Prayer night (deep worship prayer music/to kneeling at altar, crying out to God)

Tuesday night….Marriage workshop with teaching videos (short praise and worship)

Friday Praise night…..High Praise and Deep Worship, 2 video specials( short exhortation for youth, concert video), Youth skits (altar prayer)

Movie night– one Friday a month (Christian movies)

Saturday…. Pick up youth and rehearse for skits….3hrs am or pm

And we are seeing lives changing because of this. Their hunger for God is increasing!  We are even beginning to see results from our marriage workshop. Praise God!

Our God is an awesome, amazing God! We believe that He has called us to this assignment and that He has a plan to do great things here in Belize. It is our desire to continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in all that we do. As He has provided for us in the past, we trust that He will continue to provide for the work that He has started here.

From the beginning of this journey, He has given us favor, and we have seen God touch the hearts of various people to provide for all that is needed to move us forward into His wonderful plan. We are finding that He is doing and will do “Exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think”, just as His word says!”

We  Praise God for His Supernatural Provision for all that is needed here! May God be Magnified in everything!

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew Himself strong in the behalf of them whose hearts are loyal toward Him. 2Ch 16:9

In God’s Love,

Nelson and Darnella Tyler

If you would like to help us click herebox icon

Thank you so much for your Prayers and your Gift of Love!



What’s up with that picture?



  • Written by Poppy
  • on September 30, 2011
  • Filed under About the Lighthouse Project, What is the Lighthouse Project?

Why would we choose such a stormy tempest for our background? And Just what is Belize Lighthouse Project about anyway?

Why not this calming picture?                                 




Or this serene picture for a background?



The answer is simple.

A lighthouse is a beacon of assurance to those may have veered off course. It’s a landmark for travelers going merrily about their business.

It adds a nice touch to the landscape of calm waters ahead.

Take a look at this beautiful picture above. What comes to mind?

Peace, Tranquility, Serenity, Calm, Comfort.


Take another look at the featured picture at the top of this page.

Those words no longer come to mind, do they?

Instead, Desperation, Anguish, Fear, Hopelessness, Despair are just a few new words that come to mind.

For those stranded in the turbulent waters of the tempest, this lighthouse is a symbol of salvation, hope, life.

When you step over the invisible line of safety, just outside the perimeter of the tourist bubble, you will find a desperate country. A country riddled with growing poverty. You will find young girls sexually abused and young boys living on the streets.

You will see the sad eyes of the THOUSANDS who have discovered that they are H.I.V. positive. The small nation of Belize is #2 in the entire Caribbean for H.I.V. infection… falling closely behind the much larger population of Jamaica.

If you listen closely, you will hear the gunshot sounds of the growing street gangs that have infested the city. You will hear the sob of yet another mother who lost her child to the hostile streets of Belize.

You will see the very few underpaid police officers scrambling here and there contemplating in the back of their minds whether they should follow so many of their comrades who receive bribes and turn their heads when that drug deal is going down.

In the midst of all the turmoil, confusion and aimlessness sits the man/woman holding head in hands…. praying, crying, pleading for a miracle.

This man/woman is the pastor of the local church.

The Belize Lighthouse Project is the “Aaron and Hur” holding up the hands of Moses in the middle of the battle.

The Belize Lighthouse Project is a unique ministry designed to assist a few struggling churches and Christian organizations in the communities where they are most desperately needed.

It is our goal to offer assistance in several ways:

  • Prayer
  • Sound Biblical teachings
  • Donated clothing
  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Financial assistance for emergencies
  • Coordinating with short term mission teams to work on church projects
  • Christian book lending library
  • A higher level of praise and worship through on-screen projection
  • Combining local churches with youth activities
  • Christian movie presentations
  • more…

Our simple philosophy is… get behind the leaders who care enough for their communities and offer assistance when we can.



Statement of Faith



  • Written by Poppy
  • on June 27, 2011
  • Filed under Statement of Faith

1) We believe the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired Word of God, without error in the original writings; the complete revelation of His will for the salvation ofmen, and the divine and final authority for all Christian faith and life. (II Timothy 3:16; II Peter 1:21)

2) We believe in one God, the Creator of all things, infinitely perfect and eternally existing in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:19; II Corinthians 13:14)

3) We believe that Jesus Christ is true God and true man, having been conceived of the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary. He died on the cross as a sacrifice for sins, according to the Scriptures. Furthermore, He arose bodily from the dead, ascended into heaven, where He is seated at the right hand of the Majesty on High. He is now our High Priest and Advocate with the Father. (John 1:1; Luke 2:35, I Corinthians 15: 3, 4)

4) We believe that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, and during this age, to convict men, regenerate the believing sinner, indwell, guide, instruct and empower the believer for godly living and service. (John 15:26; John 16:8) We believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, according to Acts 2:4, is the promise of the Father, and is available to all believers who ask. (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4-8)

5) We believe that man was created in the image of God, but fell into sin, and is therefore lost. It is only through regeneration by the Holy Spirit can salvation and spiritual life be obtained. (Genesis 1:2; Romans 5:12)

6) We believe that the shed blood of Jesus Christ and His resurrection provide the only grounds for justification and salvation for all who believe, and only such as receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are born of the Holy Spirit, and thus become believers. (John 3:3, John 1:12, John 3:16)

7) We believe that water baptism for the believer and the Lord’s Supper for the believer (Communion) are ordinances to be observed by the church during this present age. They are, however, not to be regarded as the means of salvation. (Matthew 28:19; I Corinthians 11:23-26)

8) We believe that the true church is composed of all such persons who, through saving faith in Jesus Christ, have been born anew by the Holy Spirit, and are united together in the body of Christ, of which He is the Head. (I Corinthians 12:12-14)

9) We believe in the personal and imminent coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that this “blessed hope” has vital bearing on the personal life and service of the believer. (I Thessalonians 4:13-16)

10) We believe in the bodily resurrection of the dead, of the believer’s everlasting blessedness and joy with the Lord, of the unbeliever to judgment and everlasting, conscious punishment. (I Corinthians 15:51-54)





To read the Testimony of our Journey and how it began (“Stepping into Our Journey”)







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