Books Along Our Journey

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“Books Along Our Journey”

All along our Journey the Lord has directed our attention and our hearts toward certain books that have really ministered to us. God used them to help give us insight into our situations. He met is in these books, bringing comfort especially in the understanding that others are taking this same Journey ….

We wanted to share them because they are a Big part of our Journey. Our prayer is that they will stir your hearts to commit your lives wholly to God and experience His personal intervention in your life.  That they will bring greater insights of His Love and purpose for your life and lead you also into your own Amazing Journey of Faith with God.




“Before our Journey”


Hinds Feet on High Places

Some years before our journey to Belize, I was going through a painful time in my life. And even though this was years before, this book made such and impact on my life, I wanted to include it here. The Lord directed my heart toward a book that I had attempted to read before.  Because it is an allegory, I previously had a hard time connecting with it so I ended up putting it down. But at this particular time in my life, I picked up that book and totally connected with it! This book spoke deep in my heart about God calling us and our commitment to Him. At low times in our life, we may have to come to a place of  “Acceptance with Joy”.  It brought comfort and refreshing to me.  The allegory is interesting and surprising.






“Along our Journey”


Stepping into Greatness

Mark Chironna use to visit our church…. this book of his was a blessing to me also.  It’s another book that I had a problem with connecting until we stepped out into our journey.  Then it began to make sense. It talks about Stepping into Our Destiny.



Tripping over Your Treasure

Here is another book that Mark Chironna wrote….I mentioned this in our post. We were surprised with how the Lord directed us into our journey, toward our dream, and this describes that experience!  It’s short with illustrations, and a fun book to read!

Tripping over mark chironna book




Experiencing God

When we arrived in Sarasota, we really did not know much about what was going on in our lives. This was so new to us. We visited a Christian Book Store and the Lord drew me to a book…. my eyes were fixed on it! I bought this book and it really opened our eyes  to so much about this journey and walk of faith with God! I still reference this book and have sent it to others. It was amazing! This is really a great book! He also has a whole teaching series on it to be used in Bible Studies.




In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

When we went to the 360  church in Sarasota, Pastor Steve recommended this book to Nelson. The book  written by Mark Batterson is about taking risks for God. This was also a great book!





Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On

An amazing favorite of mine is this book written by Stormie Omartian. It brought so much insight and alignment to me and my daughter also received much comfort from it when I told her about it.  God doesn’t give us all the directions at once.  We have to trust Him one step at a time.



Becoming a Vessel God Can Use

While in Belize, some books were sent over from the 360 church.  Among some of the books  was this insightful book. I spent many quiet times at the Children’s Home, finding encouragement from this book. God bless the person who donated this!




The Dream Giver

When I went returned to the states from Belize in 2009, I took the plane back and met Shannon. He was the young man who was looking to have a Children’s Home in Belize. After sharing our story with him, he suggested a book for me to read. This was another amazing book! It’s an allegory, and gives a great story of our journey with God. I totally identified with it!



You were Born for This

This is another of Bruce Wilkinson’s books, that  I read after the first.




There is More

In 2013 we became very hungry for more of the power of God in our lives. We were dissatisfied with the status quo, business as usual. We listened a lot to Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in CA and began to read many of the books from his ministry and others also that were a part of Bethel. In Belize it was hard to get things sent to us. We had to wait for the plane to come maybe once a month. So we were so thankful for kindle! We devoured the books we were able to get.

 We read this book from Randy Clark and desired even more!



When Heaven Invades Earth

This Amazing Book of Bill Johnson should be read by every Christian! It brings out what God meant for us to be like as Christians, who we are as Christians, and living a life walking in His Love and Presence, ultimately moving in signs and wonders…bringing Heaven to Earth.



God’s Generals

This also was a great book! There was a point in our journey when God began to direct our hearts toward studying those who had gone before us. The Partriachs and Matriachs. Those that pressed deeper into God and experienced Him in greater ways and power. In this book Roberts Lairdon brings our the history and life of Great men and women of God whose ordinary lives  became powerful when they pursued God!



Defining Moments

 Bill Johnson also wrote this book on the ordinary lives of men and women who God used in a powerful way.  He takes you into the “Defining Moments”  in their lives, their amazing encounters with God! So inspiring! Bill Johnson helps you to understand how God is still moving the same way today in ordinary lives.

So I have to share this testimony. We were back in the states by now and had finished the first year of  Bethel School and living now in Redding CA. Bill Johnson came out with this new book and it was amazing. I was reading it on kindle, and I wanted to get one for one of the young ladies in Belize who we really felt that God was going to use powerfully. At the time we didn’t have much extra money so I prayed for a way that I could get this book for her. I only saw the book online and Bill had not said much about it at church. One Sunday we decided to go early in the morning. The book was heavy on my mind while in service and I said to the Lord  ” Lord, if someone puts $20 in my hand, I will go into the book store and see if that book is there and send it to her.”  This is not unusual for this to happen. After worship, Bill Johnson walks onto the platform and says “I want to talk about my new book. I didn’t say much up to now because I didn’t know if we had enough, but now we do. So I want to tell you that it is now available and if you would like a free copy of it, just walk out of those doors in the back after service and they will give you one.” I was shocked! Did he say free?! Of course this is not unusual either, I believe he does this from time to time. But his timing was amazing! So I had my book….and free….the Lord did that! And we were able to get one for ourselves.  We went back to service that night, and they said nothing about the books. I believe it was just that morning. God is so Good! He always amazes me!



Wild Goose Chase

This Book was also amazing!  Mark Batterson, the author of In a Pit with a Lion on a snowy day,  also wrote this one! While back in the states, I was browsing the Children’s Home site, and the owner of the property wrote a section for interns who were thinking about coming over to Belize to volunteer. She encouraged them to get this book. It really sounded interesting so I purchased it. Well, I found he was so clear in describing what it’s like  “Following the Holy Spirit” when walking in faith with God! So good and so true!








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