VIII Friday Nights Continue!

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Friday Nights Continue!


We are continuing to have Friday nights and our Sunday nights are not much different when it comes to the praise and worship. They want this to continue!


We have been wanting our prayer nights to become more like “prayer” nights…. “extended in time” with more than prayer “requests”,  and more of us crying out to God. We mentioned this to Pastor and also about them coming to the altar on Friday nights. Well the next prayer night, when we were getting ready to pray he reminded them of the suggestion that we go to the altar, and cry out to God. So everyone went. Well, we were not kneeling for more than 10 minutes and

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I was sensing the Presence of God in a new way than I have ever felt in this church!”


God was truly here! I believe he was pleased with our coming to the altar…..”in one accord!” Moving forward!


God’s Intervention


There was a young man who was a deacon here, but was not taking his place in the church. It seemed like he was in a struggle for a while. Then something happened. He was a cab driver and there is a lot of crime in Belize. One night he picked up a fare, 3 men dressed nicely. But they attacked him, stabbing him and putting him into the trunk of his car. He tried to see if the trunk opened from the inside, it did and as they pulled into a gas station, he jumped out and went inside, immediately passing out. They pursued him, but then decided to run to get away. They probably would have killed him, because others have been killed. He was so thankful. They punctured his lung, and more. But God is keeping him. He has been in pain over the weeks, even the doctors have said he should not have been walking around with all of the fluid that was in his lung. They were amazed that he was. God is in control.

Now he is back and praising God for his protection, and ready to take his place! I always sensed an anointing on him, but now even more. That Tuesday prayer night he began to lead in prayer at one point. God is on him! Nelson told him that he believed the Lord was saying he should lead the prayer call on Friday nights.

What’s interesting is, that night as this attack was happening, the youth and I were in rehearsal for a skit to do in service. The skit was with Kirk Franklin’s song, Help me Believe and was written by the Pastor’s oldest son. The daughter of the man who was stabbed (above) was playing the part of a mother who’s rebellious son was out in the streets and she was praying for him.




One night he was shot and died. The youth acted as pastor and congregation, praying  and crying out with the mother for her son to be resurrected from the dead. All along her cry was “Help me Believe!” Her son was resurrected, and God saved him! It was an amazing! These youth are so gifted!


Then we got the news of her father…. and she was devastated, as we all were! They were stunned, but we all gathered around with his daughter and began to cry out and pray for her father who was now in the hospital, fighting for his life.

It’s just interesting that the youth and I were just doing a skit of a devastating event and crying out to God, and now we began to do this together…..for real! God’s hand was upon him, and the youth were able to take part in praying for him and gave praise to God for His intervention!



Andy’s Visit


Andy, the person who has been supporting us, came down to visit. He has been spending time with us at the church and he is so amazed. The people, especially the youth, sing the praise and worship loudly, lifting their hands. If you saw the church before….or no….just go to the churches around the corner, you will not find this. God is so faithful.  It just took teaching, exhorting and showing them (multimedia) that “it is ok  to praise God in this way, He loves it.” And now they love it too!



Expanding our borders


Now we are getting ready to expand our borders..…we will be taking the praise to the other 2 churches in the community, everyone will meet in that place for that Friday, and then the next church, and so on.


“We are finding out that what we have been doing has been “noised abroad” and people have been coming from other churches for our Friday nights!”


One Pastor whose church has not been growing, and whose youth group has been non -existent for a while, told Nelson he heard about what we are doing from his son who has been coming to the services along with other young men from his youth. They told him they like it and he is overjoyed.


“So the Pastors have agreed to open their churches for this to happen there also. Praise God!”




God is Continuing to Move


We had a Bible study night on Sunday and God moved in the worship. We all felt the presence of God strongly! We were singing “Lord let there be less of me, more of you.” Powerful song! The next Tuesday prayer night, we took the praise and worship and God met us there at the altar. Many cried out on God!


“Friday the 25th we had praise night and again people

came to the altar to cry out to God.”


Most are the core members of the church, but this is where it starts. We are still waiting to hear word about having one of these services in the next church.


Marriage Workshop and Men’s Meeting


In the meantime the Lord has also placed on our hearts to have a “marriage workshop.” This seems to be a problem here, so they have agreed to have the workshop on alternate Tuesday nights. We had our first one. We do not “teach” but we show videos of those qualified with experience to teach. We are showing TD Jakes and other videos. Many were very interactive and seemed interested in what they were hearing. We began with relationships and the differences between men and women.

Something else that has come to our hearts is the need for men’s meetings in this area. We just heard they use to have them near the airport, but that is too far away for the men in these villages to travel. So we are praying about having one right here, so there is a better chance that they will come.




Changes to Their Services

When we first began, this church had these services:

Sunday mornings (worship leader or hymn books)

Tuesday night prayer/Bible study (hymns)

Youth fellowship on some Saturdays (sometimes once a month/short devotion/ them mostly sports)


This is now our new schedule:


Sunday morning (usually there is a worship leader) if not, we do praise and worship (7 songs via projector)

Sunday night … …Bible Study/Praise and worship( via projector)

Tuesday night prayer….Praise and deep prayer worship (via projector)

Alternate Tuesday….. Marriage Workshop /praise and worship along with teaching videos.

Friday Praise night…..Praise and worship, 2 video specials, songs for skits ; movie night one Friday a month

Saturday….(every Sat.) I pick up and rehearse with the youth so they will have skits for Friday nights….3hrs am or pm

The other days we are studying and searching for material. The Holy Spirit has been so faithful.


“Look what God has done!”


God is definitely moving! They are enjoying new intimate worship with God and more are coming. They are learning about God’s love, mercy, forgiveness and grace. They are becoming open to all He has for them. Praise God!




The Enemy’s Attacks


So, we were scheduled to have the service we planned at the next church because a new Pastor wanted it in his church. It was to happen Friday night, and everyone was ready.


“Something big was about to happen, more people would begin to enter into the presence of God. Other youth would sense the freedom like our youth! And then it happened…..”



That same Friday, our Pastor had and unfortunate accident.

He was driving a school bus and ran into 2 small children. Though they survived the accident, the young girl died at the hospital.

So we called everything off, out of respect for the child, her family and the community. This was very sad what happened to this child and our pastor is also very broken up with guilt about it.

Just last week the second Pastor had told us that he sensed the presence of God in our service.


“He told us this doesn’t happen here, therefore he warned us to be careful to guard this because when there is worship like this, something always happens to stop it.”


He was excited to begin having us come to his church, along with our pastor and congregation with worship and praise.


“So is this a coincidence that this happened on the very day we were to have service at his church?? I don’t think so!!!”


They released our Pastor for the weekend which is rare, and then he had to go back in to be charged. They charged him with a bail he could not meet. The family could think of no way to come up with the money. The last half hour before he would be put in chains to be held in jail, while he witnessed 2 other men being taken in chains,


“…something came about like an Esther situation.”


Because of a situation that God set up months ago, a way out was made available for this family. So just before they were ready to put the shackles on him, they said he was free to go.


“Someone had stepped in and paid the price for him!”


What an amazing story. God had made a way out for him way before he stepped into the situation. Praise God!

He will have to return for court, but if God did this,


“…do we doubt that He is in full control of this situation

and can make a way out of no way?”


The family has forgiven the pastor, and said they do not hold him at fault, realizing it was an unfortunate accident. This was the grace of God.






“We are also being persecuted by another church that has accused what we are doing as just “emotionalism”, and that the church is about nothing and saying our youth are not getting the “word of God.”

It is our Pastor (the one who had the accident) whose church “God has chosen to work amidst, to bring to a new level of worship, and to be a forerunner for this community”……and now the enemy is obviously attacking to stop it.

We know that God is in control and we have prepared our congregation for such attacks. We are determined to press forward because we know that God is already doing something wonderful in our worship, His presence is here and He is about to do something miraculous in this community, and everyone will be made aware of it.




Introduction to the Community


As I said, our Pastor was charged, but God made a way, and he is free (not in jail) until his court date. God has a plan!

We are set up to take part in a concert with the next church (second) this Friday where we will do the Praise and Worship. This concert has more churches and community involved. It won’t be fully like our Friday worship services that end in deep worship…but this is a wonderful introduction to the community and an awesome beginning! God is in full control and still on the move!


We had the concert night and it went very well.


“You could really see the contrast between our people and theirs, because our group has now learned to stand and to Praise and Worship God! But we know they sensed the Presence of God!”





And “A  3rd Pastor” came to the service, who had been “a bit hesitant” about having us come to his church.


“He came up behind my husband during the worship and said

”This is amazing! We have to talk!”


It was good that he came to see. We didn’t go into deep worship, because they had other agendas for the night, but it was a great night!



Since the accident, the Pastor cannot drive the bus, so they asked us to take over the driving. Now we pick up the bus and all of the people for church, then also set up for service. After service we drive everyone back home. We are glad to be able to help, but we are praying for the Lord to raise up someone else for this so that we can just concentrate on the ministry we are doing!

On Tuesday nights we are continuing the marriage sessions. We found a teaching, Mark Gungor online and we are showing his video. He is funny and they love it.  The plane came down for the children’s home and Don (pilot) and his wife wanted to bless us with the full DVD set of this guy. Don came down talking about this without even knowing that we were doing this marriage seminar. And he didn’t even know that we had already shown the short clip of this guy that we found. Don and Suzy had gone to a seminar of him in the states and were very blessed by it. They then were surprised when they found his whole DVD set at a yard sale for only $1!  So they blessed us with it, praise God!! Everyone is enjoying this teaching so much that we have showed it more than once!!


We had a Blessed Christmas and New Year Service and fellow-shipped in the homes of some from the church. Now we are preparing to have Friday night at the same church we went to for the concert. It will be like our regular Friday nights with “deep worship”, and hopefully people will come to the altar.


Praise Flags…Finally!!


You may remember that I always wanted to have flags!

Material for Flags
Completed Flags!

This has been on my heart and mind “like forever” and the youth have been talking about it, so I finally bought some. Bridget, one of the ladies in the church is making the flags. Praise God!


“Here the youth are using the flags in worship and below rehearsing a dance!”


Shamae teaching a dance with flags
Youth with flags
Enjoying after service with flags at second church



cash-01Praying about Funds

One thing we are praying about is that our financial budget needs have changed tremendously. Where before BCE children’s home and The 360 Church covered our food and we did not have too much of a gas bill when driving…. but now…. things have changed.

We are no longer linked with BCE in the same manner. We have been blessed with our own vehicle which requires insurance, registration, repair and gas responsibilities. And we are now responsible for purchasing our own food.
Our monthly provision, supernaturally provided for our personal needs including documentation costs to stay in Belize, was more than enough to take care of those things. Now with our move forward, and taking on new responsibilities, it is not sufficient. We have also been using a large part of this provision to fund the services we are having at the church. That was one of the things that caused the church to hesitate before adding more services….. they could not afford the gas to drive the people to church. So we are providing the funds.


“We are trusting the Lord to touch the hearts of men to provide the funds we need to continue to go forward…”


…completing the vision that He is beginning. This is His desire and He is faithful. So we are trusting Him and waiting expectantly!

As with George Mueller, who told God alone of  his needs, we rejoice in God being glorified! It will be His doing!



David wrote:

“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” Ps 96:3

And we are doing this through praise and worship!


“We are also discovering that it is the strategy of God, to tear down strongholds through Praise and Worship! Halleluia!”


Who knew that God had a plan for the passion I had for Praise and Worship? And that He also had a plan when He told my husband to speak that “first message” on Worship? What an amazing God!





“We had a “Friday Night Praise Night” at the “second church” and everyone loved it! Many went forward and knelt at the altar. They had to kneel behind each other. God was truly there!”



“The Pastor made an announcement that this is truly revival and will be something that we will be continuing.”

After Worship Prayer



Going Forward

That next Sunday we wanted to do a sort of “state of the church presentation.” We wanted to set a course for the church going forward.


“We showed a documentary of the Azusa Street Revival and another of a similar awakening.”

azuza st rev


This was very new to them. We invited the Pastor from the second church and he came with some of his people.


After we showed it, this Pastor’s wife stood to give testimony. She told us that this was confirmation because she had just recently received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. We were all surprised to hear this because no one talks much about it in this area. That being because, as I shared before, some negative manifestations happened when a minister in the past had come and people were filled with the Holy Spirit. So, many are very skeptical. But she shared that this documentary gave her new understanding about what had happened to her.


“Her husband told us that we should show this more than once…because people need to understand that the Holy Spirit Baptism is something from God. Then she said, “They should bring it to our church and show it!”


So this is an open door that we are looking forward to. Just like we had the Bible Study on the Holy Spirit months ago, this will open a door to change the thinking of many here. Praise God!




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