VII Friday Praise Nights!!

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Friday Praise Nights!!

I began working with the youth preparing them on how their Friday nights would be laid out. It would be totally different than their regular services. There would be time for them to do skits, which we would rehearse on Saturdays,  and testimonies, and of course lots of  “Praise and Worship!” They were ready!

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1st Friday night


Well, our first Friday Praise Night went very well!  The youth were excited… and the adults are now understanding what we want to do.  They also enjoyed it. This is all about bringing everyone to God, worshiping Him and enjoying the presence of the Lord.

VID01645vlcsnap-2016-10-19-14h30m18s124vlcsnap-2016-10-21-00h33m46s070we cry out skit Youth

We have High Praise, skits, hype testimonies,  a special (short clip via projector- like a Lecrae rapper testimony or Cee Cee Winans performance), then praise and worship.


And our worship time allows them to enter into the presence of God…allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to them.”



The adults loved this also. Many were blessed, and it seems as though they want to continue. We will get the official word on Tuesday. But we can tell the church is moving forward. We see more excitement now when they talk about what is happening with the youth and Friday night. We know more will come and be touched by the presence of God!




Teaching on Foundation


We also have now begun teaching a class on foundation.

June pics 2011 128

We concluded the class on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, but it is never really closed.  They are still opening up to the understanding that God wants them to have it, so that when He moves they will be ready to receive whatever God has for them.

I gave a book on the Holy Spirit to one of the guys at church and his niece (an adult) picked it up to read. She told me she really liked it, so I gave her one of her own to read. The Lord is really placing a hunger in her.

In this new class, we only gave the introduction, but we are all enjoying it.  We are using the book, “How to be a Christian without being Religious,” a study on the book of Romans. We made it interesting with a video clip and Nelson also brings clarity to everything. They are learning, and are also interactive. So, who knew we would be doing this?





Rehearsals with the Youth


We had youth rehearsals on Saturdays. At first their rehearsals were sports and games, but I really felt that the Lord wanted to use them to minister through skits. They were also very gifted and talented, so it was easy to teach them. They were so amazing and we loved working with them! This I believe was the fulfillment of what Pastor Todd told me years ago that I mentioned in the beginning of this journey. He told me “I see you working with youth”. Now it was happening and I loved it! We both did!

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“Short Rehearsal Clips”




2nd Friday night


Our second Friday went well also! Before we go to the church to minister, sometimes I feel anxious. I want everything to be right for them to enter into His presence. I began to release to God the songs that I chose. At the last minute I said “Lord you move… I give this to you now.” When I released it, I sensed the Lord impress upon me to put a song in as the last song that earlier I was concerned about.  I wasn’t sure they were ready for this level of worship. But now after releasing it all to God, I felt peace. Well, all went well and they loved the worship!…. And the youth knew the songs!



When they came to that last song they were excited and vocal,  pressing in so much to God! Even the adults!


“I felt God’s presence in that place,  in a way I never felt  ‘there’  before.”


When it was over…..we were “full.”  I try to end the worship with songs that they can continue to press in with…. songs with few words. This last song was “I give myself away…. so you can use me”…. awesome song! And we all kept pressing into God!

This coming Friday is movie night. Then we will continue next week. We have a carpet  in our possession that we are going to bless them with, it matches their newly painted floor exactly…. all in anticipation that “they will be on the carpet soon.”   I know they will begin to kneel there at first. Some of the youth already have.
The next Friday we enjoyed a movie night with Popcorn and drinks as we watched “One Night with the King”, the story of Esther!



4th Friday night


The following Friday night was just as amazing as the others. One young lady  asked us to please play that song we played the last time…. the one that led them to enter into deep worship. So we did. They enjoyed it. This time we had a few young men from another church  join us in our service… and others from the community.


One young man said he really enjoyed it and what impacted him the most was seeing  the youth’s expression of their love for the Lord. Praise God! This young man was from another church and said they will bring a group of people next week!


“The church, adults and youth are very excited about moving forward.” 

One night I shared with the adults, the youth standing with me, about the Hebrew words in the bible that speak of praise and worship. Although we may not see some forms of worship spelled out in English in our bibles, because of the way it was interpreted, when we study the original Hebrew we will find it there!


We are continuing to work with the youth, putting together more skits. We really believe this is going to begin to impact the community showing them that there is freedom in God, allowing God to draw them through His love, manifested through the youth on fire for Him,  anointed  songs, media, and drama. Here are the youth below, performing skits in church.



“Full Youth Skits”



“Seeing a people alive and filled with the Joy of the Lord definitely makes the difference!”





The Timing of God

Open for Holy Ghost

They are asking our church to host a women’s conference. They asked “me” if I could find a speaker for them.  My thoughts were  “Me?  I’m not from Belize and they know more people than I do.”  So of course I immediately thought of Apostle Joyce…the minister that we met in the states that has a church here in Belize.  One young lady commented months ago saying if Joyce was speaking at a meeting,  she would walk out…because Joyce moves in the Spirit and this young lady was afraid of the  Holy Ghost. But that was before we had the class on the Holy Ghost. So I felt that it was time for them to be open for whatever the Lord wanted to do in their lives. This had to be the timing of God. So I told the young lady about my choice of a speaker and she laughed  saying  “I knew it, I had a feeling you were going to say Joyce!”  Laughing with her I told her, “I think we are ready.”  And no more was said. They have accepted that she will be the speaker. Praise God!



Accidentally on Purpose!


The Holy Spirit has been so awesome! Whatever we need has been provided. Our supporter “accidentally” put in more money this month … when he realized it he said, “I’m sure they won’t mind.”  What an awesome blessing and it was so timely! To do this mission work in this country it is required that you get what they call work permits, even though you are not paid. It is taking a little more time for us to get ours because of the transition here at the children’s home, which means we had to pay for an extension of stay.  So this is one way the extra money helped! Also our space is running out on our computer…. because  I use it for ministry and store a lot of videos on it. We were talking about a new computer, but we know this is an expense and will probably have to be a consideration in the near future, but I wondered about an outside storage for now. I went online and looked at the site for the store we have here in Belize.

This storage unit popped up and it was perfect.  It had more space than we even thought about getting, and was reasonable, so we decided to use some of the “accident” money for it.  It would really be an asset to our ministry, freeing our computer up, helping  it’s speed and performance, and giving us ample space,  storage and even backup for all that we are doing. 


“Thank you Jesus!! And thanks to our supporter for making what we call a “divine accident on purpose!”


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