God’s Provision in Our Journey

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We are sharing this for those of you who have wanted to be a blessing to us, and also just want to understand more about God’s provision for us in this Journey. If you feel moved by what God is doing in us and in our lives and are impressed by Him to bless us in any way, we are truly thankful for your gift to us from God. And we pray that God will supernaturally bless you and bring you into all that He has created you to be!

God’s Provision in Our Journey

“The eyes of the Lord go to and fro throughout earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”  2Chron. 16:9

This has been one of our favorite scriptures because God has shown Himself to be so faithful to us.

When the Lord brought us on this journey, we stepped out in total trust that He would guide us. It wasn’t all easy going through it at the time, but He met us. He was the one who directed us to “leave” our jobs and take the step forward. Beginning with that first step to Sarasota, the Lord began to patiently teach us how to rely of Him for our provision. Through His favor, He supernaturally connected us with people, placing many in our path who have been so helpful to us in going forward in the direction that God had planned for us.

From Sarasota to Belize, we have always known that God is our source. Our approach has always been to place our needs before the Lord and He would touch the hearts of those He chose to bless us. This has been one of the most amazing discoveries of our journey. God’s supernatural provision on our behalf! I remember many times when we found ourselves in need, I would say “This is His Story.” He’s the one who has called us into this Journey, so He will provide.

In Sarasota, His connections for us were very key to this Journey. God used many there to be a provision for us in our time there, before He blessed Nelson with a job for a short time. When we went to Belize, even a Sarasota connection later became God’s source for our provision for the second part of our assignment there. And it continued to the end. It was unplanned and a wonderful surprise to us. God spoke to the heart of this person and we are so grateful for that. There was also another person from Sarasota who blessed us with a gift a couple of times.

God spoke to Nelson and said He does not want him to work a job, but to be fully available to Him. So we have continued to walk this path in obedience to that. God closed the door to the provision we had for Belize in 2014. We knew God was closing the door there, and that was one of the confirmations of this change.

In 2014 we returned to the states, attended a year at Bethel School in California and are now waiting on the Lord for our next assignment. We received a word that God has us here for a “season of rest.” We have taken this time to sort out our affairs that we left here those 7 years we were in Belize. We had a few storage things to sort, and also had to get back on the map, so to speak, in the U.S. We got a place to live and a car. God wanted us to be settled and rested so that when He called us back out, we would be ready.

Getting our things in order also included getting this website together. God wanted us to put together everything we have done in the last 7 years and beyond. He began to speak to us concerning the gifts that He has given us, that we had set aside for so many years, some because we did not know how to use them. He inspired Nelson recently to learn graphic art, and at the time, he did not know why. But we see now that God was directing us to give new life to the things he had placed in our hearts years ago. This is how the “comics and illustrations came about. Our inspired writings have now taken on a new life through the illustrations!

Bill Johnson says, “God is extravagant, but He’s no wasteful.” What He gave us years ago is coming back onto the table now to be used for what He meant it for, to impact the lives of others! In our Journey I wrote what pastor Todd said to us, “There comes a time in our lives when, there’s like a big pot of stew that God stirs, bringing our giftings and dreams to the top, things that have been buried or put aside for years.” Coming to the surface so they can be accessed!

We are in this season right now, following what God is placing in our hearts while we wait on Him to send us back out. We daily rely on Him for provision to continue our Journey.

We put together our website, Expressions of His Love, and our story, in the hopes that it will impact many lives, revealing to them God’s Love and interaction in our lives, and opening their eyes to the possibility of God moving in their lives in similar manner. Our hope is that it will also create a new hunger and desire in them to ” take that step with God” into their own Amazing Journey with Him.


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