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New Authority


We are no longer under oppression, but reigning under the authority of God!
Nelson and I took over the Children’s home and many changes had to take place.

“If we give our lives to God and allow Him to work in us daily, we will come to know and trust Him in a whole new way….and He will do the impossible through us.”

The 360 Church


The 360 Church with whom the Lord connected us with in Sarasota Fl,  has agreed to take over the funding of the Children’s Home, since Nelson Sr and Millie have decided to retire to the states. This is separate from the personal funds that brother Andy is sending to us.  Pastor Steve from 360 and a few others have also come to visit the home periodically.


Pastor Steve(in back)and Ryan with the girls,  brought DVDs and gifts from the 360 Church


The 360 Church has been a blessing to us all along, sort of over seeing us, as we have continued to stay in touch with them. The congregation sent down many letters to us and the girls as well as gifts, especially at Christmas time.

CIMG0147CIMG0160CIMG0157CIMG0152Shantel Reading 360 Letter (2)CIMG0536

We were always excited to receive communication from them. Connections with the US are invaluable to Poppy and I, because we are so far out of touch with it all and we especially enjoyed receiving the much needed things and “goodies” from the states! Connie, also from ‘360’  has frequently made trips down on behalf of the church and spent a lot of time with the girls,

129131148CIMG0320 CIMG0321162

as well as the teachers. She’s even extended blessings to one of our staff, Ms Dorla, with some of her clothing!

168171March 2009 608March 2009 610

There were also board changes made at the home.

Board PictureCIMG0286

Here we are with our new board members! (Pastor Steve is center front)

(Connie, Ryan, Nelson, Darnella, Margarita,Carol, Diane, Jimmie, Sandy and Zonia)

The Girls


The girls had to adjust to the transition and that was taking time. Because of much oppression in the past, the girls were showing some disobedience that we had to deal with, which made things a bit difficult. But we pressed forward in God.

The young lady  and her sister who I said would sing all of the time, had previously been placed in a foster home about 6 months prior to us taking over. The Lord  had used their singing to comfort me and they sang everyday here. But is became evident that this was too much for the enemy to have. So for other reasons stated, they were placed in another children’s home, and not a good one,  but I know the enemy just wanted to stop their singing here and their faith. It kept the presence of God here. Nevertheless, what the enemy meant for evil, the Lord turned for their good. A woman in the next town over from the home, who took in foster children, decided to take her and her sister from that other home and foster them.  They are doing well.  A “foster home” can be a good thing for orphans.

Also another young lady wanted to be reunited with her family. After checking things out, they finally agreed that this could be done.  The older young lady here was in college,  so we were now left with 6 girls, all teenagers.


Y C Belize Concert


One day I heard about a concert that they were having here for the youth. The town was far away, but I was very excited and wanted to take the girls to see this. Jeff, a missionary friend that I mentioned previously, spoke to Poppy about it, thinking it would be a good thing for the girls to experience. In talking about the cost for “all of the girls” to go, Poppy said, wow that is a lot. But they agreed to pray about it. Not soon after that, Jeff called Poppy back, telling him that someone had just approached him and shared with him that he had some money he wanted to donate, and wanted to know the best way it could be used. Jeff immediately remembered the girls and said he could use it to sponsor their trip to see this concert. Praise God! So God made a way! I spoke to Jeff and his wife Shira, and made the arrangements. Although all of the girls did not want to go, I did take about 5 girls. I was even able to get the 2 girls who had been placed in the foster home, as well as a neighbor of ours. They were excited and we all had a great time. We stayed at a camp and the concert was filled with many youth. We even found out that the church we had been attending had come also. The “YC Belize” is a big event here. They have it every year. We believe this is something that should happen frequently. We had group prayers and God touched the hearts of the girls. Many young people’s lives were effected! Praise God!


(We took these pictures at the concert. The young lady, Tamika, who I talked about singing and encouraging me, is in the red beside me-top left picture.)



threadYouth Connection


We wanted to get the girls more involved in the church. The one we were going to was too far away for them to favorably benefit from the youth group. We told our volunteer, Ms Granny, who knew this area, that we were looking for a youth group.   We learned Ms Granny worked here at the home, before we came to Belize,  for a short time to help out and she would have devotions with the girls. For some reason, it seems the enemy stepped in, and she had to leave.  But she said the Lord told her she would be back. When we took over, we recognized her value to these girls, so we asked her to come back.


(Ms Granny, at the home with Connie from The 360 church, and right with her family .)

So now she was back with us, as a volunteer night person, giving devotions to the girls. The enemy couldn’t keep her away,  Praise God! So since we shared with her that we were looking for a youth group, one day she invited a group to the home. At first the girls stayed a bit to themselves, but then they warmed up.


By the end of the night, the girls wanted to go to the church this group was from.


Although we had come to know the churches in this area, we somehow missed had this one.  We never knew they were there.  So now we have been going to that church. We really felt that this was a “God connection”.

One of the youth, Noel,  the pastor’s son who leads the youth, I guess he is about 20, (showing guitar in picture above) has a great passion for the Lord and enjoys putting together skits with the youth.  The  girls already liked doing skits, but now he is pressing them for more…and this is good for them.



God makes a way Financially and Supernaturally for the Youth to go to a Concert in Belize!


One day one of the girls from the youth in this church came and told us about a concert. It was  a youth revival in Belize City and she said they had groups that did praise dances and were really good. The revival was called the “Birds Isle Reformation”. They talked about ways to raise money. Then they remembered that Noel had a grandfather who had a bus. But the bus was $180 to take is to the city and back. Wow! They were losing hope. Noel looked to me and our van, but we are not trusting of our van right now, it needs work.  I shared about this concert with one of the ladies, Connie, from the 360 church in the states that supports the home,  and she said she wanted to help. She asked about how to send it on my card. That was a blessing!

Then I began to feel that we needed more help, because we wanted to go at least 2 nights. The concert was for 5 nights.  Noel said he would check with one of the Pastors about a van or bus.  I began to call the pastors in the area (Is this perhaps one reason why me and Nelson had previously been connecting with them?) and asked about their church vans seeing if they wanted to get involved with us. One lady told me that her Pastor (a holiness minister),  the same one Noel was going to check on, never got involved with these things in the city. But, she said maybe he will help you with a van. So, I called him and


“…he said he did not have a good van that was properly insured for the city…but he knew it was a good cause and wanted to get behind it!”


He said he would provide the money. I was so shocked! I didn’t  expect that response! I told him it was $180 and he said this is a good price and we can do that. I thanked him. I left a message for Noel. I actually got this accomplished before Noel even spoke to this Pastor. It was God!

So we would now be able to go 2 days! Well, when I went to get the money, the pastor gave me $100 and acted as though that is what we had agreed on. But he had said $180 when we talked over the phone. I was thinking maybe he misunderstood.  But that was strange. (We were planning on charging $2 a person on the bus, so Noel thought perhaps we could still get the rest.)

Anyway, when I went home, Connie did not know  yet about the Pastor giving us money for one night. When  she sent  the money she promised, it was $130US.  I remember telling her that it was $180BZ which meant she should have sent “only $90US” for the one night.


“As I thought on it, I could not figure out why she sent that amount.”


Her $130US was $260BZ,  which was more than we needed for the one night, but not enough for 2.   I do remember her saying she was counting out her change to use that also. Anyway, I was praising God because she sent more than enough!!

So I said,  hopefully that will make up the difference of what the Pastor gave me and any extra can go into a youth fund for them.

As I laid on my bed later, I began to think on the figures that came in . We needed $180 each night.  I thought,   wouldn’t it be something, hmmm,  wouldn’t it be just like God,   if the money Connie sent, added to the pastor’s money, would add up to exactly what we needed to make the 2 nights? It was just a thought because we have seen God move in miraculous ways like this before. In a way where something was “exact” so that we could not miss that this was God.  Well,  that stirred me and anticipatingly,


I felt the hairs were trying to rise on my arms,”


….I got up quickly, I couldn’t get up fast enough… and counted it.

The one Pastor gave $100 …that meant he was short $80, for the one night.
Connie sent $130US which is $260BZ…  $260 minus the cost of$180, for one night,  leaves $80. She was over by$80. So, there was the $80 that was short from the Pastor’s donation!  Ha! Did you get that? (If you slowly look at this you will see the miracle!)

So we had exactly the amount we needed to equal 2 nights of youth revival! And now we would not have to charge anyone to come. I rejoiced that night! I could hardly contain myself!

God had supernaturally “set up” for each of them to give a set amount, one short, and one over, that would add up together to the exact amount needed!! Isn’t that amazing? I felt that God put his seal of approval on this, Praise God!!

The girls enjoyed the concert as well as other community youths and adults that came. It was like being in the states because the concert was like we see there.  Band, singers, dancers, skits, on point and on time and the worship and praise was wonderful. Awesome!

On Bus3176702400176701760176705280


I talked with the local Pastors about the need for things like this to happen for the youth and hoped that we could all get together on this in the future. They agreed. Months before this,  I had a conversation with one of them, concerning the youth and it was said to me that the crime was so bad here with the youth, that the churches had begun to turn their focus instead onto the younger children coming up in the Lord. They were giving up on their youth! I know that the youth can reach the youth, there is power in that, so I know there is hope! This concert and new connections with the Pastors concerning this  was a good thing that was happening!



Unsung Heroes


One day our washing machine stopped working. We received a call from a bank that had heard about the home and wondered if they could help us in any way. I told them about the washing machine and at her request I mentioned a few other things we could use. The bank was considering taking us on as  a project  so  she said they would come out to the home to interview us. After coming to the home, she called and told us she wanted to enter me and Poppy in a contest called “Unsung Heroes” which  she said she felt we qualified for. She said if we won we would get a lot more for the home.  So we agreed. A couple of ladies came out this time and interviewed us again. Some months passed and we just about forgot about this.

In the mean time,


“Poppy was harvesting fish one day and realized many of the fish that should have been in the pond were not there.”



It seemed that the fish were stolen. I guess they came on the property at night while we were asleep. The grass and bushes had grown very high. We had a hard time keeping the grass low. He surmised that it was about “12,000 fish”. We were depending on the fish to help with the support of the Children’s Home. This upset many, and we felt pretty bad. It was a low blow that did not look good. 

This seemed like such a negative thing against us.


Blessed with a Washing Machine!

Later in the week, a friend  called to see how we were doing. I told her about the fish and also shared that our washing machine was broken and asked if she had any ideas of where we could get one. She said, “I will do more than that. I have a friend who repairs and has machines and that will be my gift to you.” We were so thankful! He came out with the machine and we were blessed!





Then, I believe it was the same day, I received a call from the lady that came out to the home to interview us.


“She told us that “we had won the Unsung Hero award”, and that we were to come to the hotel to pick up our gift.”


She said we might be interviewed by the media. We were very surprised, and went in to get it. When we got there, there was also another winner, but he was not there til late so it almost seemed like we were the only ones. And we were in “First Place.” We had no idea of the significance of this.

Wow!  The award was for people they felt did things that were selfless and out of the ordinary. 


“They said that for me and Poppy to come to Belize, leave all of our comforts of home in the states, jobs and all, to do what we were doing, dealing with the change of culture, heat, bugs and critters and volunteer our lives at the home, was worthy of this award.”


We never thought about it that way. We just wanted to please God.  They also said that


“This award was actually a big thing in Belize. We were interviewed by the media, Channel  5 and 7.”



First Caribbean Bank’s Unsung Heroes    Oct 21, 2010

Nelson n Dee Unsung HeroesNelson n Dee Unsung Heroes2

Darnella and Nelson Tyler, Jr.  (Full Story  http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/41041)

We were in the papers and on the internet and this contest was international.


“They asked my husband about the ponds and he told them 12,000 fish were stolen. Our award was for $12,000! We know that this is not to say it covers all the fish, but “here is God again with exact figures to get our attention!”


Even the lady  from the bank said that was amazing! They entered us in the next part of the contest because it continues throughout the Caribbean… for the regional portion.

How amazing is that?!!! Belize is a small place, so our fame was noised abroad! Everyone knew about this. What was God up to?


“So we saw that God was still blessing us even though he allowed the fish to be stolen. The negative blow to us, He countered with a positive one and he wanted everyone to know!”




The Youth Perform a Skit!


The girls continued to go to youth. Many times their interest was not there, but they did do a couple of skits. One day I showed Noel the Skit “Everything” from the internet, and they all wanted to do it.  So we all worked together on that and it came out very well. The youth did this skit for a women’s conference and everyone loved it! This excited and encouraged the youth.

(Full skit link)


These pictures were taken after the skit! I was so excited and so were they!  Their energy was high and that was the Lord’s doing!! (I’m with them in the second picture below)

CIMG1412 CIMG1413

These are the types of things that were very encouraging to us as we worked through the situations in the home. The girls adjusted a little, but continued to show signs that they did not want to change some of their behavior in the home. The government was looking into placing these girls back with their families if  they found it was a safe environment.

We are continuing to be more of a part in the church. We really believe that the Lord is going to do something here in Belize. We have a passion and are believing for a revival! But we are waiting on God.




The Cloud is Moving



God seemed to move with us in year segments and we began to sense that things were soon going to change regarding us. We used the term frequently, “the cloud is moving.” We began to grow weary and realized the grace that kept us going forward here was waning.  But, we continued to try to make things better here. We knew it was coming to the end of the year, and we began to speak that God was getting ready to change things.

Nelson and I always sensed that this assignment for us at the home, was not something permanent. We knew this was not our passion, or our calling, but we remained submitted to God, following His orders. As we said, we now began to sense the Lord prompting us that things were about to change. We sensed Him pressing us more into Him, seeking Him more.


“The more we sought Him together, the more we sensed that the Lord was doing something different with us.”


We had a drive to learn more of Him, and he began to speak to us continually, giving us new understanding of Him. Giving us prophetic confirmations through His word. He was pressing us into our destiny. We felt that He was changing our assignment from the home to working with the church. We did not know how yet but it was very strongly pressing on us.

Nelson  received a prophesy years ago that his words would be heard around the world. That he would speak what God would speak in his ear. He was getting much from God now. God gave him a  gift to interpret dreams and he was becoming more precise now from continuously exercising it.


“God has been using the dreams He gives us along with the interpretations He gives to Nelson, to guide us.”


There is a young lady here in Belize that has dreams very frequently and has a book of stored up dreams. Nelson has been helping her with the interpretation of these as well as with her family’s dreams, and she is so grateful.  This has to be a set up of the Lord, so he can use this gift. We want to be open to God. I was told I have the gift on healing, and I have now begun to have more dreams concerning this. We felt pulled toward our destiny.

To move forward we would need more freedom. We can not go anywhere until the Lord replaces us here at the home. But who would be here to do this? We knew no one.


“We began to wonder how the Lord was going to change things.”


Around the first of the year 2011, the Lord began to give us confirmations that He was changing things. A young lady gave us a call on New Year’s day, apologizing, but saying that she just had to call us about coming to help out in the home. We took that as a confirming sign that God  was about to change things.


God Connected a Dot


When I went home to be refreshed, a year ago now, I met a young man, Shannon, on the plane that I took back. He was a missionary that was just moving to Belize to start a children’s home.


We immediately sensed a God connection as we began to share our individual journeys. The way God moved in our lives was similar even though different. He encouraged me to get a book called “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. This book has been an awesome blessing to me, because it has answered many questions I had along the path of our journey. In fact it is like a map of the journey. Wow!

Well, he and his wife  later came back to Belize and began the home in another town. They came out to visit us once for a BBQ when the pilots, that flew us to Belize and also brought things over for us, came to the home. And we also stopped by their place one time. Connie from 360, the woman who sent us the money for the youth revival, wanted to put together another BBQ so that all the missionaries could come together and connect.


We had done this once before a couple of years ago. So this was a great idea. The BBQ went well, and Shannon and his wife came. Toward the end, when most left, we all sat down to talk;  Shannon and his wife,  Pastor Jones and his wife, Connie, me and Nelson(Poppy).


Shannon and Pastor Jones shared their visions.  Pastor Jones, years ago wanted to purchase this property, but my father in law got it instead. Well now Pastor Jones has just taken more of a role at the home regarding the fish ponds, and has a great passion for it.


He wants to start a system here of Aquaponics with the fish ponds, a model that he could take all over the world, and he was using as his mentor, an expert in the field, who was from the states. He shared this with Shannon. Well as they began to talk, Shannon told him that this person he was talking about was his closest friend. Wow! God was connecting a dot!

We were all very amazed and realized that God was doing something. Shannon and his wife also are very trained in children’s homes. They had been in charge of a couple of them in the states. They also had a successful method of discipline that they taught. They wanted to help us in some way, because this “discipline” was one of our biggest problems. So this was much to think about. God was doing something.

After the BBQ, I began to think again on Shannon and his wife. I reread their testimony and vision on their website, what they wanted in terms of a children’s home here in Belize. As I read it, his vision seemed to illuminate to me.


“Much of his vision for a home, was already spoken about regarding this place, “BCE Children’s Home”,  by my father in law,  Pastor Steve and Pastor Jimmi Jones. God was bringing people together with the ‘same vision’.  Amazing!”


Shannon’s website mentioned these things also, yet in a much larger picture. And his ideas were something that he wanted to be a model to take all over the world just like they wanted.  Reading this that night, I became amazed and wondered what the Lord might be doing.
God was bringing people together with the same vision.

I got excited about Shannon and Christina.  I said, Lord, it seems like their vision would fit right here.
But they were in another town, with a home they had already built to house children. We knew they did not have a lot of children yet. They actually were starting from scratch and having some difficulty. But they were still trying.
It seemed strange that we needed someone here, and Shannon’s vision exactly fit this place… the home was here and ready, wasn’t that funny? But if they already had their children’s home. How would that work?  I still felt strong about this.
Anyway, I did not share my excitement with anyone except my husband because I did not want it to  seem as though I was trying to make something happen myself.  I really wanted to share this, and we needed help here. But,  I kept this in my heart and waited to see what the Lord would do.



New Beginnings


A few weeks later, Connie called Shannon and his wife about coming to stay at the home to give me and Nelson a break. They wanted us to go away for a few days. Wow, we really needed that and were so appreciative!
Shannon came and that night we were suppose to leave. But first we began to talk. He shared how the Lord had impressed upon their hearts to be a help to us here in some way. He also told us how it has been difficult for them to get children. He said the doors had been shutting and that this had happened to them 10 times. My goodness. To the point where they began to wonder if they were in the Lord’s will. Then Nelson began to share with him about us, how we did not feel that we were called to run the children’s home long term, and that we sensed that the Lord was getting ready to do something different with us.

This opened up something new to Shannon…after all of the shut doors. They would never have considered this place, because we were already the directors here. But this place had such potential to fulfill their dreams, their vision. They would be just starting with the property they just built the home on…. and it was nothing like this. This home is on 20 acres of land.


“We all began to get excited, wondering what God was doing!”


So we just kept talking! Nelson and I decided that this was so much more important than leaving to go and stay in a hotel for a night, even to begin our much needed time away. We decided we would stay and talk and leave in the morning.

We even had more time to talk, because their van had broken down when they were coming here and they now had to use our van and also take us to the water taxi. They spent the time at the home while we were away. Even the girls were only with them one day, because they were going to camp.


So Shannon and Christina got a feel for the home while we were away, wondering what new thing the Lord was doing. And we were away at Caye Caulker doing the same.



When we came back, we all wanted to talk more! Shannon was ready to move forward to see what the Lord was doing. He immediately wanted to talk to the owners of the home and the chairman of the board, so that he could share his vision with them and see if they thought the Lord might be connecting them in sort of  a marriage of ministries.

We were excited because we knew that if God was doing this, it was also so we could be freed to move into our next assignment. They spoke to the ministry and everyone agreed that it was God. Nelson and I stepped down from the role of directors of the home and they took on their new roles.

April 2011 BCE 009Aug 2011 002

In the meantime while all of this was taking place, the 6 girls were being placed with family and into normal homes where they could live regular lives.
Nelson and I began to see that the Lord was doing a whole new thing here at the home. Starting fresh….


“New Beginnings”



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