Transition Children’s Home to Church

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“Transition “Children’s Home to Church”

 TRANSITIONOur Transition Letter

So, now we are transitioning from one type of ministry to another and this involves

“trying to help those that we have been currently working with concerning the Children’s Home, meaning 360, to understand the change that is going on in our lives.”

Because this is a “walk of faith”, God does not show us the whole picture of what He is doing, and much of what we know is gained from looking back, seeing what He has done, and that brings clarity to the situation. 

But He is beginning to bring more light to the vision of what He is doing in our lives here in Belize.

This is the letter I wrote to the 360 church, the new owners of BCE, concerning our vision of being called here to Belize:

Poppy and I knew this was not what the Lord had in our hearts from the beginning. We weren’t too sure about what He was going to do with us, but somehow this did not fit the vision in our hearts. We came to understand that we were not called to “embrace” the children’s home, but rather to “embrace the process.” So we were being obedient to the Lord and He let us know that if we endured and gave Him our pain, He would give us something greater. He was taking us into something else, but He needed us to stay where we were at, until He released us because

“He was doing “something in us”.

”and also doing spiritual warfare in this place.” (the home)

What most of you don’t understand is that this was temporary and God had a specific plan in mind. As crazy as it seems He used this situation to train us and prepare us. He also had to know that we would stick with Him and trust Him even when it was hard.

“Now that we have come through this, He is taking us into the next step.”

There is such a passion in us for the thing that is ahead of us. Our hunger for the word has deepened and the Holy Spirit is teaching us new things continuously! Wisdom is justified of her children, and we believe that the Lord will reveal to everyone what we have not been able to say or convince anyone of, because we  ourselves are just following Him step by step. I have written below a summary of our part, being here at BCE.

Looking retrospectively,

“God called us here to Belize with a Big Dream in mind.”

A vision that He had for “us.” But in order to realize that vision, He had to put us through a process, so that He could make us into the “people He called us to be”.

“He had to cause us to be able to “do” what He was calling us to do. Learning mostly to be willing, submitted vessels.”

We willingly submitted ourselves to this process. Now… “this process” involved an “assignment” that would cause us to lay our lives down in a greater way.  Becoming humble servants,  submitting to many things, including abuses, and  much rejection.  Interestingly, within this assignment was also another purpose of His that He was in process of  developing.   “A Christian Children’s Home.”  Well, the home was already here, but He wanted to bring this Children’s Home to a higher level of commitment to him,  that would begin to glorify him in a greater way.  It would have his glory upon it, and have people involved that were “open to the Spirit of God and His presence.”  Many would see and say  “this place surely is of God.”  It would be a place rich in resources that would enable it to become independent of outside help.  And God would get “all of the glory”.

In the past conditions of the home, it was not operating in that way, nor was it being allowed to.  It was not totally open to the Glory of God, and His presence was not free to reign as He wanted it to. There were great hindrances to this.

Well, in ways that only He could understand, He chose to use willing vessels, submitted to Him and willing to submit to a process…. to wage spiritual warfare on the enemy that was causing these strongholds in this place, so that God’s kingdom could come down and begin to reign in this place. When that was done and the strongholds were removed,  then


“The place would be “free” for the servants of God to do what He purposed in this place.”


Bringing in the presence of God without hindrances, which is able to change and deliver the lives of children as well as adults and eventually will affect the community in a new and positive way.

Now this “assignment”  had a   2 fold process.

This “process” that would involve tearing down that “old kingdom”,  would also be performing a work “in the hearts of the vessels He chose to use,”

(Nelson and Darnella, and I say that humbly) because of what He allowed them to be put through.  He was preparing their hearts and making them ready to fulfill His “original vision” for them, their destiny, that He purposed and created them for. They always knew there was “something else” they were sent here for,  and now He began to put in their hearts the “passion” that was required to fulfill this vision.

“They would begin to feel “pressed”  forward toward their “awesome destiny.”

This vision will be fully realized in their next assignment, and at that time all will see and understand what God originally brought them to Belize for. And then they will no longer be identified by their old identities, …but by the new.

So at the time when the tearing down of the old was completely done,  their assignment here would be finished and God would provide what was needed for them to move on into their next assignment. He would supernaturally prepare the hearts of the people needed,  those He purposed to take their place, because  it would now be time for rebuilding and restructuring the Children’s Home.  In these People of God,  He has placed a great passion, to fulfill “their vision”, realized in “this assignment”,  and to bring it to completion, to Glorify Him. God has already confirmed this in many ways, and that His hand is on this in an Awesome way! One way is  by giving the same vision to many  different people, and leading them all to the same point, to come together to fulfill that vision! Halleluia!

This is where God provided Shannon and Christina , as I shared earlier who have a great vision for this place that matched BCE’s vision, and  Pastor Jimmi and Sandra-lee  who also have a big part in continuing the vision of BCE.



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