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Stepping into Our Journey- (Book) The short version from (1)Stepping…to (2) Belize-this is to be shortened to give way to more of the “spiritual ministry”…to others.

(1) Stepping into Our Journey Story

(2) God was preparing us to go the Belize. So when the time came…

“Since this all began, it seems that we would just move when God said move and He would fill in the details.”

Nelson told Don, the pilot for Harvest Aviation, that he would be leaving. Don was elated! He said it was great timing because he  wanted Nelson to be his contact in Belize but wondered how that was going to happen if he was still here in Florida. I was nervous about taking a small plane.

Nelson shared something with me that the Lord told him. He said that the Lord wanted me to get used to and comfortable flying in a small plane because he wanted to use me in a greater way in the future, which would involve getting into small planes. I wanted to really please God, but He had to help me with this one. I thought often on this.

“I wasn’t worried if we would make it, I know that if God has us on this mission, He is going to get us from point A to point B.”

Long story short I almost backed out, but at the last minute I made a decision to go. So, we did take the flight and arrived in Belize.

After about 3 1/2 hours (yes, wow!) we arrived at the Belize Airport. The girls from the children’s home greeted us at the airport with a welcome sign that they made for us, “Welcome Home Darnella and Poppy!”

Nelson began helping his dad with various chores around the home and the grounds and learning fish farming.His Dad had 7 fish ponds on the grounds.

I was getting to know Millie and the girls and their routine, as well as the operation of the orphanage.

We visited the city which was very different from where the home was located. The home was in the “bush” which is a jungle type area with beautiful trees and brush including coconut trees, mango, papaya, guava trees, mahogany trees and much more. We have cilantro, and herb, growing here on the grounds and hog plums… small plums that are either sweet or sour. Dad planted cassava trees here around the fish pond.

Put difficult times here? Transition from intro to Belize…to difficult times…..

(3) Difficult Times

Although these  are great and encouraging things that are happening, there have been some difficult times for us. Like adjusting to the eating habits and types of food and portions they are eating here at the home. And sometimes feeling like we haven’t had enough! Our meals are in the home because we don’t have our own place. We cannot afford to buy and cook our own meals. Learning to adapt to different personalities, spending nights away from each other, because of the way it is set up here at the moment. Millie and I take turns sleeping in the home with the girls.

Although the visitor’s quarters are nice, it is just a room and bath. It’s not easy adjusting to a whole different culture, living situation and being in a new place without the “comforts” you are use to. You can’t go to the store and just buy fresh milk, it may be sour. The ice cream may not be fresh so we don’t buy that. They lose power here sometimes so the ice cream can melt and refreeze. I mention ice cream because it is so hot here! Anyway, it really doesn’t taste like we are use to. There are a few small stores in the area, but the larger stores are miles away in the city. But even they are expensive.You may have to find an American store to find something you are use to. They have bleaches here called Clorex and Clorix, to fool you.

They are not as effective as Clorox. Things are imported here, so that is why it is so expensive. We eat what Millie buys, and what her or the staff cook. We began to buy peanut butter, jelly, and bread when we could afford it, and keep this as a standby if we got hungry later.

The Chinese have built a lot of stores here in Belize. I went to one of those local stores one day and saw no crackers.  Crackers are a good standby. When I asked for them, the guy (he was Chinese) didn’t know what I meant. So I tried to slowly explain, “Crackers, you know, that you put cheese on?”, and he said, “No we don’t have cheese.”  Ok, well,…needless to say….. I gave up. I think they may call them “biscuits” here.  But they do have them in the stores in Belize City.

Getting to know the routine of the home was challenging. You must be up at 6:00 ready to go. This might mean preparing breakfast for the girls, washing loads of laundry…preparing for the next meals…and also driving the girls to school in the van.

It was also a challenge getting to understand their language although they spoke English, they had different ways of using their words, and some had accents so heavy it did not even sound like English.Nevertheless Nelson and I got to know the girls and the neighbors, settling into the routine. We wanted to be a blessing to the Children’s Home.

Forsaking Our Comfort

Anyway, I am learning that I have to guard my heart so that I don’t complain. The scripture comes to mind…

”Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Phil 4:11.

God is teaching us.
This whole experience is so different and foreign to me, sometimes I feel like I am just “walking through” daily.   Like my body is going through the motions, and “I” am just observing. Sometimes I say, “what am I doing here?” Then I’d say, “I am walking in obedience.” I have to learn to do whatever presents itself. No matter how unfamiliar or strange to me.  Sometimes I wash clothes with a washboard,

(Continue the difficult times post here)

(4)(Then bring the part out that God began to give us favor with the town, and the churches, because of our obedience.)

(At times we thought about the prophesies we had received and how that was going to come about from of our current situation. We knew the Lord brought us here and really wanted to please him, so we were going to take things one day at a time. But as I shared these prophesies, they were pushed away and I was told, no this is your mission. So this confused us some. But we sought the Lord continually and sought to do His will.)

(3) Difficult times–Post

After Difficult times/Season of Testing

So, we took over the home. We still experienced much opposition from the girls, but slowly we began to gain some control. We started taking the girls to church and to involve them with other youth. We took over everything, yet, the girls still showed a lot of disobedience. After a year of discussing with the board the behavior of the girls, they found that they had developed a negative behavior against me and change that was not good for them or for us. They decided to process them out from the home to live with their families and others who knew them.

During this time, the Lord began to give us favor with the churches in the area. God had begun to speak to me and Nelson more about seeking him, and about worship and praise. We were inspired to read about the patriarchs who had gone before us and the wonderful miracles they had done. We developed a hunger for this in our lives!

Nelson was asked to give a message and he spoke on worship….and this began a whole new journey of us bringing worship and praise to the churches in the area. This was groundbreaking because they did not know worship in this way. This was our Passion! And we believe that besides the “Lord developing us” that this was the main purpose for us in Belize!



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