IX Desire for More

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Desire for More


We started to think more about our desire to visit “Bethel Church” in California, in the states, now that the money had been provided. So we began to make plans. During this time, we were invited to have dinner with the owners and house parents of the children’s home. We talked about the move with Marc, who had just bought the Children’s home. He gave us some advise about traveling to California. He told us he also lived there, and invited us to come visit him and his wife when we arrive. We were already planning on visiting our daughter in California, so he told us he would pick us up from the airport and take us to where she was when we got there. Praise God! Now…


“…we began to sense that perhaps God was saying “ok” to this desire of ours.”


We have been feeling a shift, a transitioning even though it seems like we are not finished here. We are planning on taking a break, from doing the services, (letting them do their own), in December, and then in January, plan to go back to the states for a refreshing. We really need more of God. We are desperate for more of the power of God ‘in our lives’ so that we can be more effective in helping this nation of Belize. We are believing for God to make the way, providing all that we need to do it. And also while we are gone, we hope to also take some time to visit with our families.

So let me share a little about the shift. Nelson had a dream that we moved out, but moved into a holding place. At this time we are in a waiting period.

In the last post, you may remember that I mentioned that God began to give us “7’s”. I will share them with you to show you the “Simple Beauty” of God’s coincidences, or God-incidences.


“Then God began to give me 7’s in the way He gave me “Sarasota”.  “7”  is God’s number of completion and He rested on the 7th day.”


“We began to believe that God was bringing us into a “Rest”,  saying that we were completed.”


I was thinking on our great grands. Our granddaughter Domonique had a baby boy named Isreal. Perhaps that name is even significant! For some strange reason I began to count…..


“7 great grands.”

“I counted how many hours to take my next pill. 8 hrs would put me at “7:00”.

“I looked at facebook……I had 7 messages”

“I looked to the right at my email address………………deejoyce777”


One of the 7’s was our supporter Andy. One month, he made a mistake….although we did not know it at the time. He accidentally doubled our support money one month….. and then said it was ok, meaning it would not be deducted or adjusted, and we could keep it. We called this blessing “Accidentally on Purpose!”


“He then told us he was going to double our money in the month of July, the 7th month…… This was awesome! What a blessing!”


“We also realized that when this ‘call’ began, it was 2007, and we are now going into 2014  “which is 7 years.”


We believe that  “7”  is our year to enter the “rest” of God. Meaning that we will “stop from the striving and let the Holy Spirit take over.” He has always had the helm, but now we want ‘our efforts’ to be fewer as we allow the presence of God to take over and do the work. Perfection, completion and rest!

And we are also going into the 8th year. The 8th is the new day, the year of promise, new beginnings.  A shift from the toil, to the effortless harvest!

For a while now I have stepped back from searching for new songs for the church…. and I have been in hot pursuit of learning about ‘moving in power and demonstration!’ Anything less than that is not acceptable.


We have become dissatisfied with what we are doing. It’s not enough! We need power and we are in hot pursuit of it!!!”


“Dreams of Provision”

We have been thinking about taking care of our affairs so that we can process our money a little easier, for instance for when we send for things on the internet. It would also make it easier for us when we are in the states to get a place to stay and possibly to rent a vehicle,as well as other things. That meant going through some processes because we’ve been gone from the states a long time.…. Thinking on this, I asked the Lord about provision for when we go to the states, without going through a lot of process.

He gave me a dream about a “blue vase” with a lip that was cracked all around. The Lord said to me “broken cistern” Then he gave me another dream about a storehouse behind the shed here at the home …. there was a door in the back of the shed that led to a storehouse that we did not even know was there. I saw a few new washing machines. (At present we are having washing machine problems). I also saw a “store like supermarket” that Shannon had built and that we knew nothing about. It was clean and everything was there that you would need. It even looked like it was stuff that was shipped here from the states. I was so surprised that Shannon secretly had this place. It was too much for his family alone.

Nelson said to me “You had the dream about the storehouse second.” I said yes. He said we were thinking about taking care of our money affairs in the states and the Lord was saying it was a “broken cistern” ….like “putting our trust in that.”


“God has been our provision and He wants us to continue to trust in Him.”


In the second dream with the storehouse, He was showing me that we don’t have to worry about anything, ‘there will be abundance provided.’ Even some months ago, I had a dream about 5 chickens in a pot. That was when our money was low and we were going slow with how we ate chicken monthly. And He has now provided so that we have a good budget and don’t have to cut back like we were doing before.


“So we will continue to trust God as we always have to take care of us when we go to the states!”



We will have updates on this transitioning  from Belize to the U.S. 2013…as we continue our Amazing Journey with God! 

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