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Arriving at Bethel! (Sept 2014)

When we arrived in Redding, California we got a hotel and put our things into storage. We had already enrolled into the Bethel School of the Supernatural so we prepared ourselves to begin the classes. It was amazing to be amongst the bustle of excited students filled with anticipation! We got ourselves situated. Our first day during the worship, a young lady came behind us and began to prophesy to us. A summary of what she told us was that God was going to give us what we wanted…..we were praying for power, but also that this was going to be a “time of rest” for us. This surprised us, but God knows us more than we know ourselves. He was calling it a “season of rest” so that when we were finished with the school year, we could take time with Him ….not running around doing this or that…..but waiting on Him for the next step. He cares about us. We were always set to “on” and God wanted to now care “for us.”

The school year was amazing! It was all about the “Father’s Love” for us, Intimacy with God, and learning to love ourselves. The culture here is wonderful, Awesome worship, prophetic atmosphere….freedom. We received so many prophetic words and it was wonderful! There was a lot of studying, reading, gathering, activating, ministry, even mission trips…..and so much was spoken into our lives, it was almost hard to keep up with it, but it was amazing! We also connected in community with so many others.



 A Beautiful Place to Live and Rest

When looking for a place to live, thinking this would be temporary, and coming from missionary type living we looked for a small place. We found all the doors closed because there were so many students here renting the apartments. We continued to look and one day we saw a vacancy sign. It was in a place that we thought would be a bit above what we should be looking for. But we looked at it anyway. As we moved forward, the door was open and we were approved! it was a beautiful town home with a garage. We asked “Lord, do you really want us to have this place?” One day at school, someone gave us a word and said, “The Lord just wants to really bless you guys.” Something like to shower you with blessings! Well we received it and settled in our hearts that this is what the Lord was doing. And the place actually fit with dreams I had while still in Belize. Belize had a lot of dirt and dust and we did not live in a place like the apartments in the US. My desires caused me to have dreams of us being in a place someday with white walls, bright lights with gold trimming. And here we were!

After the school year, we began to sort out all of our storage items that had been sitting for years. We were thankful for the larger place because we no longer had to rent a storage and we had plenty of space to sort things.  We also kept in our hearts the word of the Lord that this was a “season of rest” for us.  And after our time in Belize, the school, studies and all that came with it, we really sensed the need for it. We continued in worship at Bethel, but we did not get involved in any particular ministry at this time.


Provision Through Gifts

Meanwhile we still felt that the Lord was not releasing us to work.  Nelson began to get a desire to tinker with animation. As he was doing this, we began to think about our stories and poems that we had kept away all of these years that the Lord had given us, because we never knew what to do with them. Suddenly we began to get an idea to put them into animation. Nelson began animating one of his stories and a couple of my poems. It was so wonderful!

“We felt that the Lord had given us this media to put our things out! God is so good.”

I visited with my mom for a while also helping to make her financial affairs easier to manage. Unfortunately, the next year she had a stroke, so I returned to help her, setting up things for her care. Thank God she is ok, aside from some memory problems. They said Alzheimer’s, so she still needs care. While I was visiting, I shared the video animation of my poem with a friend. She immediately got an idea for her business. She is in real estate and wondered if Nelson could do a video for her clients explaining the process of buying a home. She said she would pay for it. This was new to us….but we said we would try to help her. Well this started us on a whole new path. Making this video really stretched Nelson, but he learned a lot. We made her video and it came out very nice. She loved it and paid him well for it! Praise God!  Since then he has joined Fiverr, a site that helps others to see what you do and to use your talent for a purpose they have need of. They also pay you through this medium.  So apart from doing our personal videos, Nelson began doing  short videos for others that pay him. Each project that he’s done has stretched his gifting even more. Having done many projects now, long and short,

” … he put up a new website called “The 3D Specialists” so that he can showcase his portfolio to display to those who needed animations for their projects.” 

Still, there were times when our money was low and I remember praying “specifically” to the Lord one evening, thanking Him for this medium of provision, but telling Him that what we were receiving was not enough. Within hours someone texted Nelson with a new project! Another time I prayed and God moved the next day with a new project. Shortly after that he received a text from a guy who had approached many animators for his project and told them he would choose the best one. He said he had about 35 animations he wanted done! Nelson sent him a sample and won out of all the others! The guy felt that Nelson really understood what they wanted. So he has been consistently doing these animations.

During the Christmas break, this client did not send as many….so Nelson received a request from someone else and took it. She wanted a music video. He wasn’t sure he could do it, but said he would give it a try. This was not one of his regular cost jobs. Most of his jobs he charged $25 for 30 sec. She wanted the $250 job he had posted  on his site because she needed a video of at least 4 minutes. She was the first one who requested this and the job really stretched him. It was very interesting though.

We are finding that many times his clients do not have a full picture of what they want. They try to describe it the best way they can, then they give him creative license. And

“Nelson in his creativity,  consistently seems to capture what is in their imagination.”

Then, he goes the extra mile, being detailed and wanting to do things right. This is why they love him!

Well, he did that job for her and she loved it so much, she gave him a $25 tip and since she has a following already she put it up on her site and face book right away.  She writes and sings songs and has other regular music videos up. This song was already up on you tube but she only had a picture of the album cover throughout the whole song. And the song had very few views after a year. When she put the song up now with his video, in a couple of months it had 1,800 views!

After her video he put his site on vacation mode because his original client was already enough work for him. Nelson and I had been talking about him charging more because he worked very hard for $25 for 30 seconds and Fiverr took 20%. We agreed that after this client he would increase his price.  Nelson and this client developed a great working relationship. One day the client told him he was not charging enough. 

“Nelson gave him a quote of $50 for a project he did for him and the client told him… “I cannot accept that.” And he sent Nelson $100! Now this is God! Who does that?!”

He wanted him to begin charging for the extra characters he made, the scenes, and other extra things he added because he said they were the middle man and they were also going to be charging ‘their’ clients. Then they said they would be sending him more than the 35 orders, because he had other projects he would like him to do.  He told Nelson to hire other animators to help him and they would give him the money for them, plus some for him. Wow!

Nelson and I had previously talked about him asking this client if he could pay him directly to his pay pal because Fiverr takes 20% of his profit…..besides the 14 day wait for the money. The benefit is that they are secure, but this client had proved himself trustworthy. He said he would ask him soon.  Well, now was the opportunity to do this was dropped in his lap! This is God again! Because in order for him to pay these other animators he would need to be able to access the money right away…..and besides how would he do this type of transaction on Fiverr? He presented it to the client,  explaining the benefits to doing it this way and the client agreed. So God was working with us to through this client to increase Nelson to what he was worth and get his money to him quicker! His payments per animation have more than doubled in a month’s time! Praise God! What God can do when you put it all in His hands! It’s amazing!


“God is so good! He uses our gifts to bring provision for us!”


“Our Website”

I have been putting a lot of time into our “Expressions of His Love” website, which is the testimony of our Journey with God. It is full of posts of our journey from the beginning when the Lord called us as well as a few other blessings and many pictures.

I have had in mind a book from all of this. Years ago I remember Pastor Todd saying to us….I see a book! Then just recently a young lady whom we have known for years read our testimony from the website and said, “You should put this in a book! And I will be the first one to buy it!” So I have been thinking a lot about how to go about it. Being here at Bethel we see a lot of people here have written and are continuing to write books. So we are looking more into this.

“Our journey with God is constantly on our minds. So we believe it is something God wants us to share with others, causing a hunger in them to know and follow Him in a deeper way…and to learn the ‘process’… be inspired to step out with God into their destiny!”


Our Time at Bethel

So in summary we finished the first year of school, and then settled down to a time with God and us at Bethel, in Worship and taking our time hearing from God and absorbing all He was saying to us in this season. We received a specific word the first day of the classes that the Lord brought us here for a “season of rest”….with not so much of the “doing,” but just “being”,  allowing God to work in us,  so that we would be ready when He calls us back out. We thought coming here would be temporary, but we are beginning to realize His wisdom in His word to us “a season of rest.” As I said,  after Belize, a year of school and sorting our things from storage, we sensed the need for this time. Thank God for His Love for us, body, mind and spirit! His wisdom is that we take care of ourselves and love ourselves well, so that we will be prepared to give our best to Him and last longer doing it.

We also believe He wants Bethel as our covering. We are continuing to press into God and meditate on what He has placed in us. We are completing our website, and other things He is instructing us to do. We know He will make the needed connections here at Bethel, when it is time for us to “move”…(not necessarily physically)  as He always has.

“It is More than Amazing to ‘Move with God’ in this way!”

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