Trip To Bethel!

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Trip to Bethel!

First trip back to US…2013-2014

We took the small plane to Sarasota. Previously taking this plane for missionaries was free, covered by donations to Harvest. But now they were charging missionaries. So we had some of our fare prepared, yet we had concerns about our full fares to the US and back. Our support money also comes through the Harvest account. Ellen from Harvest called and told me she would take the fare from our next check. But before that happened, she called us back and excitedly told us that

“… anonymous person had covered our trip to the states, plus half of the way back. She was puzzled at who this could be. So were we but, Praise God!”


She was so excited about what was happening to us, that she told us she was working on getting the it all covered! And sure enough a couple of days later she told me our whole fare was covered!

Plane to Lax


After arriving in Sarasota, we took a regular flight to California. Marc, the owner of the children’s home and his wife Dail picked us up at the LAX Airport and we stayed overnight with them. The next day they helped us find the bus to Redding, where Bethel Church was. They were really a God send to us!


We made it to Bethel!!

After the long bus ride, we finally arrived in Redding and got situated in a hotel. The next day, we went to visit Bethel Church. It was so amazing! It’s up on a hill and the first thing you see is the prayer room. And then the Church.

Bethel Prayer Room
Bethel Church


As you walk inside you see where you can get coffee….it’s called “HeBrews”.  So cute! I had seen this in pictures, but now we were actually here!



We were early so before service we got to hang out with a group called the Firestarter’s. It’s like a class before the service. So wonderful as they shared their experiences of going out and ministering to people, stepping out to pray for people. Then we went to the service. The worship was wonderful! Such an oasis!

Prophecy and Provision

After the main service some young ladies approached us and asked to pray for us. As they were praying they began to prophesy. Here is some of what they said:

“Nelson you are not out of place, you are in your element (his sweat jacket also said “element”) I see a hammer, stop trying to be like a hammer. You are in the right place, all the betrayals and things that came against you, that is removed now. You can be trusted, He can trust you. Nelson those dreams and prophesies, words over you, this is the time, now is your time. Spiritual earplugs, God’s given you spiritual hearing, to block out naysayers and to hear what God is saying. Nelson, you can be yourself. I see a crown over your head like a hallo. Darnella, you have a voice of reason to your husband. You guys are like Joshua, tearing down and rebuilding!…..(this is sort of what we were doing in Belize.) I see you beginning to call things that are not, as though they were…(This is also what Bro Todd said to us) …moving in the supernatural….Darnella, an intercessor, voice to speak things to others.”

We were so amazed! We all hugged as we thanked them as they left. Minutes later, they came back and blessed us financially! One gave us $31 and another $100! They said they were blessed to be a blessing! Can you believe this?! Amazing for a first day right?

Angel-like Help

Considering our finances at this time were pretty tight. We had been staying at a hotel sometimes,. and other times we stayed, with our luggage, in the prayer room, because we were determined that this is where we were suppose to be. We would take buses or cabs to the church from the hotels. So we stayed for long hours in Bethel’s beautiful prayer room. Worship songs were continually playing and the presence of God was so peaceful. Christmas Eve, Dec 24th we stayed in the prayer room all day. When it was time to go, I realized I had lost my phone. I remembered the last time we used it was at Chucky Cheese before we got into the taxi. So we thought we lost it in the taxi. No one found it. We looked in our pockets and my pocketbook, and then we asked someone if we could use their phone to call it and then to call a cab for us. While outside of the the prayer room, waiting for the cab, we continued to look and wonder what happened to it.

“Suddenly, a young man came outside from the prayer room.”

He was tall, dirty blond, wearing a light tan sweater with a hoodie on it. He asked if he could give us a ride somewhere. We told him the cab was coming and explained about the phone. He then asked if we wanted to use his phone and we told him we used one already. He said, “are you sure you don’t want a ride? I’m new here but if you know where you are going”…Well, being new here also, we didn’t know the way either. He began to google our hotel and said, yes, I can get you there. So we said ok. He seemed God sent, like an angel…and was almost angel-like. He told us he was new here and just came from NY to visit Bethel. He was there to “soak” a little in the prayer room. He shared more of his story with us and soon we were at our hotel. He had saved us the $10 cab fee and also shared some information with us about places around town if we needed some help. He was a bit of comfort to us after losing our phone. Kind of like God to use the loss of something good…the phone, to bring something good out of the experience. He told us he would see us Sunday.

We do know we did not see him enter the prayer room or any where else til he showed up. And he barely had any time to spend in there if he was in there because we just came out. We really believe God wanted us to know he had our backs because we were a bit anxious over the loss of the phone.

We went Sunday. One day while we were in the prayer room, a young man walked over to Ns and said “God wants you to know he is your provision and wants me to sow a seed to prove it. He gave him $10. Thank you Jesus! Hotels were getting costly and our funds were getting low.

Even the cab drivers knew about Bethel and what was happening in that place! Once a cab driver turned off the meter and took us to a Denny’s where we could order a meal. He wanted to be a blessing to us!


Direction for a Place to Stay

One day in the prayer room, we met a lady who saw our bags. We then saw her in service and she asked where we were staying. We told her in hotels. Then she gave us a number of someone she knew. We called and met with the person. The place was a bit of a way out from the church. The woman who had the place was very nice and told us it would be $150, but that she would be flexible because she wanted to bless us. We were thinking $100. By this time we were trying to decide whether to stay at Bethel for a while more or to go. We still had our travel money. We wanted to get prayer by Sunday by Bill Johnson. And then we would decide if we would stay.

“Double Portion!”

At service, I gave one dollar in the offering, although our funds were low. Bill Johnson said “double portion” and I felt in my heart to give….believing that the Lord would provide. We remembered the guy who had said to us previously “God is your provider.” We enjoyed a night of praise, worship and Bill Johnson talked some. Then the night was about to end. A guy walked over to Nelson asking if he was the guy…”mission from Belize.” I think he was part of the Firestarter’s Class we sat in on our first Sunday here. His name was Michael and he said the Lord told him to sow into our ministry. Well, my God! He gave us $100! 100 fold just as Bill Johnson said!! I had given $1 into the offering and received back $100!! So we are going to give that to the couple we were thinking of staying with, and still use our travel money to help us with out other needs.

The Power of Prayer!”

We stayed in the hotel another night. Then we left with our luggage to go to the church. We wanted to see if we could put our luggage somewhere during service. Someone told us that they don’t have a storage there and that maybe we could just put it on the side. We didn’t want to do that. We began walking toward the sanctuary, and I  said, “Help us Lord” and began to pray in tongues. A young man quickly came up to us and said “Were you taking those into the sanctuary?” I said “Yes.” He said “Let me take you to put them away. We have a place, stored away. The door is always locked, when you need them, tell the guy at the door.” Praise God! He came out of nowhere! We didn’t seek him out! That was amazing!  We actually left them there all day, even for the evening service and returned for them later. So…

“…the guy that helped us get our bags out of the room said “I am surprised they let you do this!”

Well, I prayed in tongues!!! I’m certain that had something to do with it. And it was God’s Favor!! Praise God!

One Sunday service we met Bill Johnson and asked for prayer for  an impartation. He prayed for us that signs and wonders would come forth, and that it would be seen…. We felt such a powerful presence. It was amazing!

Meanwhile lady from Harvest contacted us concerning our support money….and there is usually a fee for receiving it. She told us they would pick up the fee. Another blessing! So we have an extended stay at the place we are renting. It is a bedroom with the use of the home…living room, dining room, kitchen. Most of the time we eat and spend time with them.

“Heidi Baker”

We got to see the Heidi Baker movie, and she was there! We also received prayer from the Iris team (her team) for impartation and signs and wonders in our ministry.

Sunday night 1/5/14 – A lady gave me a word…from fashion art prophecy—“she said I am called to the nations. My passions were being called out–boldness to come forth…share with the nations…calling people into their destiny with vitality… and called to the nations also where blood has been shed to bring life and the Holy Spirit.”

We received prayer from the Iris team—

“Roland Baker prayed for us …”that signs and wonders, impartation would move through our lives and fire to Belize. He prayed with me, I was being filled….and with Nelson as he came up beside me.”

On 1/6/14, Monday morning, I got up and Katlin took me to Bethel to sit in on the “BSSM Signs and Wonders” class. Nelson didn’t go with me. I had a curiosity about it from looking at references to it online. You can’t get some details online, so I wanted to get more insight before we left,  if I could….because I wanted us to attend a BSSM Class. I found out that in the first part, they were going to show the Heidi Baker movie to the class and that Heidi Baker would be there also, so it cost me $10. The last money I had. (Praise God I had that!) Me and other visitors sat in the Bleachers. After the movie Heidi came down the center isle…she told us to join hands…I went down off the bleachers to the last row of chairs and joined hands… the girl next to me knelt down. We were told to lay hands on one another, so I knelt down….Heidi came down the isle near the bleachers, then turned right to me—she laid hands on the person on the ground next to me—then (my hand was over the person on the ground) she took my hand praying—she continued on around my area—-took my hand again….others placed hands on me also…–


“….then Heidi laid hands on my head—praying for me….”

I said thank you Lord for not looking down on this, that I wanted prayer from her. Then the thought came, “after all, we came all the way from Belize to Redding for an impartation from “man”.  So this was fine. Ok, so let me explain why I said that.

You see the night before I felt bad that I left the service and did not hang out there until I got to Heidi for prayer. There were so many people pressing to get to her. Nelson was concerned about our friend’s pickup truck. He let us use it to go to the service, and he had things in the back of it that were exposed. So we had to leave early. Nelson tried to encourage me by saying that we had hands laid on us by her team…. and  “let’s not look at “man.”  I understood, but as we left, I was still a little saddened. Anyway I wanted to return this morning to be a part with this “BSSM class”, but I never expected Heidi to be there! What a surprise to me that was! And she came right to me! No struggles from me pressing to get to her  this time! This is why I was thanking the Lord!

“He saw my heart and honored my desire!”

So, during this time, our funds were being delayed which is why we stayed at Bethel longer. But through all of this we got what we wanted! We received prayer from Bill Johnson, and Heidi Baker. And the last night, a young lady and her daughter approached us and prayed for us. She said she walked past us and kept feeling the love and had to stop. She told us “You carry it already, the Glory! You’ve got to know that! Know it!”.  So, wow! This is what we needed to hear! And this was our last night at Bethel.


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