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 Our New Assignment!  “The Church”

“Interning with God”

We believe God is targeting Belize for a “SUPERNATURAL MOVE OF GOD”. There are a lot of misconceptions and  so many of the churches here are “dead” so to speak, and not moving forward.


“We find that there is disjointedness, people in the same church are not speaking the same thing. Disunity. They need to come to understand and speak the same word of truth.”


I got the scripture last night about when Jesus could do no mighty miracles because of their unbelief. But He did not leave them like that, He went about the villages “teaching the word of God”.


What they need here is “teaching”. Teaching from the Holy Spirit, truth, so that they can come out of their own understanding and “faith” can come forth. Then God will be able to move here.”


Poppy and I are sharing “as we receive from the Lord”. God wants to teach these people, so He is “still” going about the villages teaching, but through yielded vessels, so that He can do mighty works among them.

There is such a passion in us for the thing that is ahead of us. Our hunger for the word has deepened and the Holy Spirit is teaching us new things continuously! Wisdom is justified of her children, and we believe that the Lord will reveal to everyone what we have not been able to say or convince anyone of, because we are just following Him step by step.




We know that this is just the beginning of what God is about to do. In phase 2 of our journey He had to tear down strongholds here at BCE Children’s Home and then begin to rebuild. Now we believe He is beginning to do the same in the church here that we are in. I had 2 dreams about black snakes concerning the church here. In the first dream we were in a room with people and vipers were coming out of the couches. In the second, they were in bags of garbage that Nelson and I were putting out.


God is showing us that we are beginning to tear down strongholds of superstitions, false doctrines, and doctrines of devils, through the power of the word and the Holy Spirit.”


We believe He is about to do Something Big here in Belize!  He wants His Kingdom to reign here.

We also have begun a Lending Library here. I have sent for books on the Holy Spirit and worship  and have begun to lend them out.  We don’t see these types of books here and we really need to get the right materials for teaching and understanding in this area.

We thank God for his favor that he has placed upon us. We know it is not us, but God opening the doors of opportunity and speaking through us.


“We praise God to be a part of what He is doing in Belize!”



The Holy Spirit…Our Teacher


I have to backup a little to tell you what has been happening at the church we are going to.  Because God was preparing things back then to bring us to where we are now.

We knew God was beginning to change things for us. We began to study more and the Holy Spirit was bringing to our remembrance things He had spoken to us in the years past. As we looked on the internet He began to show us great men of God as they moved supernaturally. We began to study about great revivals and great moves of God.  He let us know that to move in certain gifts it would have been good for you to have been under a ministry that moved in this, so that seeds could be planted in you that would come forth later.  We meditated on times we had been in certain services like this, and the many times we had seen God move. One night, as we shared with each other about how we thought that God was going to use us in a ministry together, the presence of God awesomely came down upon us!  Such a heavy presence of God filled the room. This was so amazing! We remember the date…February 5th 2010…  

…God was definitely up to something big!




The Church

To look back a few months,  we had been attending this church that we took the girls to, and  I would work with the youth on Saturdays.  On Sunday, we had a worship leader but it seemed like the congregation was not responding to her as they should have been. I could see that this was discouraging her. I asked her about this and she said she could not get them to move forward.

VID01931 sis m

I told her, “Well, I will worship with you if no one else does.” So I did and she was encouraged by this. She began to step out again trying to draw them into more worship and praise.

I also felt to make up worship books for them

New Praise and Worship Book
New Praise and Worship Book

so that they would have an alternative to hymn books.  They sing a couple of hymns to begin service. When the worship leader was not there,  the congregation  would try to choose hymns to sing.


“Nothing was prepared and this would cause a lot of ‘dead spots’ in the service where everyone was waiting for someone else to choose something.”


The books I made did help for a while and caused them to want to keep singing when they started.  But they always defaulted back to the hymns, not bringing the other books out unless someone mentioned them.  They are slowly beginning to step out and join in the worship and praise more when the worship leader is there…..but not enough.


“And not enough was there to encourage the youth in the service…. I really wanted to reach them.”




I found that sometimes when I was there, like in the youth meetings, a question would come up about how to approach a certain task,  or we might be doing a skit, and ‘it seemed that the Lord would make a place for me to step in to say something.’  I usually would hang back and say nothing, but the space stayed there. It would always seem to be something that I could answer, but I was waiting for someone else. No one answered, so I finally would.


“It’s like a hole was made and no one was filling it, and yet I knew how to fill it. I think it was “a divine set up”. God set this up to get me involved…. because this happened often.”



Any way we continued to attend services, and one day the assistant pastor asked Nelson to give a message. He was surprised, and not ready, so did not accept the invitation. But then felt that the Lord was doing this so he told the assistant pastor he would do it the next time.  As he was studying for something to speak on, he was thinking on the  Kingdom message, like speaking about your destiny in the Lord,  but the Lord changed it.



“The Lord impressed on him to give a message on “Worship.”


At the same time, I had been listening a lot to prophetic worship. That night the Lord showed me that after Nelson’s message I was to go up forward and stand beside him as we demonstrated worship. It’s funny that the Lord changed his message, because  I was already thinking on worship, and this is not what he normally studies on or talks about.  Also it was evident that the Lord wanted us to work together on this.

When he spoke Sunday, they seemed receptive. But he wondered if it was received well. Even in the next bible study some things were said that caused us to wonder if they were speaking against the message. We knew that some did not like that message. He decided to write a letter of apology, not apologizing for the word, but in case he offended some.  I read it the next service, because he could not be there. Well, this caused some to speak out and say they enjoyed the message and did not want him to stop.  The Pastor and some of the congregation said they know some don’t like it,  but that they need it. The night before I read the letter,


“I  had a dream of us being in a room with some people, and  vipers were coming out of the couches.  So we knew that there were still some who did not like it and we would  have to begin to do spiritual warfare.”



A God Happening


One day I got to speak with a few of the ladies in one of their homes. It was a BBQ for one of their son’s birthdays. We began to talk about the Holy Spirit. They had lots of questions and we talked for at least an hour. It seems that everyone in this area is afraid of the baptism in the Holy Ghost because of manifestations they had seen. A minister had come here to this country and began to pray for people and many were filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking with tongues. They also began to see manifestations like people falling down and others crawling like snakes. Well, it seems like the minister did not address these snake manifestations as demonic activity, so they became confused.


They would see a lot of strange behavior and it was being labeled as the baptism in the Holy Ghost.”


So, needless to say, this whole area, and this is a small country,  heard about this and this has caused them to back away from any thing to do with the Holy Ghost.

Apostle Joyce Street who we met in Sarasota and have kept in touch with, had a revival here about 2 years ago.  They highly respect her, but many are afraid. She was wondering why they have not asked her back yet.  We began to share with her what we have been finding out.


“We told her about their fears and concluded that they needed a teaching in this area. She said, “Oh,  so maybe you are the ones the Lord is going to use in that area.”


We said…”us??”  We never thought of that.  Us? Who were we? That was like telling “Neo” from the  Matrix that he was the One. But we kept this in our hearts to think about, wondering if the Lord could really be doing this.

I did try to help the ladies to understand about the Holy Ghost and the difference in what they had seen. Because the Holy Ghost was filling people, the devil was angry and began to manifest himself.  So they thought about this.



Fellowship…God’s Opportunity!


One day, as I was talking with the Pastor’s wife, I asked her if they ever had home fellowships  with one another.  She said they have women’s fellowships.  Here in Belize, many of the churches do not believe in women teaching men, so they have meetings when many of the women come together,  and they get to hear women minsters.  But I was talking about small informal fellowships that included the men, and in individual homes.  I thought it would be a good opportunity for us all to get together and talk about what was on our minds outside of the church setting and enjoy the Lord. She told me no, they never did this but since I had this idea, maybe they could start to have this. She shared it with others and they were interested also. They decided that I should have the first one since they had no idea what this was about.

So we had a meeting at the children’s home.  ”Our first fellowship meeting!”  It went very well. The Pastor, his wife and 2 other ladies came. We all got to share our testimonies. We found out that they really want their church to move forward and it seems to be a little divided. The ones that came are some of the core that want it to move forward.


“They were very curious about the Holy Spirit so they talked a lot about that with us, asking us questions.”


We were actually expecting this to happen, because we believe the Lord is doing something in that church, regarding the Holy Spirit.

The Pastor even shared with us that he received the Holy Spirit while worshiping in his home, but did not share this with many. He doesn’t even say this in church.  He previously shared with us that it seemed like their church was not going anywhere, and that something had to happen.


“He told me and Poppy that night  “We believe that the 2 of you have a lot to do with the Church moving forward.” and the others agreed.”


Wow! It would have to be God!


“God knows more than we do about what we are doing!”





I think this meeting together is good start. It gives everyone a chance to share their hearts and concerns, with one person or all. And it is not restricted to women. It is everyone. That way we can get to know each other in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. We believe even marriages are suffering here and this can be a first step toward renewed hope for their marriages. Coming together as one.  From that meeting they had a lot of their questions answered and some of their fears have subsided.


“A peace of God was there and we were enjoying the talk so much that no one wanted to go home.”


They are looking forward to doing this again. We believe that they have taken a step forward.

We believe most of all that they need a teaching here in this area, so that they can begin to understand what the Holy Spirit is about, removing the fears,  and begin to allow the Lord to move in their hearts. Even the  Pastor has tried to bring up the subject of the Holy Ghost in his messages slowly, but it is not clear that they are receiving what he is saying. But God seems to be doing something with this church, so we believe they will begin to open up their hearts to the Lord!



An Open Door through Worship


So the pastor began to ask Nelson to give a few devotions, and to moderate the service. Then one day he asked him to teach a class/bible study on worship. We put together something on worship as led by the Holy Spirit and he has already begun this class. The classes began on Thursday nights, but now others were saying they want to come but can not get there, so the Pastor changed it to Sunday nights. Our first Sunday, the worship leader came. We had asked everyone to put together  something, or elaborate on the different expressions of worship we had given them. The first few that they did were so animated and full of life.  The Pastor’s son Noel, did the first one and he is full of passion!


They were relaxed and lively,  nothing like on Sunday morning. The Pastor even asked me to demonstrate “dancing with the tamborine like Miriam” ! Wow!



“This was a new thing because there was never any freedom of expression like this in their regular services.”


And someone would have probably got up and spoke against it, saying that it did not take all of that. This bible study  seemed to give them a freedom to express themselves, like they have been waiting to do this! And it really opened them up for a real discussion about this with no shame or condemnation.

Well, the worship leader was so surprised and mentioned it later. She had been at the church for so long, in spiritual warfare,  getting discouraged, trying to bring them forward, but most of the time they just “sat” on her. She also has been holding back, as not to offend anyone. She eventually began to consistently come to the services late, so that sometimes they would have to sing hymns instead. But after this night,  she was very encouraged.



I had also given her and Pastor a suggestion for the order of service,

Pastor and his son looking at new order of service

to keep the flow of the presence of God in the service. He agreed to it but told me that the problem was that our worship leader was coming late. He said perhaps you can encourage her. She looked the paper over.

I called her to talk more about it and we had an opportunity to fellowship and share a lot of things.  She told me where she use to lead in worship before this church,  and said people use to come to the altar and worship and cry. She also found out that she was the first one to bring that kind of worship to Belize City.  Most of the other churches were using hymnals, like this one. So when  she came here she struggled to bring them into worship. She has been in spiritual warfare for a long time!  Well, I believe it is now the timing of God and that she is  going to see the fruits of her labor!

She shared with me that many times she wanted to leave, but the Lord told her that she was not there for the people but for him. So she stayed. She also said people would come to the church, but would leave after a while and that she hoped that me and Poppy would not do that.  I told her that the Lord more or less said the same thing to us as to her. We knew we were there because the Lord wanted us there. Otherwise we too would have left because we also are use to experiencing freedom in worship and the presence of God. That was missing from this church, except there was potential for this when she led the worship, or when the Pastor spoke.  But


“God is about to do something in that church and I told her  “we are not going to go anywhere until that happens!”

I think this talk we had is a way forward for her, and God is changing things.  She is anointed and very needed there.



You Have an Open Door!


The Pastor is very happy with Nelson and told him that the door is open to whatever he wants to share or to teach. They usually sing hymns before each service. We were thinking of starting these new bible study sessions with a worship song, but we did not want to offend anyone by  changing things from their “tradition of hymns” too fast. One night we asked if anyone had any suggestions on what they wanted to see in these bible studies. One of the ladies asked if we could start them with a worship song. So it did not come from us. Praise God! When the service began the next week, the Pastor reminded everyone that however Brother Tyler wanted to do the service, that is how we would do it.  It just so happened that that was the night that the worship leader was there and we began with worship. Someone did a presentation from the assignment we had given them to do on forms of worship, which included, “Come let us worship and bow down”. (Pastor Fidel on right, his wife Patricia demonstrating worship)


Then we also ended the service in worship. What a great night!  This sets the order of all of these services. A new beginning!

Our next Sunday service was great. The worship leader was there early and in place, with guitar all tuned up, ready to go when we got there. Praise God. And she felt free. The congregation  also took a greater part in the service.

That Sunday night we encountered a small opposition as those that did not agree with this freedom got their turn to elaborate on expressions of worship. But we expected this. We told them to continue next week, but we are prepared. The Lord is giving us what to share. We know that the Lord will have his way.


“Most of the church will move forward and not allow these few to hold them back anymore.”


It’s almost as though they, including the Pastor,  needed a strength, someone to stand beside them to move forward. Because a lot of the opposition is coming from the assistant Pastor who has a Mennonite background and also from a couple of others who “seem to know the Bible.”



God is also doing something different with me. When the worship leader is not there or comes late, they have been looking around wondering if anyone has a hymn and this broke up the service. Like a dead stop.  Also, when they get a hymn,  they sing all 4-6 lines and it can sometimes  bring you down and be very wordy.  The worship books I made up were only used sometimes. If you didn’t put them out ahead of time, they would go right to the hymns. Also it gets distracting to use books, because they have to take the time to find the songs.


I talked to a few of them about preparing songs ahead of time and they began to ask me to lead them. Oh my God! I thought. I “never” did this. The few times, when I had to get up to say something,  like a testimony, I was “very, very nervous.”


“Then the  Lord spoke to me one day. He said…..“this is like when you did not want to go over to the children’s home because of the oppression and rejection you received, it hurt you to your heart,  but because you knew I (the Lord) wanted you the go, you pressed yourself forward and went anyway, no matter how you felt.”


So the day He told me that,  I got up and said what I had to say knowing He was behind me. You know, it was like that. What a lesson I learned and that I could use what I learned from one experience for the next one. God is so amazing!   Ever since that time,  when I have to get up, I  think of what He said,  it gives me confidence, and going against any negative thoughts that come into my mind,  I  press myself up out of my chair.  Because


“I  know I am doing this because He wants me to, and He is going to use  my obedience. It is not about me or how I look.”


So…. I began to step out and try to lead worship songs. I am still nervous and shaky but I am getting better. Sometimes I look at the faces, and think, what am I doing? I mean…What! am I doing? My main problem is staying on tune, and singing it the right way, but they even sing songs a little different here and sometimes slower, which makes it harder. I have even begun to “ad lib”, well, “Praising the Lord” and  “exhorting” in between songs.  I was amazed that “that part” was so easy for me, but I love Praising the Lord.

But who would have thought I would be doing this???!!!


I think God has me in training!

Nelson is continuing teaching on worship,  and also on faith. We want to bring teaching on foundational truths as well, to tear down the doctrinal errors here.

We know this is all about spiritual warfare and tearing down strongholds.


“We know we will eventually be talking about the Holy Spirit, but we are being led by God and what He says to share with them. We believe their hearts have to be made ready.”


Our prayer night is getting better. We are praying for it to get even better. While they mostly pray for needs, we are praying that they begin to do more seeking of Him during the service. This will come as we encourage it.

I am also beginning a lending library. I sent for some used books from Borders, on the Holy Spirit, and worship. These books are not available here and I want to get them into their hands. So far, I have given 2 out on the Holy Spirit and 2 on worship. One lady told me she has been reading her book on the Holy Spirit and it is answering a lot of questions for her.
God is truly at work!



Moving Forward!


We are continuing to  pray to tear down strongholds because there are a few in the church who have their own ideas. But the core of the church wants to move forward and that is our goal. I shared previously that the worship leader was getting very discouraged because she has been here in this church in warfare for a long time and many times almost left the church. Well after that talk with her I  see her coming alive! She was coming to church late because of  discouragement, but the next Sunday she was there early,  up front and  ready to go, praise God! She is beginning to step out again!

Last Sunday we had a worship discussion again and some did not agree with us. We gave them the floor and Nelson said some things in the end as we ended in worship. This next Sunday we plan to let them continue for a “short” while. I will share some things that the Lord has given me and this will also be an eye opener to them. Then Nelson will bring everything to a conclusion. He will minister to them as the Lord is showing him. We really believe the Lord will have His way. There is a lot they do not understand.


 Some may still not agree, but they will get the truth and then it is up to God to open their hearts.” 


We praise God to give the increase!

We have concluded our teaching on worship this week and many are now open to it. Next we will begin teaching on the Holy Spirit, which is so needed. We are praying that God have His way. We know that opposition will come, but we also know that God is at work. The Holy Spirit is teaching us what to share with them, and we have books to lend to them also if they want to read more about the Holy Spirit.


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