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Teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit


We have begun to teach the church about the baptism of the Holy Spirit to prepare His people for God to come in. God has helped us to find a complete teaching on it with scripture references, and we also added a few things to share with them. The Sunday morning before we had the class, Nelson gave the devotion and talked about “us as a church not being where the first church was”, how far have we come. For instance, the first church was moving in power, etc,..,. then he invited them to come that night because he would be teaching on the Holy Spirit.

A visiting missionary couple were there also that morning, that we had met before, and the gentleman gave the message. He took the lead from Nelson and spoke on the Holy Spirit…. that those that had it in the first church had power and that he would love to see this church this way. So “that” was a “platform” for us to ‘seque’ into.  Praise God! We felt as though God was setting us up! Because giving lectures to them tends to tire some of them and we want to keep their attention …..we are thinking of ways to bring it across with activity. We put together questions and answers to keep it interesting.


“All in all, they were coming to a new understanding of the Holy Spirit…finding out that this was something the Lord really wanted them to have.”


Some were still hesitant and had questions, because they still had fears. But we made up handouts for them to take home after each class so they could go home and get a better understanding. A few of them told me that they were still unsure…. until they went home and read the material.


“They said it answered all of their questions and ….one lady put it this way…”I know it is something I need.”


One man at our prayer meeting said, as the Pastor was making a list of prayer requests…..”and I want the baptism in the Holy Spirit!”


His wife who has been so afraid, said to me she knows she has hindrances…. meaning fear…… night said she knows that she really needs the Holy Spirit and that it is being revealed more and more to her!  Yes! It will begin to happen! I had given her a book previously with questions and answers about the Holy Spirit and she said it has answered her questions.


“Keep in mind these are people that were very afraid of the Holy Spirit because of manifestations they had seen happen”


….when a visiting minister came here from the states. They saw things they did not understand and it spread across this whole area which consists of a few communities. So they were keeping their distance.
Even some of the youth are coming to the classes…I made sure I gave them handouts also. Nelson told them now, that they can do a skit before we teach. This way they can have expression. One skit they did was from a story that Nelson wrote years ago. But this helps them to be excited about being there. And they are learning. I remember talking last year to the oldest one, Noel, the same one leading the youth, about his understanding of the Holy Spirit. He expressed that it is probably something that not everyone gets or perhaps is not really necessary…


“But now he is learning what God’s word says about it”


…and is very helpful during our classes because he expresses with passion what he has learned. Praise God!

So now we are coming to the end…it is time for their ending questions…. we have let them know what the word says.

An Answer to Prayer!

In the meantime while we are waiting for the next session,  we had been praying about a projector to bring in songs and bring up their level of worship and praise. Now we just got blessed with one…Praise God! So Nelson and I are preparing to share it with the church.

July 20 2011 225July 20 2011 247

Now when the worship leader is not there or even when she is, as a help to her the church can experience the presence of God the way we want them to. And even use it other nights like prayer nights or give a special praise night, or who knows …it opens up new options. And it will open up their world here. They have so little in this area. They just don’t have a clue of the amazing move of God in other places! Amazing that God has given us sphere authority in this church!


 Times of Refreshing

We had a service tonight that was good. A missionary team came down to do work on the church so we had a few extra services. This also meant that we would have to put off our last Holy Ghost Class for a couple of Sundays. All on God’s timing. After one service I went home to search for more songs for the projector for later services. The song “Times of refreshing came to mind and I really got caught up looking for it. I finally found one…. and printed out the lyrics. I figured I would save it for later in case a time came up to sing it or hopefully I would find it on you tube and just play it. I love the song, but then I began to wonder if this song was saying too much about “being weary”….. I know it lifted me…. but we just don’t need any more “down songs”.

Well the next morning was Sunday service…..and Pastor got up and thanked the team for coming saying ‘God sent help to the church’. He said “First He sent Brother and Sister Tyler, and now He sent you” (the missionary team).


He said, God sends  “Times of refreshing ”


….and then the pastor continued on. But, when I heard that, “Times of refreshing “ the Lord let me know…..”yes the pastor “was weary” and that is why he is beginning to be refreshed, from the help…. and that they “need” to hear that song”.  But, I could not bring myself to share it in that testimony service. I said ok, I will prepare what to say and sing it tonight. That night I struggled, til I almost did not do it. I told Nelson because I was concerned about my voice and he said, well, it is really about the words. That reassured me,  and helped me get courage because I knew that God wanted me to do it and I did.

I asked the worship leader if she knew it and told her she might have to help me. (No one knew the song)  She tried to help me. After the people  got it, they loved it! She wanted me to sing it again and everyone was joining in. They want to sing this in service! They were very encouraged by it.


One lady from the US team said it was like watching a butterfly…. she said you blossomed as you kept singing it.”


(I got confidence…the Lord helped me.) Another lady from here that I have been ministering to told me there is an anointing on me that she notices when I get up to sing. She is the one who said she knows she needs the Holy Ghost. What a blessed night! I thank God that I obeyed Him!


Speaking at Apostle Joyce’s Church

We  took off one Sunday from  our Church to go into the city to help Apostle Joyce Street. I mentioned her earlier in our journey. She had to go to the states and asked if we could take one of her services. It was an honor for us to do this, so we obeyed God and agreed to do it.  Nelson spoke that Sunday at her church. It was a blessing!  This is all new to us. What is God doing?


 Visiting Teams-Youth on Fire

Well, the next week another team came to the church. They were a blessing to the church also. The first team had a group of youth and their team blessed this church materially. They helped paint the floors and added tile and lights, etc, and we are so thankful for this  …the church really needed a facelift. We are believing for a revival and this gets us ready to receive those that will come into the house..… The next team blessed this church materially as well as spiritually. Their youth were spirit filled. This is not something we see a lot from teams from the U.S.


“We get students from colleges, and some from churches, but not many Spirit Filled Christians on fire for God who come to minister not only materially, but spiritually,  to change lives.”


They come in to give VBS’s to the younger children but nothing for the older youth.  We have had a vision and a burden in our hearts to see some youth come here and minister…… to the youth. We have seen the youth reach the youth in the states. So this was God!

Another funny thing was that many teams come down to other churches and then come to visit us…. but God sent these 2 teams specifically to us.  They had a specific mission. And His timing was perfect…. it was right after our teaching the church for the most part, all they needed to know about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  The youth team prayed  and talked with our youth frequently and we could see a change in them.

So this was amazing. This team spent a lot of time with our youth. At the end of the week, they had a last meeting…a Camp Meeting with the team. Our youth broke out! They expressed “high praise”, which was different for them.

They were so passionate!


“I saw expression from those that I had not seen it from before!”


One young man was encouraging the adults to stand and raise hands… .and this was not usual…I recorded this all, it was so amazing!


That Sunday we used the projector for praise and  the youth were very passionate in praise! As before when they were not standing and barely clapped, they were standing up and lifting their hands,  passionately singing the words to the songs!


Pastor  asked Nelson to speak and although it was hard for him to follow the last Pastor that was there from the states, it was God that he spoke, because he expressed to the church how we had to keep this going, “what was happening to the youth”. He said… “This is the most powerful thing on the planet. God inhabits the praises of His people.”


“He said “No one is making these youth do this. They are doing this because they are experiencing God’s Love.” So he told the church that we are going to get behind the youth.”



He also shared with them that we had experienced this before in our church saying that the Holy Spirit began to move on the youth and that our Pastor recognized it and pressed them forward letting God have His way and they brought revival to the church. He said “Now, …you are going to hear a voice saying, ok, that’s enough now, it doesn’t take all of that. That is a Pharisee spirit. They tried to shut it down when the kids were singing Hosanna, Hosanna, ….those kids didn’t understand everything they were doing, but Jesus said out of the mouth of babes thou hast perfected praise!”  Amen!


Nelson Exhorting Clip (click to watch)
Nelson Exhorting



 Open to Change Through Worship


It is so wonderful how the Lord put this together. He had us start this all by teaching on “worship” and that caused them to be more open to change. Now they knew what the word says about it. And what came out of that was that many now felt free to worship regardless of what others thought. Then He had us teaching on the Holy Spirit. So they would be open now for more of God, however He wanted to move. And…

“…we had taught them everything on the Holy Spirit”


…our last class was only going to be to take their questions. The ball was now in their court. Then…before that last class, He had sent in this team who ministered to the youth. .

As I said we have seen the youth reach the youth in the states and have had a burden to see that here, and for revival to come to this area!

The adults are still struggling a bit…but they are more open than they would have been last year, before the teaching.  And…


“……We are now able to bring more praise and worship songs into the house via the projector. Our worship has already come up a whole new level!”



A Little Child Shall Lead Them

That night we were to resume our class on the Holy Spirit,….well, as I said we were “really done with the teaching” so we decided to open the floor to questions. The church had come in excited. They said they had a good Sunday morning service and were now bringing that excitement to Sunday night. The youth had prepared a “special” …we usually allow them to do a skit before we teach.  The praise was so alive at the beginning of the service that Nelson  just said, “No, I think I want to let the youth come up and tell us what happened to them. Give testimonies.” And so they did.

“One after another they came up and testified about how the Lord touched their lives from spending time with the U.S. youth. It was awesome!”


They did their special and I felt strongly that they should pray for the adults, ….and I let Nelson know. He told Noel to call the adults forward if they want to experience this same “Joy.”  Noel is the oldest  youth , the one who always was reaching out for God from the beginning. I always knew he would be a youth leader. And now he is. Well he began to exhort the adults and ask them to come forward. They began to pray for other youth. They huddled together and I know they got this from the U.S. youth team, because I have seen them do this in our church back home in NY. I had never seen our youth here do this before. The adults came forward.


“He was so dynamic and on fire! He was also telling them,  “We can pray for you, but “you” have to cry out to God!”



I joined in with the youth praying for this one lady.  She opened up her mouth and prayed and the Lord touched her. She cried out as something broke inside and she began to cry. For a moment I got a picture of where I was, I glanced outside the door, and said to myself,


“Wow! Where am I? Am I in the same church?”


…. because that kind of emotion does not happen there!!

At one point the youth were all praying in a circle with some adults and I really felt it was conducive for the Holy Spirit to fill people. But I did not interrupt. Later I asked the youth to begin praying that the Lord fill them with the Holy Spirit. That was toward the end of the service, and it was late, so we had to stop.  I told the youth that God would fill them. There will come a time in service that I can do this without interruption.  Or God will just do it suddenly! But the parents were moving toward the door so I let the youth go. (I would have stayed all night.) The pastor was so happy and overjoyed,… he has 4 sons that were now on fire! There were a few adults…. the same few as always, that just sat through it…they probably just thought this was emotionalism…..but it is time for change. 


So it is happening!!! That was an amazing night!”



 High Praise and Worship Via Projector

We are now thinking of transitioning Sundays nights to give the youth space to minister.  The teaching on the Holy Spirit is over, now it is time for the demonstration!

Everyone, especially the youth are really excited about the music we have been bringing in with the projector,

and it is multimedia. Where they use to sit, they are up jumping and lifting hands.


We are encouraging the church to get behind the youth with us because…


“We believe they will bring the thrust of revival to this area. From dead church to church on fire!”


Our next Sunday night was amazing also.  The Holy Spirit worked with Nelson and I as we put together a plan. We wanted to be able to bring understanding to the adults about what was happening to the youth.

In the services we wanted to have, we would play a couple of praise songs,  then a third one that we knew the youth would especially like, kind of “high praise”. This would be really stepping out because the adults were not use to these high praise songs. Then we would give them a clip of a teaching that would minister to the youth on their level. So this night we gave them an example of what we wanted to do.



“We played a few high praise songs for them and the kids were “out of the box!”


Then 3 song presentations, like the mime…..and they were blessed by the clip of the teaching! Nelson then played a video about a revival in the past to give the adults some idea of what has been happening to their youth…..


…these youth have more joy than their parents! Then Nelson spoke a while suggesting to get with the leadership about adding a night, a Friday Praise Night to give the youth expression.


“We were not sure what to expect when we said this…but the youth burst out with screams of Joy about this!”




So we will wait to see the outcome of this.

We ended with a powerful video from our church in NY  called “Youth on Fire” that showed just  a piece of what can happen when we get behind our youth. In NY God supernaturally began to move on the youth, and our Pastor began to use them in services to minister to the adults and revival broke out!


“Sometimes God comes down powerfully to the youth first because the adults are not so open, or get caught up in other things.”


That is what is happening here. Our vision from last year when we first began at this church is now coming to pass. It turned out better than we expected last night. The pastor and others stood up and said they were so excited that this was happening.


“We had such excitement and music coming from the church that even some passing by came to the door of the church to see what was going on!”





The Joy of Seeing Changed Lives


There is nothing more exciting than being a part of God’s plan for you as He works in you to change lives. One lady stood up in service last night and said, “I just want to say thanks to brother Tyler and Mrs Tyler, you know, because of those videos that you show and you know as we studied the lesson that you taught us, how we should worship and different things like that, and showing us these videos really bring a change to my heart then, knowing how we should worship God and how we should praise God with honesty from our heart, no fear, no doubt. I just want to give God praise for that.” That was the Pastor’s wife, who is so full of joy because she has 3 teenage boys and one younger who are now all freely worshiping God!  Praise God for what He is doing!!


“One by one, others also expressed their thoughts.”



A Pastor from another church in the same neighborhood knew what we were doing and came to the service. He experienced something amazing!



“This pastor told my husband “Something happened here, and “You” didn’t do that!! In other words, that wasn’t you, that was the Holy Spirit! He was acknowledging the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit that was heavy in that worship!!! He was so excited and said this is what we have needed here!”



We all became excited!!

It is rare to have the Pastors visit services, the churches do not work together for fear they will lose their congregants. But my husband and I, being from the children’s home,  neutral and having nothing to gain from them, had developed connections with all of them,  and were trying to unite them. So this was an amazing thing that was happening!

God  is  so awesome! It is all God because He tells us what to do and we just do it.


“It’s great to be an instrument of God and reap the benefits, which is “the Joy of seeing changed lives!”



It’s the greatest feeling in the world!
“God is able to do what He said He would do…He’s able!”

That is one of the song presentations the youth are doing. As well as “Stomp”, and “If anyone asks you what’s wrong with you, tell them I’m saved sanctified, fire baptized”……do you see God supernaturally working again? They chose those songs to do…. the Lord is doing the “Spiritual Storybook” again! 


He’s declaring He is able to do what He said He will do…. He’s gonna bring change here in Belize…. and they “will” be saved, sanctified, and fire baptized!!”




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